Newswav’s New Update is Bringing Podcasts to You!

Ten years ago, audio storytelling such as audio or radio drama was in decline across much of the media world. Drama had been dropped from major and modern radio stations who had to keep up with the trend while audio listening phased out momentarily along with budget cuts.

In 2012, new digital productions in the U.S. started drawing in audiences familiar with earlier radio traditions. The bundling of the iTunes app on iPhones and growth of social media and users who were adept in technology means new listeners who were in fact discovering audio stories for the first time.

Newswav is jumping the bandwagon as well!

By 2016, podcasts were growing quickly again and also being commercialized. Newswav’s NEW update is bringing all that to you in its new podcast tab, which features a wide array of podcast subjects from the BFM radio station.

Consisting of podcasts from the Breakfast Grille Sow, Tech Talk, Night School and pretty much all in general, users can access them all by simply tapping on the podcast tab and they can then choose from podcasts that are divide into political and local.

Easily skip through the shows as you can fast forward or backward at 10 seconds at a time, both from the Newswav app itself or from your home screen!

The update is available for all users to utilize as of October 9th onwards.