Own A Private Luxury Space in The Skies Today, with Setia Sky Seputeh!

Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur’s next up-rising neighborhood, well known for its proximity to the city center yet ambient enough for any calm setting, is due to add another structure to its wide portfolio of landscapes as the upcoming Setia Sky Seputeh is showing promises of being the next big thing in the vibrant Mid Valley City area. 

The luxury-oriented Setia Sky Seputeh offers a resort lifestyle without the travel and hassle of having to get out of the city for an ideal getaway. At 4.4 acres, two 37-storey towers hold residential units from 2,303 sq ft onwards; each floor has only four to six units and each has its own private lobby, ensuring exclusivity for its residents without the forgo of any space.. 

Live, Learn, Work and Play With No Boundaries

Developed to emulate the experience of living in a divine semi-d or bungalow, Setia has not only successfully done that but also took it to a whole new level by replicating the whole experience of it 37 floors off the ground. 

Situated merely 500 meters from Midvalley Megamall, the ideal location turns the eyes of investors and home buyers of all kinds. Three unit types: Sky Suites, Sky Bungalows and Sky Mansions highlights what makes Midvalley city a worthy investment for the future. Sky Suites offers three unit types from 2,303 to 2,379 sq ft; Sky Bungalows offer two from 2,616 and 2,885 sq ft while Sky Mansions’ unit types are 2.971 to 3,025 sq ft. Each unit comes with three to four parking bays as well. 

Upon completion, the units will be semi-furnished and waiting for you to move in. It features both a wet and dry kitchen, refrigerator, microwave oven, air-conditioning system, water heater system, video intercom system, washer and dryer. On top of all that, wireless broadbands are installed beforehand in order to provide a smooth hook-up to service providers.

Calling all creators at heart, because, with that much space and the structure of a home already in place, all you have to do is bring in your own furniture and you’re all set from there! It gives flexibility in all the space that it offers as residents are able to paint out and build their ideal setting for a complete home, such as a music room or even a workplace. 

Five-star facilities, Nearby Amenities and a Crescent Sand Beach! 

Two floors of modern five-star facilities are available for residents to be spoilt for. The Beach Podium homes with 700m2 of sand stretching up to 100m. Facilities there also include a crescent sand beach pool, cock- tail bar, virtual golf area, music pods, a jacuzzi, meditation garden, yoga deck, multipurpose hall and children’s activity areas. 

At the Sky Rooftop Podium, there will also be areas for recreational facilities and lounges for everyday pastimes such as spas, lounges and a gourmet dining facility; great for residents of all ages to unwind and to spend quality time with families no matter big or small. 

All these were implemented with the best that the Midvalley area has to offer, its views. All facilities are put in place with it being view-oriented; residents will be able to get the best – views of the forest or city, at the best location to view them – Setia Sky Seputeh.

For those wanting a change in scene, there is no short of entertainment beyond the walls of the haven in the sky! Klang Valley’s extensive transport network such as KTM stations and LRT stations surround the area and amenities such as schools, hospitals, golf courses and malls are all within a 10km radius; in addition to that, the area is well connected via the Federal highway, New pantai expressway, KL-Seremban highway and Sprint highway, complimenting any plans for a weekend getaway. 

One wouldn’t have to leave the city to escape the hustle and bustle of it when staying here. It is perfect for any to have as a retirement home or as a place to build a family, this apartment complex was built for those who will appreciate it enough from a beauty and experience point of view. It balances both harmony and accessibility without having to forgo any of the other. It clearly doesn’t lack in area at all and it is also highlighted by a 24/7 security force, making sure that the exclusivity of the luxury be kept in place for residents only. 

Oh wait, there’s more to come! 

To make things that more better, S P Setia is offering a 15 year maintenance fee subsidy as they’ve considered the buyer’s enquiries of a possible higher maintenance fee. 

In order to ensure that the new home owners would enjoy the facilities of their new home with a peace of mind, it was decided by the management that this be implemented as Setia Sky Seputeh would live up to its reputation of being a sky haven. 

