Zahid: Kerajaan BN adalah kerajaan terbaik

Gambar: Bernama

Oleh Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid bin Hamidi

Dewan Rakyat diberitahu sebanyak 15,537 perniagaan terpaksa ditutup dari tahun 2020 hingga Ogos 2021.

Itu kita mengerti disebabkan impak pandemik yang tidak terkawal sepanjang tempoh tersebut.

Tetapi yang kita sukar mengerti apabila Dewan Rakyat diberitahu trend serupa turut berlaku sebelum pandemik Covid-19.

Iaitu pada tahun 2019 apabila sebanyak 13,527 perniagaan terpaksa gulung tikar ketika itu.

Bermaksud keadaan perniagaan di Malaysia sebelum pandemik sudah pun seakan-akan pandemik.

Walhal saiz ekonomi negara pada tahun 2017 atau kira-kira 5 bulan sebelum PRU14 melonjak kepada sekitar RM1.3 trilion.

Laporan Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) juga menunjukkan ekonomi negara pada 2017 direkodkan pada 5.9 peratus.

Malangnya kadar pertumbuhan itu kemudian menurun kepada 4.7 peratus pada tahun 2018.

Sebab itu kita percaya kerajaan BN adalah kerajaan terbaik dalam menerajui pentadbiran Malaysia.

Implikasi menukar kerajaan pada 9 Mei 2018 terlalu besar terpaksa ditanggung negara.

Dalam aspek ekonomi, kestabilan politik, perpaduan kaum dan segala-galanya.

PRU15 kita perbetulkan semula keadaan demi kemakmuran bersama. InsyaAllah…

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Zaid Ibrahim: Najib as the next PM?

Photo: Malay Mail

By Dato’ Mohd Zaid bin Ibrahim

Najib Razak’s recent interview with Reuters was a  political bombshell of sorts; although many do not seem to recognise it. ( However Utusan Malaysia  recognised it; and carried the article  extensively.) For someone who has been convicted of multiple charges of breach of trust, abuse of power and money laundering and sentenced to decades in jail, his announcement that he might contest the next general election is startling and revealing in many aspects.

Najib dispelled this notion that he would be disqualified from contesting in the parliamentary election, a predominantly held view, because of his conviction. He challenged his disqualification, saying, “It is subject to interpretation on the law, the constitution, and whatever happens in court.” There is, of course, a constitutional provision that any person sentenced to imprisonment for more than one year or fined more than 2000 Ringgit is disqualified from contesting a parliamentary election.

Most lawyers will tell you that Najib can only contest if he succeeds in his appeal; or receives a royal pardon. But there is another possibility lurking somewhere which will enable him to contest. Section 311 of the Criminal Procedure Code do not allow for a stay of execution of a sentence, and an appeal does not operate as a stay.; but ” the court below or a judge may stay execution on any judgement, order, conviction or sentence pending appeal, on such terms as the court may impose …

Najib did not explain why he thought he would be able to contest despite the conviction, other than to say it depends on the interpretation of the law. He did not say that he had obtained a stay on the terms envisaged under the Criminal procedure Code. Mystery surrounds this revelation that he will be a candidate, but I am excited all the same.

How can I not be excited to see a rematch of the kind only Malay politics can serve. Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, I believe, still harbours the hope of being a three-time Prime Minister; and Muhyiddin Yassin will want to have another go after being dumped by some rebels within Umno. Anwar Ibrahim still wishes to be PM  and go for a last try. It will not be complete if Najib Razak does not join the fray. PAS will probably support UMNO( read Ismail Sabri -Najib Razak team), making Umno strong enough to form a government. It is therefore open for Umno to make Najib Prime Minister. What a comeback that will be!

Dr Mahathir, Najib Razak, Muhyiddin and Anwar are all renowned Malay political gladiators. It will be a missed opportunity if the public does not have a chance to watch the gladiators fight each other in another do or die combat. It will be a spectacle. I think it will be a battle royal this time, for I am certain it will mark the end of some of these gladiators. Perhaps only when the gladiators cancelled out each other and the prolong warfare eclipsed their political strength will the country emerge with a fresh younger set of leaders. Unconnected with the ties and  the wounds of the past.

Hopefully, the younger leaders have different make-ups. They could be from less aristocratic upbringings,  and  accustomed to living a simpler life, and do not have too much wealth. This does not mean there will not be a leader who will come from a Royal household. Anak Raja can be wealthy; at the same time, humble and willing to dedicate his life to helping the country grow. Who can forget the contributions of  the late King Bhumibol  of Thailand and   Palden Tongdup of Sikkim. In fact I hope some of the more outspoken  and assertive prince/ princess  from the Malay Royal household  will decide to join politics and be directly involved with the issues plaguing the country. Its one thing to reprimand and lectures politicians on their shortcomings; but it will be more satisfying to be a participant and player in the nation’s politics.

