4 Reasons Why City Folk Are Looking to Move to Suburban Areas in This New Normal Era

Bye bye busy cities, hello spacious suburban living. In the world of a new normal, yes, this is becoming a thing. At time of writing, there’s a scary sense a second round of lockdown may be looming especially with the resurgence of Covid cases in densely packed urban cities. Gone are the days of elbow to elbow nudging at popular malls, and the proverbial ideology of “passing salt from the neighbour’s balcony”.

Today, if there’s one thing in common we want, its space. We’ll buy our own salt. Thank you very much. The emphasis on practicing physical as well as social distancing grows daily, and there seems to be no better time to find solace in suburban areas.

A Rising Global Trend

According to a New York Times story, the pandemic is ushering in a new trend in the real estate market where home buyers are concerned about the health risks of living in packed urban neighbourhoods. It reads, “People now want more space that New York City cannot provide: a yard for their children to play and an office to work remotely. Many want land, even if it means being farther away from Manhattan.”

In Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post noted that inquiries for property in Clear Water Bay on the eastern side of New Territories have tripled since January! The demand points to a common thread. Empowered by a work-from-home regime, buyers are keen to bypass city centres in search of bigger space to practice social distancing and move closer to nature.

Closer to home, the idea of living in the suburbs had always yielded the same reactions… “You stay in Rawang? Dengkil? Why not choose Petaling Jaya or Subang Jaya? So much nearer…” Perhaps, the reactions are going to be different real soon. In this new norm, it’s the suburbanites who are flashing their smug smiles in their spacious homes, from a distance.

Suburban Living Now a Luxury More than Liability

Following the lockdown since March, the adaptation to the new norm has been harsh on some. Dining tables transformed into workstations and living room carpets drenched with sweat from Tabata workouts in front of your TV. With the virus not going away anytime soon, spacious living is going to be a true luxury.

Take Gamuda Gardens for instance, located at the northern end of Kuala Lumpur near to Sungai Buloh. The project spans a massive 810 acres, featuring comfortably spaced-out homes surrounded by nature and by that we meant waterfalls, lakes and a massive pet-friendly central park. But you’re not regressing to being George of the Jungle. Far from it. The development boasts easy access to major highways like the GUTHRIE Corridor Expressway, LATER and Sg. Buloh’s MRT station. There’s a nearby International School and a commercial hub in the vicinity. Throw in a swimming pool, badminton courts, gym, sauna at the Gamuda Wellness Centre and there’s really no need to advance further out than a few steps from your own safe, spacey haven.

City Living Away From The City

They say you can take the boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of him. However, the common misconception that suburban areas are dead towns is a passé mindset. For instance, take a quick 10 minutes drive from the mature town of Kota Kemuning into Gamuda Land’s twentyfive.7 project and you’ll be greeted with the vibrant (and yet still spacious) Quayside Mall and The Buzz.ar. In there, you’ll find many quaint cafes and restaurants as you saunter about in your flip flops and Hawaii shorts. There’s even a cinema and supermarket to serve your ‘city needs’.

Tech-ing Living To Another Level

With the blossoming “WFH” culture, proper internet connectivity is more of a requirement than want. Jerky video calls can be absolute deal breakers, and so can pixelated streaming videos be when all you want to do after a long hard day’s work is to Netflix and chill.

Smart townships such as the expansive 1,530-acre Gamuda Cove provide just that. They’ve partnered with Maxis to create the country’s first Maxis-delivered fifth generation cellular network technology (5G) township. This not only covers plans for high-speed broadband connectivity for its residents, but also enables smart retailing, a futuristic business district and empowers learning institutions, research facilities and design academies.

Premium living without the pinch

One final point, and perhaps the most important of all, is that suburban living need not be too expensive. A bungalow or ‘Semi-D’ in the sky no longer costs you an arm and a leg, and with more time being spent at home these days, it makes perfect sense to treat yourself to a comfortable and spacious enclave.

The 366-acre Jade Hills by Gamuda Land is one such residential development that holds the benchmark of a premium lifestyle development with a classy oriental theme. Residential units include villas, bungalows and serviced apartments with sensible prices starting from only RM521 per sqft!. Located by the hills and by the lakes, and only 20km away from KL City Centre, it boasts 12 thematic gardens, walkways and modern facilities all within a safe and clean environment. 

The word ‘safe’ in safe haven rings even truer in today’s new normal and whilst some may cling on to squeezy life in the city, suburban homes deserve a closer consideration for its many positive points. Heck, what’s driving a little further when traffic jams seem to be easing up these days, no?

Looking to swap congested living for more space? Follow the trend and and visit a Gamuda Land Sales Gallery or contact +6018 980 1888 today!