Although still in the midst of development, there is still much to learn about Setia Sky Seputeh.Learn more about Setia Sky Seputeh at their website www.setiaskyseputeh.com.my.

A letter to the Finance Minister

DEAR Datuk Seri Tengku Zafrul Aziz,

The business community is now confused with the new regulatory conditions imposed on them by your colleagues in the Cabinet in their attempts to control the spread of Covid-19.

Amid the scenes of power play among the politicians, we hope that you stay focused on the job at hand, which is to look after the livelihoods of the businesses that require government support and assistance to survive the next 12 months of a pandemic recession.

As an ex-banker who had managed businesses before, you are the best-placed minister to figure out the macro and micro needs of industries that have been badly affected by this pandemic.

The next 12 months will be the most crucial, as many SMEs fight for survival to stay afloat.

The most affected industries are tourism, retail and food and beverage (F&B). It is absolutely crucial that the government extend as much assistance to these industries as soon as possible. There are direct and indirect assistance that you can implement for the next 12 months.

I hope you will consider the following proposals.

> Indirect assistance – Business recovery was going along well for two to three months and then the new CMCO was implemented and consumer confidence shot to pieces again.

It looks like a stop-and-go kind of economic activity for these industries until a vaccine programme is fully implemented.

When revenue falls, operating expenditure has to be lowered accordingly. Most SMEs have reduced their employee count to the bare minimum and salary reductions have been implemented. Internal wastage has been reduced. Some owners have stopped taking salaries and their savings are being poured in to sustain salary payments for their employees.

> Exemption from EPF payments – I agree with your argument that it is not fair to exempt EPF contributions for workers as some companies are still doing well despite the pandemic.

My counter argument is that you should help out the companies that are not doing well. The tourism and retail/distribution segments of the economy are not doing well. It is a matter of life and death for these businesses. My counter argument comes with these facts.

Restaurants and retail outlets generally have a composition of staff cost at 25%-30% of sales. Rental cost will be 7%-15% of sales. If there is an exemption from EPF contributions, the business reduces 12% from their payroll cost, which will translate into a 3% to 5% reduction in operating expenditure. More importantly, much-needed cash flow requirement is reduced.

From past recession experience, companies not doing well tend to pay salaries (net of EPF, Socso, etc) first, banks and then suppliers. EPF payments are normally delayed. Businesses that collapse end up not paying EPF, Socso, etc.

From your experience as a banker, you know what it is like to take legal action against bankrupt companies. Recovery is like squeezing blood out of a stone.

In addition, the 11% contribution from employees is paid to them. Just imagine a salaried person earning a reduced pay of RM3,000 having an extra RM330 in their bank account. It might not be a big amount to you and I, but it does help them put food on the table, provide pocket money for their school children or pay the instalment for their motorcycle.

Assuming that these sectors (major employers) of the economy affect 25% of employment, then there will be an impact of reduced contribution of RM1bil a month to the EPF’s monthly collection of RM4bil. The EPF will not suffer and with still have sufficient reserves to handle withdrawals.

Just imagine businesses suffering in these sectors reducing their cash-flow requirements by RM522mil a month, and employees having an additional RM478mil a month to pay their debts or spend on essentials. The multiplier effect on consumption will be many times over.

As the world economic recovery is now patchy going from bad to worse, leading economists are now re-forecasting that the actual recovery will start from 2022 rather than next year.

As such, I would recommend that the exemption from paying EPF contributions for these sectors (tourism, retail, distribution, entertainment, etc) be effective for a 12-month period, hopefully till end-2021.

It will be good if you allow suffering businesses from other sectors to apply for this exemption. Let it be accompanied by revenue and cost forecast certified by accounting firms based on certain guidelines set by the MoF. Again, I would like to point out that this exercise does not cost the government a dime.

The next indirect assistance that can be extended by the government concerns rental. Assuming landlords give a 30% discount to their tenants, the total amount of discounts given will be considered as tax credit to be offset against taxable rental income for financial year 2020 (FY20) and FY21.