Someone with a strong religious upbringing will do much good, for religion brings values like humility, honesty, kindness and compassion.  That’s what true faith is supposed to do.  A religious person does not mean the Taliban type of leader; who wants to proselytise, convert, and impose so-called God’s laws in the country. A good religious leader cares about humanity, the environment and all God’s creatures, rich and poor; big and small. A fresh new leader who wants to do good for the country is now very much needed. Of course that has to wait for GE16; as the position of supremo will still be filled by the gladiators in the next general election.

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This post first appeared on Zaid Ibrahim‘s Facebook page.

HappyFresh, Professional Yet Affordable Grocery Shopping

You just saw this interesting recipe on Facebook, it looked absolutely delicious and looks pretty easy to make. When you open the fridge and search the pantry, you discover you’ve run out of garlic, ginger, and spring onions. Ok, you decided to go to the nearby convenience store to grab them and come back. 

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5 Wealth Creation Hacks

Photo Credit: Mighty Goodness

One thing the arrival of an unforeseen pandemic taught us is that saving up does pay off during rainy days. With the economy now opening up, people can still enjoy their lives without worrying about what comes next, be it another MCO, pay cut, or losing their 9-5 jobs. Those without much savings had the hardest time while those with a little bit of extra money started worrying about the expenses of the coming months. It is no wonder many people are starting to look into various investment channels to grow their personal finances. 

However, there are also a majority of individuals with a misconception that investing is very risky as they have witnessed acquaintances or family members falling into the trap of get-rich-quick schemes. With that said, it is crucial to first make sure that your choice of investment medium is safe and legit. If you’re interested to find out how you can generate passive income and work towards becoming financially free, here are 5 ways of investing that will surely help you to build your wealth.

1. Wealth Building Starts With You

The first step to building your own wealth is to take the initiative and do your research on different channels that will allow you to increase your personal financial value. It is also important to be open to learning new things as you will come across many information and knowledge that might not be familiar to you. Don’t be afraid to invest your time and effort when doing your investment homework as it will help you in achieving your goal of having a stable financial future.

2. Save a Percentage of Your Salary

A conventional way of saving up is to save a percentage of your monthly income. By doing so, you can see results in your bank account but the escalation to a higher amount takes a long time and a lot of self-discipline. The downside of this strategy is that not everyone is lucky to have a high-paying job that allows them to segregate their salaries every month for savings and expenses. Especially when businesses and workplaces these days are affected by the virus, it can be difficult for many to apply this method of saving for the future.

3. Choose Legit Investment Tools

One of the mistakes that many people make is that they spend their savings on online gambling, money games, MLM, and get-rich-quick schemes in hopes to double or triple the initial amount. In no time, you will realize that these worthless investments give you no control to maximize your investments as they are run by third parties. With that said, take your time to find out more on various investment tools and figure out what works best for you and is worth your time and money.

 4. Diversify Your Investments

There is a growth of interest in investment as more people are exposed to building their wealth through various mediums and are keen to stabilize their finances for the future. Some of these investment types include fixed deposits, real estate, and business ventures. However, the mentioned investments might not be made for everyone and might not fulfil financial expectations. For example, fixed deposits have lower risks but come with low-interest rates, making them suitable for a long-term goal but not a short-term one. Investing in real estate requires a lot of research and time, hence it is unsuitable for those who are not interested in property. Starting up a business or joining one demands full-time commitment and constant ideas to keep the ball rolling, but not everyone can do it.

5. Participate in Workshops That Give You Value

Join wealth-building workshops that can elaborate and teach you on the strategy of the 3 important steps of investment. From there, you will be able to identify great businesses, learn how to invest in them, and finally, generate consistent returns. It is okay to go in with zero knowledge as long as you have the interest to learn how to identify a good stock.

Reduce your financial worries by learning the right investment strategies to help you make better judgments when it comes to generating safe & consistent returns through stock investing. A simple and effective investing framework will be shared alongside tested and proven investing strategies and many more. Through this masterclass, you will also find out how you can invest in USD, earn in USD, and spend in RM. During the LIVE online masterclass, you can ask any related questions that you may have to further improve your investment skills. Equip yourself with the best investment skills and tips with VI College today!

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