LaLiga is the first major football league to partner with, the leading provider of blockchain solutions for the sports industry and official partner to 60+ global leading sport brands worldwide
LaLiga and will work together to create new opportunities for the league’s more than 800 million global fans to actively engage with their favorite players and clubs and access unique rewards and once-in-a-lifetime VIP opportunities
Madrid, September 14h, 2021.- LaLiga and, the leading provider of blockchain-driven Fan Engagement solutions for the sports and entertainment industry, have announced an agreement that will see the creators of Fan Tokens become Global Fan Engagement Partner of Spain’s top tier football league. and LaLiga will work together to create new opportunities for the league’s more than 800 million global fans to engage actively with the brand through the platform’s cutting-edge blockchain technology solutions.
This partnership will give LaLiga Santander fans the chance to get closer than ever to their heroes, regardless of where in the world they are based, and to access unique rewards such as official products, signed jerseys, free tickets and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
Driven by the central belief that transitioning passive fans into active fans is essential to the future of sport, is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform that leverages blockchain technology to provide the world’s leading sporting organizations with the tools to engage with and monetize their  global fanbases.
Since its creation, in 2019, has been enhancing Fan Experience across the global sports industry through Fan Tokens, collectible digital assets that provide owners with access to voting rights in polls, VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, AR-enabled features, chat forums, games and competitions on
Over 40 global leading sport organisations across 20 different countries and seven different sports have launched their official Fan Token on the app, home to a growing global community of nearly 1.3M sports fans. The list includes LaLiga Santander clubs FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Valencia CF and Levante UD, as well as other football giants across the globe, Formula 1 teams, esports organisations and mixed martial arts brands, among others. 

Fan Tokens have consolidated as one of the fastest growing revenue streams for the sports industry, generating over $200 million in profits for’s global network in a little over two years since the first token was released. 
The partnership with LaLiga, the first major football league to join the platform, sets a new milestone for and strengthens its position in Spain, a strategic country in which the company is about to inaugurate its new offices. The agreement also reasserts the position of as the global leaders of blockchain-driven fan engagement solutions for the sports industry.
Alexandre Dreyfus, Founder and CEO of, said: “We are very excited and proud to be partnering with LaLiga, one of the biggest brands in global sports, with over 800 million fans around the world, and home to legendary clubs that have helped write the history of football.”
“The LaLiga partnership will allow us to take another step forward in our mission to bring about a new era of global fan engagement, where fans are no longer spectators, but empowered, active participants”.
“It is no coincidence that LaLiga has become the first major European football league to partner with Over the past few years they have earned a reputation for being one of the most innovative brands in sports, leading the way for organisations worldwide in terms of embracing innovation and leveraging new technologies. This partnership is yet another demonstration of their boldness and leadership”.
“At LaLiga we are pleased to partner with, one of the global leaders in fan engagement solutions for the sports industry. Thanks to this agreement, all our fans around the world will be able to connect more actively with their favorite players and teams. For us it’s a way of getting closer to them and offering them new experiences”, said Oscar Mayo, Executive Director of LaLiga.
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LaLiga presents new ElClasico brand identity

The world’s most iconic club match will now have its own logo and visual identity

Rivalry, strength, passion, technology, innovation, dynamism, entertainment and globality are among this new image’s main attributes

Madrid, 13 September 2021.- LaLiga has created a logo and brand identity for ElClasico, the match that pits FC Barcelona and Real Madrid against each other each season, with the aim of giving one of the most iconic and popular sporting showdowns on the planet a unique and highly recognisable visual identity.

The branding project’s aim is to reflect the DNA of what this legendary encounter symbolises: rivalry, strength, passion, technology, innovation, dynamism, entertainment and globality.

Always at the cutting edge of innovation and entertainment, this new image will be yet another asset in LaLiga’s bid to enhance the brand value of its competition and its clubs, which can be featured at all international events and activations held around this match as part of LaLiga’s internationalisation strategy.

This initiative shows LaLiga to be looking to the future once again, working more closely with clubs to promote the competition and its most iconic matches, including not only ElClasico but also El Gran Derbi, El Derbi de Madrid, El Derbi Vasco, among others.

Watched in every corner of the planet, ElClasico is LaLiga’s blockbuster par excellence that puts life on hold; it is the most watched club match globally. An encounter that everybody watches, that brings everybody together, whether they like football or not, and a cultural touch point that transcends borders.

LaLiga is preparing a major launch of this new visual identity to coincide with the next ElClasico, set to be played in October. It will be implemented across all media outlets and actions that LaLiga rolls out, both nationally and internationally, through promotions, digital and media campaigns, international media activations, press conferences, and international events.

