Kit Siang: There are Ministers who do not support the Rukun Negara

Kit Siang proposes one-year 'political moratorium' unless there's strong  majority support for new PM | The Edge Markets
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By Lim Kit Siang

I support the call by two Parliamentarians, DAP MP for Segambut Hannah Yeoh and Warisan MP for Penampang, Darell Leking, that allegations implicating the independence of the Malaysian judiciary, the legal profession and the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) must not be swept under the carpet.

Hannah and Darell were referring to news reports on alleged interference with the judiciary involving two senior lawyers and that police reports have been lodged by the parties involved.

Malaysiakini recently reported on how what began as an issue over the bumiputera equity requirement for a Petronas licence involving a Malaysian unit of Aker Solutions ASA, Norway’s largest oil services firm, has escalated into claims of judicial fixing that have rocked the legal fraternity.

The two MPs also referred to claims by former IGP Abdul Hamid Bador of political intervention in the police force, when he admitted there was “bad blood” between him and Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin.

Hamid said a minister should only be involved in policymaking and should not get involved in the appointments of senior police officers.

Malaysia has a special interest in ensuring the independence of the Judiciary and the professionalism and non-politicisation of the Royal Malaysian Police, which were undermined in previous administrations before the historic 14th General Election which shocked the world with a peaceful and democratic transition of power.

The restoration of the independence of the Judiciary and the professionalism and non-politicisation of the Royal Malaysian Police were two key unfinished reforms of the Pakatan Harapan government when it was toppled after only 22 months by the Sheraton Move conspiracy which ushered in a government which is not only a kakistocracy but have turned Malaysia into a dystopia with the 18-month long losing war against Covid-19 pandemic.

The Sultan of Johore, like the Rulers in the other states, is rightly concerned that the people are living in hardship, fear and anxiety as a result of the 18-month Covid-19 pandemic, turning Malaysia into dystopia.

Malaysians are shocked that a week after the Conference of Rulers special meeting on the Covid-19 pandemic, the government is still negative-minded trying to give an elastic interpretation of the phrase of “as soon as possible” which the Yang di Pertuan Agong and the Conference of Rulers want Parliament and the state legislatures to be convened.

If the Prime Minister has any doubt about the meaning of “as soon as possible”, why didn’t he ask the Yang di Pertuan Agong in his weekly audience with the King?

This is a crucial time for Malaysians to rally behind the cause of the independence of the national institutions in the country, whether the constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy, the independence of the judiciary or the professionalism and non-politicisation of the Royal Malaysian Police.

Let us unite to win the invisible and lethal war against the Covid-19 pandemic by upholding the five principles of Rukun Negara although there are Ministers who do not support the Rukun Negara.

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This post first appeared on Lim Kit Siang‘s blog.

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