Top Must Watch Merdeka Videos!

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At the end of every August, large organisations across the country would not easily give up the opportunity of showcasing each of their own advertisements; this year, there has been so many great ads to choose from that we had difficulties picking out our best one yet. Let’s check them out!

Indah Water

Indah Water paid tribute to its staff and asked them what Merdeka means to them. Staff and personnel from different departments were showcased in this video; we rarely see the people behind the scenes that make an organization run, with Indah Water, now we do!

Sunway Group

“Share”. That is the idea that Sunway Group is trying to send out for this festive month. The inspiration for the video came from the real tale of Jeperin Rasdu, a Sabahan that grew up in a low-incomed family.

Even with that, Jeperin is surrounded by friends that are kind at heart. Watch the video as there are also other values to be picked up on.


This year’s most adorable Merdeka advertisement, TNB highlighted “Deklarasi Anak Malaysia” as its main theme. What makes it more interesting is that the whole advertisement stars kids that aged 5 and above; one of the little performers also dressed up as our first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman!


EcoWorld definitely brought the best out of Ohmedia this year. They interviewed individuals that survived being infected by the Covid-19 virus and gave new meaning to the word “REUNITED”. This is a must watch as it shows not only their experience but also what they went through during those times.


Celcom did something interesting as they combined two different realities that were facing the same issue. So, what was the issue?

Celcom MeReka Merdeka shows the similarities in difficulties faced during the 1910 Manchuria pandemic and the current Covid-19 pandemic.


We bet a lot of people were waiting eagerly for Petronas’ short film this year, right? This year’s was in the form of a short animation video; it tells the story of how we must overcome hardships when it is thrown upon us. Each state’s accent is also showcased in the video and it garnered a millions views in a mere 5 days as well!

Harvey Norman/Samsung

Samsung’s focus on this month was just one thing, SALE, along with the theme Gemilang Freedom Specials.

Many eye-catching deals are put in place with every purchase of a certain Samsung product. For example, save RM400 when you buy a Galaxy Watch or save RM999 when purchasing selected TVs, all from August 17th until September 16th!


Saji performed Bakar for this year’s Merdeka month. The suspense of four friends arguing turned out to be just to be for a simple get together to cook.


Digi’s Merdeka advertisement really gave us the chills. A lot of us were stressed out during the PKP period, right? With the never-ending episode of the global pandemic, not one but all of us were feeling that way! Don’t give up hope and stand firm as we could can always choose to stand strong just like our country did for 63 years.

Gamuda Land

Gamuda’s advertisement was acted out through a photographer, Bonnie Yap’s perspective from over 3 decades. According to Bonnie, when first starting out, the only skyscraper at that time was the Maybank Tower. Throughout her career, she has witnessed all advancements that Malaysia has went through, first-hand.


The well-known telecommunications company urges all to utilize technology to its best for the benefit of all mankind in this advertisement. With that initiative in mind, it’s understandable that the nation would then get the best out of technology.


Are you serious, Yoodo? It’s the first time that we’ve seen Yoodo in such a serious commercial. It definitely did not lack in comedy and lessons that can be learned from.

A question still remains in the advertisements though, is Malaysia still united? To know the answer, watch the video to understand more!


With a line-up of artist from different backgrounds, Pepsi used this opportunity to bring us a musical. Graffiti artists to flute performers, kudos to Pepsi for including people of different races and skin color in one wholesome video!