LaLiga unites with UNAOC on ONE HUMANITY campaign to promote global change

Both organizations join forces to promote and raise public awareness around social responsibility 

Madrid , February  25  2021   LaLiga and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) have signed a global memorandum of understanding (MoU) under which they will work together to promote and raise public awareness around social responsibility for the next two seasons (21/22 and 22/23).  

Both organizations will work to promote and raise public awareness around social responsibility through different projects and tools. The pillars of the agreement will be promoting education, combating racism and discrimination based on religion, belief, ethnicity or gender, social integration and gender equality.  

By signing the MoU, both institutions have agreed to work together on a set of promotional activities with the launch of the first communication campaign titled “ONE HUMANITY. The inspiring video includes passionate and strong messages from key players of the following LaLiga clubs: Real Madrid CF , Real Sociedad, Athletic Club, Deportivo Alavés, SD Huesca, CA Osasuna, RC Celta, Atlético de Madrid, Levante UD, Real Betis, Granada CF, Sevilla FC, Valencia CF, and Elche CF.  

Both organizations will amplify their projects globally through their communication channels . As part of the MoU, UNAOC will also support LaLiga with its CSR and educational projects worldwide. 

A signing ceremony took place at LaLiga’s headquarters in Madrid, with the the presence of Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga, and Miguel Angel Moratinos, High Representative for UNAOC. 

Moratinos commented on this new partnership: “It is an honor to work with LaLiga on this strategic alliance, to help promote a better society, especially through the most loved sport in the world, football.  It is my hope that this deepened cooperation between UNAOC and LaLiga, a world leader in leisure and entertainment, helps us build a greater community and provides us with a great deal of value.” 

Javier Tebas added: The transmission of values through all our international alliances is vital and this strategic collaboration with UNAOC is a great example. Together with UNAOC and the involvement of all our participating clubs, I am positive that we will achieve our goals to foster and spread awareness around equality, diversity, and social responsibility.” 

By signing this Memorandum of Understandingwith UNAOC, LaLiga continues to bolster ties with the world’s most important organisations and institutions on an international stage. The new agreement is a further demonstration of LaLiga’s commitment to developing the love of football all over the globe. 

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Javier Mascherano is the new LaLiga Ambassador

The Argentine star was presented at an event held in Buenos Aires which also welcomed other Ambassadors such as Andrés Iniesta and Fernando Redondo 

February 24, 2021.- Argentine footballer Javier Mascherano, a former FC Barcelona player, joins the squad of footballing stars who, since 2014, have been playing an active part in the LaLiga Santander Ambassadors project which brings former players in the competition together to promote and raise LaLiga’s visibility around the world. 

Former teammates at the Catalan club along with other LaLiga Santander Ambassadors welcomed ‘El Jefecito’ at an event that officially presented Javier Mascherano as the latest member of “LaLiga Santander Ambassadors”. “I am proud to be part of this project and to serve as an ambassador for the values ​​of football and for the best league in the world. What’s more, being able to share the experience in such great company is very enriching.” 

The captain of this prestigious team of LaLiga Santander Ambassadors is Fernando Sanz, who welcomed Javier Mascherano by presenting him with the now iconic LaLiga Santander Ambassadors shirt. “Having Javier Mascherano as a member of the LaLiga Santander Ambassadors project is very important to us because he perfectly embodies the values ​​that we defend from this institution: competitiveness, teamwork and dedication. I’m sure that with his help, this team of legends can only become greater.” 

In addition to Fernando Sanz, other LaLiga Santander Ambassadors wished to accompany Javier Mascherano in his presentation. His former teammate in FC Barcelona ​​Andrés Iniesta, the recent LaLiga Santander Ambassador signing Aritz Aduriz and the Argentine Fernando Redondo were among those wanting to welcome and thank him for coming on board and being a part of the Ambassadors of LaLiga Santander program. 

The Argentine star is the 30st LaLiga Santander legend to join the best team in the world, whose members include Fernando Sanz, Carles Puyol, Anaïr Lomba, Aintzane Encinas, José María Gutierrez, Fernando Morientes, Fernando Hierro, Robert Pirès, Luis García, Gaizka Mendieta, Julio Baptista, David Albelda, Xabi Prieto, Marcos Senna, Milinko Pantic, Ismael Urzaiz, César Sánchez, Samuel Eto’o, Diego Forlán, Denilson De Oliveira, Frédéric Kanouté, Steve McManaman, Vero Boquete, Fernando Redondo, Patrick Kluivert, ‘El Pibe’ Carlos Valderrama, Christian Karembeu, Aritz Aduriz and Paolo Futre. 