I am no tax expert but what I know is no rental income for landlords means no tax income for our Inland Revenue Board (IRB). Landlords who are not able to secure new tenants means no rental income to repay bank loans. Again, these claims will be verified by auditors and tax consultants.

Fair enough that our country does not have any reserves at all to help pay rental for businesses like the Singapore government, but we Malaysians are well known for our entrepreneurship and creativity in solving problems.

As property loans are a major component of our banking portfolio, this move will help to reduce systemic risk to our banking system.

> Direct assistance, Prihatin SME – Small and micro SMEs will need direct assistance from the government. I suggest setting up a Prihatin SME fund of RM1bil for direct grants to such businesses on the following conditions.

Small and micro SMEs with an annual turnover of less than RM500,000 should be given a RM5,000 grant. This grant is to be disbursed to companies, partnerships and sole proprietors who have submitted annual filings with the IRB or Registrar of Companies. Again this is to be verified by chartered accountants or audit firms,

The RM1bil fund will help 200,000 small and micro SMEs who are taxpayers to the government. Assuming an average of five employees per company, this sector would employ one million people.

The grant will be considered as other income and taxable if the company makes a profit.

The loan moratorium did help by pushing debt commitments to a later date, but it had no impact on lowering operating expenses. Politically, Prihatin Rakyat was a good move for a new government but it does not solve the unemployment problem and the loss of business revenue for the SMEs.

As a non-political minister with vast business experience, you are in the best position to help the SME community.

Tan Thiam Hock is an entrepreneur. The views expressed here are his own.

EXCLUSIVE: SME’s Should Not Depend On The Government to Survive

2020 will be remembered as a year of surprises. Within months, global recession happens, consumer behavior and lifestyle changed big time, massive unemployment looms and inept governments exposed. Every country takes on more debt and to parody President Donald Trump – ‘We have taken more debts like you have never seen before, incredible amount of debts that only our great USA can create, and only I know how to borrow so much for the great American people so that our bigger mountain of debt ( bigger than China) will make this country great again”.

Then we have our very own politicians. This year will be remembered as the year of the frogs. The wrestle for power has been intense to say the least. Ideals and principles are thrown out of the window. Collaboration for mutual benefits is the name of the game. Pandemic recession? No problem. Raise government debt and give pittance to our voters. Lower income for the general population? No problem as long as my personal remuneration is intact. Third wave Covid? No problem as I can now ask them to stay at home. Easier to control and manage crowds without bringing out my rotan. All in the excuse of a healthy Malaysia.

The smart population is enraged by the carelessness and selfishness of our politicians. But just like another country (hint hint), these politicians are supported by the dumb population who values the pittance thrown at them. Not easy to change 60 years of cultural habits.

The recent unnecessary Sabah elections has brought about the 3rd wave of COVID infections to the extent that lockdowns are necessary. Immediately after the announcement of a CMCO, the malls and restaurants were empty and sales across the board plummets. Consumer spending plummets. No problem. The politicians are too busy forming new coalitions to wrest control and to stay in power. More pittance thrown.

The non political Minister of Finance is left on his own to prepare the new budget 2021 even though the previous budget has not been ratified by parliament. No problem. A new Finance Minister will be appointed soon once the new coalition is in place.

In defense of the politicians, keeping their jobs is their livelihoods. Staying in power improves their livelihoods and for some, their personal freedom. This is what they live for. It is their constitutional right. Fooling some of the people all the time is a compulsory skill set for a politician to maintain his livelihood.

As for the entrepreneurs, learn to survive without government aid. It is not that they don’t care, they are just too busy trying to stay afloat, just like you. You will need to grasp quickly the constant changes that is happening around you and you will need to adapt fast. Pronto. As you should have done it yesterday instead of tomorrow. So what are the trends to look out for?

Bank loans and credit cards are not cash reserves. They are liabilities that need to be paid. Cash Reserve is cash in the bank, cash at home , properties that you can sell and jewelry that can be pawned. Entrepreneurs realised that the moratorium holiday is over and they now have to start repaying debt (hopefully over a longer period). Most SME’s now have to dig into their cash reserves (if any) and now wish that they should have saved more when times were better. Learning from hindsight is only useful if you survive this crisis. Cashflow management 1.01.

