TERKINI: ‘Total Lockdown’ Dilanjutkan Selama 2 Minggu Lagi #ms

(PUTRAJAYA, JUN 11) Menteri Pertahanan Ismail Sabri mengumumkan bahawa ‘total lockdown’ akan dilanjutkan selama 2 minggu lagi, berkuat kuasa dari Jun 15 hingga Jun 28.

Buka untuk kenyataan rasmi

Pada awalnya, FMCO dijadualkan berakhir pada 14 Jun, tetapi beliau menyatakan bahawa keputusan untuk melanjutkannya dibuat berikutan dengan catatan jumlah kes Covid-19 harian yang masih tinggi. Kes harian kini masih melebihi angka 5,000.

Beliau menambah bahawa Kementerian Kesihatan telah menyampaikan laporannya dan mengusulkan kepada Majlis Keselamatan Nasional (NSC) yang dipengerusikan oleh Perdana Menteri, agar tempoh ‘full lockdown’ dilanjutkan lagi.

SOP bagi FMCO yang dilanjutkan akan kekal seperti yang diumumkan sebelum ini. Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila melawati www.mkn.gov.my

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最新消息:FMCO 再延长2周!#zh

(布城,11日讯)我国国防部高级部长依斯迈·沙比里今日宣布我国行动管制令3.0 (FMCO)再延长两周,从6月15日起至6月28日。



所有抗疫标准作业程序(SOP)跟之前宣布的一样。民众可以到 www.mkn.gov.my 了解更多详情。


BREAKING: FMCO Extended For 2 More Weeks #en

(PUTRAJAYA, Jun 11) Our Minister of Defence Ismail Sabri has just announced the extension of the FMCO for another two weeks, effective June 15 – June 28, 2021.

Click to view Official Statement

Initially slated to end on June 14, he mentioned that the decision was made following the high number of daily Covid-19 cases, which is still exceeding the 5,000 mark.

He added that the Health Ministry had presented its report and proposed to the National Security Council (NSC) chaired by the Prime Minister for the total lockdown to be extended.

SOPs for the extended FMCO will remain as previously announced. For more information, visit www.mkn.gov.my


FMCO何时了?你须马上为公司做 [重新评估(Reassessment)]!

突来而袭的封城,您准备好了吗?无论您公司现处于状态好或者不好,您有给公司做了“重新评估测试” (Reassessment Test) 了吗?

企业可以在两星期或两个月后才可开门营业?无人能晓。此时,必须做出“最差的场景化” (Worst Case Scenario) 的测试,公司还可活多久?


李嘉诚曾说过:“公司有了利润(Profit),但没有现金流(Cash Flow)时,业务大多会撞板。”



《六月围城》 线上课堂,解决您任何以下的烦恼:

1. 未知数太多
2. 方向不确定
3. 现金流太紧绷
4. 盈利太少
5. 销售下滑
6. 团队执行力差
7. 拼“差价”

战略 + 方法 + 真实案例 + 工具 + 数据化(可套上您的数据,让您可数据化管理、团队方可执行)

 马上报名👉 https://www.seminar.yyc.my/fb-success2

《六月围城》线上研讨会 给您:

  • 重新评估测试 (Reassessment Test)
  • 如何做对4大决策
  • 应对战略
  • 以终为始+ 快目标战略
  • 差异化战略
  • 大趋势战略
  • 创新战略
  • 决策系统战略
  • 利润战略
  • 营运金战略
  • 人才战略
  • 执行战略

老板,马上报名参加《六月围城之审时度势,突围而出》线上研讨会,Datin Shin教您的不只是重新评估(Reassessment),如何做出四项正确的决策,在全球化可以有更多的业绩和利润,她也会教您SWT战略和差异化战略。
另外,她也会给您“现金循环周期(Cash Conversion Cycle)”和营运资本(Working Capital)战略,让您有更多的现金。

切记,这不是一般的理论课,Datin Shin会给您战略、方法、真实案例和工具。

 马上报名👉 https://www.seminar.yyc.my/fb-success2

Sergio Agüero is back

Barcelona have brought the Argentine striker back to LaLiga Santander, a decade after his memorable and prolific spell at Atletico de Madrid.  