Just last week, LaLiga won the International Creativity Award at this year’s Sports Industry Awards for its unique ElClasico campaign, highlighting its diverse and highly adaptable events in all four corners of the world during the pandemic. The award was also a reflection of LaLiga’s wider work in promoting ElClasico in recent years.

The design of ElClasico’s identity

This is a groundbreaking, young, exciting, football-loving, and visual image that will connect with a global audience and especially among a young demographic. Its style is reminiscent of the digital environments popular among younger audiences and their passion for eSports, TV shows and urban culture. A visual identity that conveys not only the today, but also the tomorrow of a great sporting and entertainment show that brings the world to a standstill for 90 minutes.

ElClasico’s new logo draws its inspiration from the shared emotion that exists between footballers and fans the world over. It is an inclusive brand that does not set a distance between the stars and their supporters, but rather brings them closer together and helps fans feel that they are very much an integral part of the game.

Custom typography has been used to create this new identity, with an energetic style, sharp angles and verticality to express movement, dynamism, and its digital essence.

The symbol that separates Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will replace the usual “vs.” and will be the icon that best represents ElClasico. It represents rivalry, strength, and confrontation, evoking the competitive spirit of both teams.

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老板是企业最高的领导人, 你的成功是通过别人来完成事业, 找到最合适的人,做最合适的事拿到巨大的成果,这就是领导人应该做的“人的艺术”。你做了吗?


还是Part Time CEO ? 你只是冲业绩?还是你是企业的首席人力资源官?


你有在搞定人吗?反观今天成长型的中小企业,不少企业的成长无法突破,不少的企业无法走出“个户体”及 “小商户”的困境!最核心的障碍在于没有解决好人的问题。






最高领导人缼乏本份思维。所谓在其位,谋其事。老板,你身为公司的总执行长, 你懂总执行长(CEO) 或主席(Chairman) 的职责是什么吗?相信你的HR不敢也不懂如何写你的工作职责(Job responsibilities) 对吗?


病症 2:

总执行长处于半退休状态(Part Time CEO) 。有许多企业当有“小成功”的时候,老板就开始满足,步伐开始缓慢下来,开始去打高尔夫球、去旅行,甚至外面开始有几盘生意。他认为企业已经有一套“成功方程式”,有人会去执行。所以,总执行长花时间在公司可能只有四到五个小时。












YYC超越集团总裁Datin Shin


LaLiga partners with Sorare to enter the world of NFTs

LaLiga is the first of the top 5 world football leagues to sign a major NFT partnership

It will allow LaLigo to expand the Clubs’ international brands by reaching new fans and creating a new revenue stream

Sorare is a marketplace to trade digital cords from more than 180 football clubs, and has over 500,000 registered users on the platform

Madrid, September 9th 2021. Sorare, the fantasy football platform, has today announced a partnership with Spain’s LaLiga to launch non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for all of its players, creating new revenue streams for LaLiga Clubs via a new category of licenses.

Thanks to this offering, LaLiga fans, collectors and fantasy football players will for the first time be able to freely trade and play with digital cards of players from LaLiga. Sorare’s mission is to build “the game within the game” and to give fans the platform to celebrate, share and own their football passion.

The partnership represents a major milestone for Sorare as it strikes a deal for the first time with one of the biggest leagues in the world, home to world-class football clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Villarreal CF, Valencia CF, FC Seville and Real Sociedad, among many others. Sorare plans to partner with every one of the world’s top 20 football leagues by the end of 2022.

The partnership, which covers both LaLiga Santander and LaLiga Smartbank, is a significant development for LaLiga as it moves into the NFT space for the first time, highlighting the global interest in the fast-growing NFT card space which has sold more than $130M in cards this year.

Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga, commented:

“At LoLiga we are always looking [or innovative ways to o|fer our [ans new and exciting experiences and to broaden the appeal o[ our competition, the greatest in the world. This partnership with Sorare, the most exciting sports NFT projects today, enables us to reach new audiences globally and gives existing [ons additional ways they can get involved with the players and the cluhs they love.”

Nicolas Julia, CEO and co-founder of Sorare commented:

“NFTs are the [uture o[gIo6aI sports [ondom because they allow [ans to come together and to [eel ownership o[ the sports they love.

“This partnership isn’t just a sign o[ Sorare’s growing leadership in the NFT sports space, it is a major signal o[ intent fry the sporting world that it sees Sorare’s unique ability to connect [ans with sports through NFTs as a crucial port o[ their plans [or the [uture.