Changes instituted by government authorities. USA declaring trade war on China resulting in Chinese companies being denied access to markets, supply chain and even threats of closure to Tik Tok. Closing borders killed international air travel business and tourism trade. These are ‘stop dead’ changes.

Government imposed lockdowns dampen consumer demand. Strict enforcement results in ‘stop dead’ consequences on pubs, cinemas etc. There were jokes flying around that our Health Ministry should quarantine our politicians indefinitely until a vaccine is found. Most business models now on a ‘stop go-stop go’ mode. Today good business, tomorrow no business kind of conundrum. The more variable cost you have, the better you will survive. So restructure your cost from fixed to variable as much as you can.

Elimination of excess capacity. Stop dreaming of growth if your market has shrunk tremendously. Your management is hopeful that the business will pick up soon. Well it won’t. If traditional advertising spent has gone to digital competitors, your market will stay shrunk. Deal with it. Right size your organisation and get rid of excess capacity.

For industries that have excess capacity (built up due to optimistic projections), consolidation is the way to go. Two factories merge into one. Poof! 50% capacity disappear. If you are a small player barely surviving and nobody wants to marry you, just close shop and go do something else more profitable. No point in delaying certain death unless you enjoy further sufferings.

For over supply situations, reduce your ego and stop thinking that you are smarter than your competitors. If the market is saturated with high end residential apartments, office space and malls with no new buyers or tenants in sight, stop being a smart ass. You can never beat the market, never mind your competitors.

Whether it is excess capacity or oversupply, this is the time to consolidate your business. Merge or close. Right size or disappear into the horizon.

The same goes for startups thinking that you can compete with the market leaders just because you think you are offering a better product. Just remember they are market leaders for many good reasons. They are better than you in all aspects of the business and they have the volume and tonnes of cash reserve to outlast you.

If your customers have bought less cosmetics, clothes and shoes because they are working more from home, pivot to selling them items that they can use at home via online and home deliveries. If your F&B business is now mainly take away but hefty margins goes to Grabfood, remodel your restaurant to central kitchen, raise your prices and focus on shorter delivery time and keeping the food hot when it reaches the consumers. Be different and stay focus on your strengths.

Do what the politicians are doing. Stay alive, protect your livelihoods as selfishly as you can, pivot, change, jump if you must but make sure it is to a new pond full of freshwater and not into a pot of boiling water.

Stay safe and stay afloat!

An Oasis in the City, TRIO is The Ideal Choice for Home-Buyers and Investors!

Looking for a long lasting and worthy investment that not only offers the essence of quality, design and sustainability but also an experience of an oasis right in the middle of a city? S P Setia’s new freehold serviced apartment is bringing all that to you, a wholesome lifestyle in a location that is even more so! 

A Promise 

Tranquility is not an option but a promise here at TRIO residences. There is no shortage of serenity and social activities; all are available immediately outside your doorstep and within Block A,B and C, which is 46 storey, 38 storey and 31 storey respectively. 

Every unit layout is designed with you, the residents, in mind. Ranging from 624 sq ft to 1,313 sq ft, 1+1 bedroom to 3+1 bedroom options host modern features as those said above and are complimented with porcelain tiles throughout the whole unit, while reinforced concrete is in the structure and roof covering, resulting in a solid structure for the years to come.

Residents can refresh, rejuvenate and relax at all that Trio offers; resident-only sky facilities are just an elevator ride away, while a swimming pool, sauna room, gymnasium, sunken deck and viewing deck provides a resort experience unlike any other homes. On top of that, spend your after-work hours in areas within the complex such as a community garden, shaded pavilion and indoor games room. 

Accessibility all around! 

Merely 200 meters away from the LRT3 station, it’s urban enough for an ambitious city-person yet convenient enough to meet the needs of an everyday traveler in and out of the area. 

