LaLiga Santander Matchday 23 preview

Real Madrid look to peg back leaders Atleti !

Real Madrid have had an excellent week, taking six points out of six available with victories on Saturday and Tuesday. This, coupled with league leaders Atlético de Madrid dropping points last time out vs Celta, has really sparked the title race into life as just five points (and two games in hand) separate the city rivals at the top of the table. As Matchday 23 arrives, Los Blancos will be hoping to close the gap further but they’ll have to overcome a Valencia team who thrashed them 4-1 earlier in the season.

The league leaders are then in action in the first of Saturday’s fixtures, as Atlético de Madrid travel to Granada CF. After an eight-match winning streak was ended in their previous outing, Atleti will be looking to get back to winning ways to strengthen their position at the top of the standings. They’ll have fond memories of playing Granada too, after thrashing the Andalusian outfit 6-1 in their opening game of this campaign. 

Sevilla FC face SD Huesca in the next game, which is a battle between teams at opposite ends of the standings and teams with different objectives. Sevilla are aiming for a top four finish, while their opponents are simply looking to move off bottom place in the table. Two other teams in relegation trouble then clash in the next fixture as SD Eibar host Real Valladolid. Both of these teams are level on 20 points at the edge of the relegation zone, so the stakes could not be higher.   

FC Barcelona and D. Alavés then square off in the Saturday night game in a match-up between two coaches who know each other very well. Ronald Koeman and Abelardo used to play centre-back together for Barça back in the 1990s under Johan Cruyff, but they’ve never taken each other on as coaches. It’ll be a special occasion, then, as they cross paths again at the Camp Nou, but the focus will be on the three points once the ball gets rolling.  

Then comes Real Madrid vs Valencia CF at 4.15pm CET on Sunday afternoon. This is a classic LaLiga fixture which has produced so many goals in recent years, with an average of 3.7 goals per game over the past eight seasons. Five goals went in during their previous meeting with Valencia running away with a 4-1 win thanks to a hat-trick of penalties from Carlos Soler. If Real Madrid want to keep up the pressure on Atleti, they’ll need to find a way past Los Che this time around.

Watch LaLiga Santander live this weekend on beIN Sports (Channel 818 Astro)

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农历新年9个禁忌 这些事千万不能做!#zh

农历新年是华人最重要的大日子。大家习惯在过年前来个大扫除,清理家中杂物,除旧迎新;还会一家人整整齐齐地吃团年饭,行年宵等。这些都是家家户户在农历新年时会跟随的习俗。但传统上还有许多大大小小的过年禁忌 – 就让我们来个温馨提示,让你避开这些事,今年一整年都有好运气!

1. 忌向正在睡觉的人拜年


2. 白天不可午睡


3. 忌催人起床


4. 初一忌洗头


5. 忌争吵、诅咒或责骂他人


6. 女儿回娘家忌送单数回门礼


7. 忌讳向人讨债


8. 初一忌洒水、扫地与倒垃圾


9. 忌打破东西


9 CNY Taboos – Do NOT Make These Mistakes! #en

Chinese New Year is the most important celebration for Chinese people. We’re all familiar with the ‘spring cleaning’ that is always done before CNY begins. Removing any unnecessary clutter from the house and welcoming the new.

There are many more CNY taboos, both big and small, that have been around for the longest time. Now, let us give you a reminder of what to avoid to ensure you remain lucky throughout the year!

1. Do NOT Greet People Who Are Still Sleeping
If the other person you want to greet is asleep, do NOT greet them with CNY wishes. Otherwise, they may fall ill and constantly need to rest in bed for the entire year.

2. No Naps During The Day
The saying of no naps during the day is believed to persuade people to not be lazy. As such, it is said that taking a nap on the first day of the New Year will severely affect your career luck.

3. Avoid Waking Others
Be Careful! On the first day of CNY, do NOT wake others up by their FULL NAME. Otherwise, they will constantly be bothered about tasks/chores all year long.

4. No Washing Your Hair On The First Day
Washing your hair on New Year’s Day will wash away both your wealth and fortune.

5. Avoid Arguing, Cursing and Scolding Others
Even if it’s a child making a mistake, he/she can’t be scolded or blamed – otherwise this will bring bad luck to the new year. Adults often say “童言无忌” (Tóng Yán Wú Jì), “Take no offense to a child’s babbles” when a child says something wrong.

6. Do NOT Give An Odd Number Of Gifts
When a married daughter returns to her family for the New Year, the husband shall not offer an odd number of homecoming gifts. Odd numbers are perceived as unlucky, so the gifts brought by the son-in-law should always be in pairs.

7. Anything Related to Debts Is A Major NO
Whether it’s owing someone a debt, or collecting a debt from someone, both are taboos as both parties will end up having a bad and unhappy year ahead.

8. Avoid Cleaning The House
The belief is that every household is filled with blessings and wealth. If you mop, sweep, or take out the trash on the first day of CNY, the God of Wealth will be sent away.

9. Do NOT Break Objects
Place all your fragile objects, from cups to vases, to somewhere safer – especially if you have children or pets at home – because breaking objects will hurt your wealth. If something is broken by accident, wrap the object in red paper and silently recite the auspicious words “岁岁平安” (Suì Suì Píng Ān).