“LoLigo is one o[ the hest leagues in the world, home to some o[ the most exciting cluhs and[oothollers on earth. We are very proud that they have 6ecome our[irst ever league partnership, and we ore looking [orward to working together in the years ahead.”

Sorare cards are NFTs, meaning each card is unique, scarce, and its ownership can be publicly verifiable via the blockchain. Sorare’s combination of NFT technology with sports cards and a fantasy game is the leading next-gen offering within football, and backed by football legends including Gerard Piqué, Antoine Griezmann and Rio Ferdinand. Through the collecting, owning and trading of limited edition digital collectibles, Sorare has created a unique game experience where users can own their game, build real-world connections and protect and control their assets in a secure space.

Sorare’s next-generation gaming experience will help LaLiga and its clubs to expand their international brands by reaching new audiences of fans, including crypto- enthusiasts in the US and Asia, where Sorare is growing strongly, and fantasy gamers across the globe. The partnership opens up a new revenue stream for LaLiga clubs by creating an entirely new licensing category: NFTs.

The partnership means that Sorare now has the majority of the top 100 football clubs in the world under license, including global clubs such as Liverpool FC, FC Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain FC, and Juventus FC.

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老板,继续看完这篇文章,我会给您赢利战略(Winning Strategy)助您达到成功企业。









第二:DELL,它的是“Be Direct”

IKEA的解决方案是Flat-Packed,它们把家具“压扁式地储存”,解决很多储存空间与运输费用的问题。通过它们 Flat-Packed 战略,它的盈利是13%,而它的同行一般只是在于2%。

Michael Dell在1984年创办DELL。他靠着他的胆量和敏锐的感觉,让他得到很好的成绩。但却在一段时间,一味追求业绩,而遇上了瓶颈,公司开始出现亏损。这时,Michael Dell找来了他的顾问Tom Meredith,他们一起解决DELL的库存。库存天数终于从63天降到4天。




老板,您可以想象,DELL做了什么可以让它63天的库存天数下降到4天?它也因为做了差异化战略—Be Direct,把生意增长到752亿美元市值的企业。




2007年,男士网上服装店–Bonobos创立。它推出价位适中的合身牛子裤和长裤。经过四年的快速成长,创办人Andy Dunn 经历了瓶颈,许多男士不愿意在网上订购长裤,知道长裤经常不合身。

因此,他设计了新概念—Guideshop (向导店),它只有小小的店面,里面有各种Bonobos的商品供顾客试穿,但店里不卖任何产品,顾客是需要在网上订购。Guideshop是没有库存及管理库存的问题,也没有必要有收银员。客户只需提早预约,一上门就可以有符合自己要求的服务。店里有店员引导客户上网订购,并保留客户资料,以简化日后的采购与服务。

他的赢利战略是:World-Class Fit, an Innovative Shopping

这个赢利战略也被New York Magazine, 誉为Best Man Pants。在短短十年,它也被Walmart 以3.1亿美元收购,2020年的业绩达到2.18 亿美元。



YYC超越集团总裁 Datin Shin

















1. 认清自己、了解股东,清楚自己的强项与弱点,因为没有人是“全能”。

2. 把对的人放在对的位置 (您有把您的股东和自己放在对的位置吗?)

3. 设定“对的方向 ” (与股东们不断地商讨、对焦方向与谋略)





全民牙科Q&M Dental , 在上市前的盈利是300万新币,市值是8千万新币。
















1. 47年经验

2. 大马唯一一家获得OCBC银行为投资者及战略伙伴的会计公司

3. 全马唯一一家拥有至少15家合并公司的会计公司

4. 第二代传承会计公司,发展从50名员工至800名员工

5. 全球唯一一家教育“股权发展”必须采用“股权科学” + “艺术”



LaLiga General Assembly Greenlights “Boost LaLiga” (LaLiga Impulso)