Surrounded by the Klang Valley public transportation system, it is connected to major highways such as Federal Highway, Shah Alam Expressway, New Klang Valley Expressway and the North-South Expressway Central Link, easily a short drive away for visitors near and far. 

Three shopping outlets, Tesco Extra, AEON and Giant Hypermarket are all within close proximity, just 1 to 3 kilometres away. On top of that, multiple entry points at a multi entrance and exit system is guarded and gated by a top notch security surveillance.

The surrounding Bukit Tinggi Klang area has a variety of education institutions; ranging from early childhood education to higher learning, Beaconhouse Sri Lethia Private School, SK Bukit Tinggi, SJKC Hin Hua and Wawasan Open University are among the learning centers that are merely 3 to 5km away! 

Home Ownership Campaign 2020 (HOC) and many more! 

Take advantage of the extended Home Ownership Campaign 2020-2021 (HOC) as now you can save up to RM190,000 when you own a unit inTRIO! Other than a RM500 booking fee, 2-3% down payments are available with an easy payment plan using credit card. 

TRIO by Setia is proudly offering the Setia 10:90 Scheme whereby purchasers do not need to serve any progressive interest during construction period. Therefore, this helps buyers to save up the staged interest and start the installment to the bank upon project completion. With this scheme, you even get the flexibility to secure your end-financier later before the completion. 

So, what else are you waiting for? Don’t let an opportunity like this pass easily, because we definitely won’t! Those who are interested can get directions to the TRIO Sales Galleria by clicking on one of the links below. 

Google Maps: 



https://rb.gy/6b6set Alternatively, to learn more about TRIO and Setia 10:90, call +603 3162 3322 or visit www.triobysetia.com.my.

FAKE NEWS: RM1000 Fine for Sitting Side by Side in A Car

Merely on the third day of this movement control order, a story has surfaced on Whatsapp about how a driver was allegedly fined RM1000 for allowing his friend to sit next to him in the car.

The message has since been shared among a number of Whatsapp users since yesterday, with it indicting more fear and confusion among those who are already in CMCO.

Here are the facts according to the SOPs released by the Malaysian National Security Council (MKN):

1) Two Persons per Household Are Allowed to Go Out Together

SOPs for all three areas – KL, Selangor and Putrajaya as one, Sabah and Labuan states that two individuals per household are permitted to go out together to purchase food and essentials.

2) Taxis and E-Hailing Vehicles Are Limited to 2 Passengers

Including the driver himself/herself, a total of 3 people are allowed in said vehicles and there is no issue with being side-by-side in the back seat.

3) The Passenger Doesn’t Have to Sit Behind the Driver

There isn’t really a reason for the police to issue such a fine when the SOP guidelines do not mention anything about forbidding two people sitting side-by-side in a vehicle.

So what actually happened?

Actual location of crime committed: Restoran Shada Maju

It was later revealed that the man was actually fined for not practicing social distancing in a restaurant, as pictures of the summon clearly shows the address of a Restoran Shada Maju located in 121, Jalan Tengku Badar, Port Klang, Selangor.

The message and picture of the fine that was shared among WhatsApp users

Current SOP guidelines dictate that social distancing must be practiced in public, which means at least 1 meter of space between individuals. If you are caught breaching the SOP, not only will you be fined RM1000, but everyone else sitting at the table will also be fined RM1000, which is exactly what this man experienced on the first day of CMCO.

Do remember to NEVER share FAKE NEWS that can easily be found on social media platforms without doing adequate research on the story before sharing it to others.

“Bugger Off” Says Khairy Jamaluddin Regarding Political Power Struggles, Urges Focus On COVID-19 Management

“Bugger off” says Khairy Jamaluddin regarding political power struggles, urges focus on Covid-19 management.

Kuala Lumpur, Friday, 16 October – YB Khairy Jamaluddin expressed frustration at the current state of politics during his interview on BFM 89.9’s Breakfast Grille this morning. He said, “There are many of us in government who are for doing the work, who are focused on trying to get through this pandemic, whether it’s the health crisis, whether it’s the economic crisis… We are bewildered by the sort of statements, and again, the manoeuvres that are taking place. So my message is to all the politicians who are planning and scheming –  stop the nonsense.”