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8 Key Ingredients To A Healthier, Longer, Better Life

Achieving a Healthier, Longer, and Better life has been a common goal even before the arrival of the pandemic. But how do we know if we are on the right path to attain this ideal life? To uncover the answers, AIA launched the “Healthier Together” study.  

The research revealed the 8 key ingredients to a Healthier, Longer, Better Life, unlocking the gateway to a healthier and more fulfilled way of life while sparking meaningful discussions around happiness, stress, well-being, relationships, and more. The study findings were based on insights from over 80 wellness experts from various fields and the results were validated through a survey of 6,000 consumers in the Asia Pacific region, including 1,500 respondents in Malaysia.  Through this groundbreaking research, it is revealed that only 29% of Malaysian respondents adopted at least seven of the eight ingredients while 46% only achieved three or fewer key ingredients.

Here are the 8 key ingredients and some interesting findings:

1. Having An Optimistic Outlook

Most Malaysians believe that having an optimistic outlook and finding the positives in life are essentials for a better well-being. A positive mindset is cultivated through reflection on life events, no matter big or small, that has brought you joy and fulfillment. Also, gratitude and thankfulness make us enjoy life’s little moments and allow us to view the world from different perspectives.

2. Sense of Independence

Personal autonomy gives us confidence in making choices when facing obstacles in our lives. To achieve this key ingredient, you need to actively participate in your financial health, physical health, and mental health. Malaysians shared that they take control of their lives by saving up for the future or rainy days (63%) and are more proactive in going for  regular medical check-ups (48%) to ensure that they are always in their best health. 

3. Make Time To Recharge

Living in a fast-paced world, we often forget and underestimate the benefits of recharging and unwinding after a long week at work. Especially during this pandemic where working from home has somewhat blurred the lines between work and personal time. Thankfully, 66% of Malaysia respondents find this key ingredient crucial and make time for relaxation by engaging in activities that they enjoy.

4.  Be Active & Engaged

Through this study, it was found that Malaysian respondents were keen to improve their connection to a wider community which will help develop better social, physical, and mental health. With the practice of mindfulness techniques such as breathing and meditating, 41% of Malaysians believe that these powerful forms of actions help them achieve this key ingredient. Also, volunteering for a charity or a cause is determined as another compelling action that helps Malaysians feel active and engaged in their lives.

5. Self-Motivation

Giving yourself goals to accomplish and finding joy in everything you do are some of the approaches to achieve self-motivation. To unlock this key ingredient, establish achievable objectives and create a plan to attain your goals. While taking the time to acknowledge one’s success and achievements are highly regarded in Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong, Malaysians are more likely to consider completing a task an achievement, no matter how small. 

6. Never Stop Learning & Exploring

The continuity of engaging and exploring with new ideas and experiences throughout our lives plays an important role in ensuring life satisfaction. By putting in the time to acquire a new skill such as singing, cooking, or even painting, we are enriching ourselves while having an end goal to look forward to. It is great news that Malaysians prefer to seek new information, ideas, and knowledge through reading. With the accessibility of the internet, there is no excuse for not expanding your horizons. So, go out there and challenge yourself or learn something new!

7. Maintain Quality Relationships

Through this study, Malaysians shared that having heart-to-heart talks and meaningful conversations with friends and loved ones is one of the most important actions to maintaining quality relationships. It is a blessing to be surrounded by individuals and groups that are like-minded, share similar interests, and are honest with each other. And while we receive attention and care from others, it is crucial that we take up the same role and always prepare ourselves to reach out to them proactively, listen to them, or even offer help when needed. 

8. Understand Yourself & Your Emotions

This research has also shown that Malaysians are very aware of their feelings and emotions with 54% of them frequently using coping strategies, which is a higher proportion than other markets. Comprehending our feelings and thoughts help us understand what we want in life, what motivates us, our strengths and weaknesses, and our capabilities and limits. By handling our stress and negative emotions with coping strategies and reflecting on our feelings, we will then be able to live a more purposeful and fulfilled life despite any challenges that may come our way.  

As part of the efforts to spur meaningful conversations about health and wellness during these challenging times, AIA has recently launched the “Hoping & Coping Through the Pandemic” video series which features its Global Ambassador David Beckham together with 14 other AIA regional ambassadors, including AIA Malaysia’s very own Nicol David, coming together to share their personal experiences and approach to practicing a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic. You can also view the complete findings of AIA’s Healthier Together study and survey HERE.