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With 38 votes in favour, General Assembly approves the project, that needed support of at least 32 of the 42 member clubs
LaLiga fully retains its sports responsibilities as well as the organisation and management of the audiovisual rights
The clubs that have approved the operation, who will receive up to a maximum of EUR2.668 billion
Madrid, 12 August 2021.- The LaLiga General Assembly today gave its support to “Boost LaLiga” (LaLiga Impulso), the project that last week received the unanimous approval of the organisation’s Executive Committee (Comision Delegada). In the General Assembly all LaLiga clubs were given the platform to express their position regarding the project and to exercise their right to vote secretly and democratically,
Through this strategic agreement, CVC becomes a partner of LaLiga and its clubs with the objective of boosting global growth and continuing its transformation into a global digital entertainment company. LaLiga will retain its sports responsibilities as well as the organisation and management of the marketing of the audiovisual rights.
Boost LaLiga is an unprecedented milestone, representing the greatest boost for Spanish football in its history. The project allows LaLiga, with the help of an internationally renowned partner, to execute a long-term strategic plan of investment. Boost LaLiga will provide LaLiga clubs with the necessary resources to improve the competition and the experience of its fans, accelerating clubs´ growth and making LaLiga the world’s leading sporting entertainment provider in the medium term.
With 38 clubs in favour, of the 32 required, the project is approved, giving the go ahead to the ambitious investment plan that will boost the professionalization of the clubs and provide a more attractive competition, with better facilities, better players and a better fan experience. All this supported by a competition model that will be more digital, more focused on data generation and analysis, and more international exposure.
The clubs that have approved the operation will receive up to EUR2.668 billion. These Clubs commit to allocate 70% of the resources they receive within the framework of this project to investments related to their development in both infrastructures and technological innovation, with the possibility of an additional 15% for the registration of players and the other 15% for the restructuring of financial debt.
90% of the capital invested in Boost LaLiga will go to the Clubs. A percentage will be earmarked for other areas of Spanish sport and football, making this an inclusive, equitable and democratic agreement. Boost LaLiga not only shields the economic viability of all Spanish football clubs, but also opens a new present and future for them by allowing them to advance in their development and transformation by a decade.
In the words of Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, “we are convinced that Boost LaLiga is the answer to the challenges we have to face in the medium and long term. It is a strategic agreement that will provide our clubs with greater capacity, will transform their management model and boost the appeal of our competition. It is the boost we need to turn LaLiga into a global digital entertainment company that has the most attractive football competition in the world”.
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1 天只需RM3!这是为老板度身订造的读书会!


📍 最省时又轻松的Videobook阅读方式
📍 有三大导师为您分析书的重点
📍 提供企业家思考手册,引导您将书中知识运用在企业上
📍 企业成长必须读的书籍


这场读书会由三位导师即中国100强导师傅家义博士、YYC总裁Datin Shin和中国报执行总编辑罗依薇,通过Videobook的方式为您导读对企业最有用的书,让您不用花太长时间就能得到全球成功企业家的经商法则。




【成功企业家读书会】试听版 :

👉 乔布斯经营哲学

👉 这是你的船

👉 执行力:没有执行力,哪有竞争力









如何掌握当今市场趋势?OCBC Bank与YYC免费为您分享!




由OCBC Bank 与YYC超越集团特别联办的线上分享会,



主题 1:加强现金流 + 减低营运资金

  • 讲解困境当儿,如何可以加强现金流,利用CCC工具将营运资金(Working Capital)减少。

主题 2:银行如何协助企业现金流周转

  • 商家可利用Account Receivable Financing / Invoice Financing 以协助营运资金周转。此方法比一般的商业贷款更为方便,以及快捷地得到批准。

主题 3:电子化开户 + 电子化外汇交易

  • 如何可以在网上方便及快捷地开启Business Current Account /开设企业来往户口?
  • 如何使用网上外汇交易服务,让您拥有更全面的外汇交易平台,给您最及时的图表、信息及最新动态?

主题 4:市场走势 + 应对战略

  • 基金财务管理专家分析目前与本地全球各地的经济走势。企业家除了应对此时的封城困扰之外,在面对国家解封之际,又该做好什么对策去迎接呢?其中的应对战略为Balance Sheet Strategy。

时间:2.30pm 至 6pm








因为我们YYC超越集团拥有超过47年的经验,而我不只是一位台上的老师,我拥有的是实战的管理经验。我也是二代传承,从公司有30员工,发展到现在800员工的企业。我接手过后,我们的业绩也成长了4000%,同时也吸引OCBC华侨银行成为我们的合伙人。我们也并购了超过15家会计楼,我们也在商学院给超过13万的企业老板讲课。在课程里的11个战略里,我要跟您分享其中一个很厉害的7个驱动战略(Driven Strategy)。



YYC总裁 Datin Shin

马上报名参加《业绩倍增系统》线上研讨会,让Datin Shin教您同时做好销售、利润、现金和管理。此外,她也会教您“差异化战略”、“大趋势战略”、“营运成本战略”等,让您配合现在的市场趋势找出您的差异化,同时也传授控制成本的策略。她所给您的战略都有附上高效的工具,让您更容易去实行。