In recent weeks, the stability of the Malaysian government has once again been called into question as Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim has claimed a majority backing from MPs and calls have risen for a vote of no-confidence against the current prime minister. However, according to Khairy, the timing could not be worse as the political power struggle is happening in the midst of the third Covid-19 wave. 

When asked about his views on the matter, Khairy was firm in his focus that the priority should be managing the containment and prevention of Covid-19. 

“This is a life and death situation right now. I am consumed almost 24/7 trying to secure [a] Covid-19 vaccine for Malaysians. Stop all this nonsense. If you have the numbers – and once the palace accepts audiences – then by all means, show your numbers and get on with it. But if you don’t have the numbers, then bugger off.”

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) has been focused on procuring the Covid-19 vaccine for Malaysia and it was revealed that Malaysia hopes to formally join the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunisation (GAVI) by November. GAVI is a global alliance established to get access to a portfolio of vaccines for Covid-19, which it terms as the Covax facility. GAVI has 64 countries formally signed up so far with another 38 countries in the final stages of the agreement.

In the ASEAN region, Thailand and Malaysia are the only 2 countries that have yet to formalise their participation in the Covax facility. Khairy pointed out that cost is a factor, as Malaysia is ranked as an upper middle income country and does not qualify for reduced rates for the vaccine. But there has also been procurement policy difficulties, as current Malaysian procurement rules do not accommodate products that are not yet in existence.

However, Khairy affirmed that Covax is only one of the pillars in a multi-pronged strategy. MOSTI has also been working on bilateral agreements with individual pharmaceutical companies and been in active discussions with the Chinese government with regard to procurement of Covid-19 vaccines. 

In terms of who will be prioritised to receive the vaccine, Khairy said he will follow WHO guidelines. Healthcare and social care workers at the frontline of the pandemic will be first, followed by teachers, policemen, and other security staff, then high-risk groups, such as those aged 60 and above.

Khairy also revealed that he has made recommendations to the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister that the cost of the first round of vaccines for all Malaysians and possibly permanent residents, be borne by the Government. In addition, he is advocating for an allocation of RM 3 billion in Budget 2021 for the procurement of the Covid-19 vaccine, which should cover the needs of about 70% of the population at a blended pricing model of USD10 per dose.
Discussions are underway with Pharmaniaga Bhd and Duopharma Biotech Bhd, and soon with other private sector players, on investing in the fill and finish stage of the vaccine  in Malaysia.

To the question of whether politicians should be the first to get the vaccine in order to prove its efficacy, Khairy said that they would likely be part of the second stage.

When pressed about his political alliances, Khairy categorically denied being  part of Anwar Ibrahim’s list of MPs and cautioned against pushing for a general election in this climate.

“As the Minister of Science, I want to say clearly that having a general election right now, in the midst of a third wave of COVID-19 infections is absolutely irresponsible, and if you ask me as a politician, my answer is listen to the science”.

With regard to the legitimacy of the current  administration, Khairy said that the Pakatan Harapan goverment itself committed politicial suicide. In order to  fill the void, the King followed the constitution, and appointed a legitimate government. 

“To me, it is a functional government”, said Khairy.


The BFM interview with YB Khairy Jamaluddin will be repeated later today, Friday 16 October 2020 at 1pm on BFM 89.9. The podcast of the full interview will be available for download on the BFM app at noon. This interview was conducted by Wong Shou Ning, who can be contacted at producers@bfm.my

Classy In and Out, Seraya Residence is The Upgrade to Comfort That You Never Thought You Needed!

A room filled with furniture and a large window

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What is modernity and how is it defined within a residential complex? Simple, it’s being the best of both worlds, embracing nature and the future, which is what Setia Seraya Residence, a freehold luxury residence has achieved in doing.

Strategically located in Presint 15, the tallest residential complex in Putrajaya is a home that civil servants can invest in due to its proximity to governmental offices. Created for the ones who emphasize luxury in a private space down to the smallest details, Setia Seraya mirrors the modern hub that is the city of Putrajaya. 

The serenity that is Putrajaya’s landscape is in the view for all who live here. 

A view of a building

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A large green field

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Residents can enjoy recreational activities at a deck with state-of-the-art and unique facilities:

  • A ladies and kids pool, pegola, private jogging track, jogging track, fitness centres, a BBQ area etc.

 Wind down or spend quality time with the family at:

  • A shade pavilion, various retail locations, cafes, reading and hanging lounges 
A living room filled with furniture and a large window

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There are three types of unit plans to choose from – Types A,B and C; spanning built-up areas of 1,002 sq ft, 1,202 sq ft, 1,420 sq ft respectively, there is enough area for several familial activities, whether it is spending quality time with the family or to simply spend a quiet evening.

Carefully detailed down to its structure, elements such as reinforced concrete and porcelain tiles bring together what is not only a wholesome but also spacious and solid area for families of any size.

A car parked on the side of a building

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Privilege and convenience sometimes come with a price, but that is not the case with Setia Seraya; it is connected via SKVE, MEX Expressway, North-South Highway and KESAS. Easily access amenities and major hubs which includes:

  • Government buildings: The Prime Minister’s office and residence, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Educational facilities: Herriot-Watt University, UNITEN, Nexus International School
  • Shopping malls: Alamanda Putrajaya, IOI City Mall and Shaftsbury Mall
  • Recreational parks: Taman Rimba Alam and Taman Botani. 

Buyers and investors would also be in for a treat as well as the Setia Seraya Residence project would be under the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) 2020/21, which means that any Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) enquiries would be waived!

Along with that, there would also be: 

  • No booking fees
  • No down payments
  • Savings of up to 150k
  • Stamp Duty Exemption as part of HOC 2020/21

S P Setia would like to invite any who are interested to the Setia Putrajaya Sales Gallery at Lot 14124, Jalan P15H, Presint 15, 62050, Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Malaysia (9am to 9pm on weekdays and from 10am to 6pm on weekends and public holidays).

Alternatively, for other enquiries about the various packages, visit the property website at https://spsetia.com/en-us/property/malaysia-(central)/putrajaya/setia-seraya/home or contact them at +603 8861 7900.

Newswav’s New Update is Bringing Podcasts to You!

Ten years ago, audio storytelling such as audio or radio drama was in decline across much of the media world. Drama had been dropped from major and modern radio stations who had to keep up with the trend while audio listening phased out momentarily along with budget cuts.

In 2012, new digital productions in the U.S. started drawing in audiences familiar with earlier radio traditions. The bundling of the iTunes app on iPhones and growth of social media and users who were adept in technology means new listeners who were in fact discovering audio stories for the first time.

Newswav is jumping the bandwagon as well!

By 2016, podcasts were growing quickly again and also being commercialized. Newswav’s NEW update is bringing all that to you in its new podcast tab, which features a wide array of podcast subjects from the BFM radio station.

Consisting of podcasts from the Breakfast Grille Sow, Tech Talk, Night School and pretty much all in general, users can access them all by simply tapping on the podcast tab and they can then choose from podcasts that are divide into political and local.

Easily skip through the shows as you can fast forward or backward at 10 seconds at a time, both from the Newswav app itself or from your home screen!

The update is available for all users to utilize as of October 9th onwards.

4 Reasons Why City Folk Are Looking to Move to Suburban Areas in This New Normal Era

Bye bye busy cities, hello spacious suburban living. In the world of a new normal, yes, this is becoming a thing. At time of writing, there’s a scary sense a second round of lockdown may be looming especially with the resurgence of Covid cases in densely packed urban cities. Gone are the days of elbow to elbow nudging at popular malls, and the proverbial ideology of “passing salt from the neighbour’s balcony”.

Today, if there’s one thing in common we want, its space. We’ll buy our own salt. Thank you very much. The emphasis on practicing physical as well as social distancing grows daily, and there seems to be no better time to find solace in suburban areas.

A Rising Global Trend

According to a New York Times story, the pandemic is ushering in a new trend in the real estate market where home buyers are concerned about the health risks of living in packed urban neighbourhoods. It reads, “People now want more space that New York City cannot provide: a yard for their children to play and an office to work remotely. Many want land, even if it means being farther away from Manhattan.”

In Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post noted that inquiries for property in Clear Water Bay on the eastern side of New Territories have tripled since January! The demand points to a common thread. Empowered by a work-from-home regime, buyers are keen to bypass city centres in search of bigger space to practice social distancing and move closer to nature.

Closer to home, the idea of living in the suburbs had always yielded the same reactions… “You stay in Rawang? Dengkil? Why not choose Petaling Jaya or Subang Jaya? So much nearer…” Perhaps, the reactions are going to be different real soon. In this new norm, it’s the suburbanites who are flashing their smug smiles in their spacious homes, from a distance.

Suburban Living Now a Luxury More than Liability

Following the lockdown since March, the adaptation to the new norm has been harsh on some. Dining tables transformed into workstations and living room carpets drenched with sweat from Tabata workouts in front of your TV. With the virus not going away anytime soon, spacious living is going to be a true luxury.

Take Gamuda Gardens for instance, located at the northern end of Kuala Lumpur near to Sungai Buloh. The project spans a massive 810 acres, featuring comfortably spaced-out homes surrounded by nature and by that we meant waterfalls, lakes and a massive pet-friendly central park. But you’re not regressing to being George of the Jungle. Far from it. The development boasts easy access to major highways like the GUTHRIE Corridor Expressway, LATER and Sg. Buloh’s MRT station. There’s a nearby International School and a commercial hub in the vicinity. Throw in a swimming pool, badminton courts, gym, sauna at the Gamuda Wellness Centre and there’s really no need to advance further out than a few steps from your own safe, spacey haven.

City Living Away From The City

They say you can take the boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of him. However, the common misconception that suburban areas are dead towns is a passé mindset. For instance, take a quick 10 minutes drive from the mature town of Kota Kemuning into Gamuda Land’s twentyfive.7 project and you’ll be greeted with the vibrant (and yet still spacious) Quayside Mall and The Buzz.ar. In there, you’ll find many quaint cafes and restaurants as you saunter about in your flip flops and Hawaii shorts. There’s even a cinema and supermarket to serve your ‘city needs’.

Tech-ing Living To Another Level

With the blossoming “WFH” culture, proper internet connectivity is more of a requirement than want. Jerky video calls can be absolute deal breakers, and so can pixelated streaming videos be when all you want to do after a long hard day’s work is to Netflix and chill.

Smart townships such as the expansive 1,530-acre Gamuda Cove provide just that. They’ve partnered with Maxis to create the country’s first Maxis-delivered fifth generation cellular network technology (5G) township. This not only covers plans for high-speed broadband connectivity for its residents, but also enables smart retailing, a futuristic business district and empowers learning institutions, research facilities and design academies.

Premium living without the pinch

One final point, and perhaps the most important of all, is that suburban living need not be too expensive. A bungalow or ‘Semi-D’ in the sky no longer costs you an arm and a leg, and with more time being spent at home these days, it makes perfect sense to treat yourself to a comfortable and spacious enclave.

The 366-acre Jade Hills by Gamuda Land is one such residential development that holds the benchmark of a premium lifestyle development with a classy oriental theme. Residential units include villas, bungalows and serviced apartments with sensible prices starting from only RM521 per sqft!. Located by the hills and by the lakes, and only 20km away from KL City Centre, it boasts 12 thematic gardens, walkways and modern facilities all within a safe and clean environment. 

The word ‘safe’ in safe haven rings even truer in today’s new normal and whilst some may cling on to squeezy life in the city, suburban homes deserve a closer consideration for its many positive points. Heck, what’s driving a little further when traffic jams seem to be easing up these days, no?

Looking to swap congested living for more space? Follow the trend and and visit a Gamuda Land Sales Gallery or contact +6018 980 1888 today!