Sergio Agüero is back LaLiga Santander. The former Atlético de Madrid striker has confirmed his long-awaited move to Barcelona, after spending a very successful decade in the Premier League with Manchester City. Here are five things about the Argentine that you might not know.  

He’s a lifelong Independiente fan 

It was at Argentine club Independiente that Agüero broke through, joining at the age of nine and climbing the ranks rapidly to start playing for the first team. When he left in 2006 to move to Europe, he had spent almost a decade at the club and there was a bond there that remains to this day. When Independiente were relegated in 2013, Agüero considered returning to the club to try to fire them back to the top tier. In the end, he stayed with Manchester City and added to his legendary status there. 

He’s a very close friend of Lionel Messi 

Agüero arrives at the club that one of his best friends has called home for two decades. The striker has a special bond with Lionel Messi, and they’ve been roommates on Argentina duty since forming part of the victorious squad at the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship. At senior level, they’ve played together for Argentina 77 times and counting. Agüero has said that Messi is like a brother to him, while the Barcelona captain is also the godfather to the former Manchester City player’s son Benjamin.  

He’s inextricably tied to Maradona 

Agüero has often been compared to and is closely connected to Diego Maradona. ‘Kun’ broke the legendary number 10’s long-standing record as the youngest player to feature in Argentina’s top division, aged just 15 years, one month and five days. Agüero later married Maradona’s daughter Gianinna, having a son – Benjamin. Benjamin’s is Agüero’s son, Maradona’s grandson and Messi’s godchild. That’s quite something!  

He has a Lord of the Rings-inspired tattoo in Elvish 

The centre-forward has a tattoo on his right forearm that is inspired by JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, written in the fictional Elvish language. However, he admitted in an interview in 2019 that he still hadn’t seen the movies and that he doesn’t know what the words inked on his arm are supposed to mean! 

He had a brief music career! 

Early in his playing career, the Argentine band Los Leales performed a song titled ‘Kun Agüero’ in which Sergio featured. His role was more than just a cameo, as the song starts with Agüero singing the entire first verse. The song is of the cumbia genre, a popular type of music in South America that the player has often said that he likes. 

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[SUMMARY] PM Announces PEMERKASA+ As The New MCO3.0 Stimulus Package #en

(PUTRAJAYA, MAY 31) Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin held a press conference to announce a new MCO 3.0 stimulus package called PEMERKASA+. It is a continuation of the initiatives that were previously introduced, including PRIHATIN and PEMERKASA.

He started by mentioning that the closure of the business sector will bring great impact to society, but the government will try their best to balance the lives and livelihood of the rakyat.

He mentioned that RM340 billion aid has been provided to the citizens during this pandemic. With an additional support fund, a total of RM322.5 billion will be channeled to further assist the citizens and the economy sector.

He then announced PEMERKASA+ aid package that is worth RM40 billion as the new initiative to help the rakyat that were impacted by the lockdown and the pandemic. It will be executed with 3 objectives:

  • Increase the capacity of the public healthcare system
  • Continue the ‘Prihatin’ Rakyat agenda
  • Support the business sectors

He also mentioned that another RM1 billion will be allocated to increase the capacity of the public health sectors and to extend the contracts of health personnel until 2022. RM450 million will be used to increase the amount of beds as well as ICU equipment in both the government and the private hospitals.

He has urged the authorities to expedite the national vaccination program, such as increasing vaccination centres and the drive-thru vaccinations.

He also urges the citizens to attend their vaccination appointments according to the schedule in order to achieve our targeted herd immunity.

He mentioned that the government will continue to provide ‘prihatin’ to the rakyat and as much support as possible. Therefore, an additional RM2.1 billion will be allocated to Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) from end June, where RM500 will be provided to those with household income less than RM2500 and RM300 for households with monthly income between RM2,501 and RM5,000.

One month wage subsidy worth RM1.5 billion for eligible employees and employers will also be provided.

A three-month automatic loan moratorium or 50% payment reduction for six months will be given to B40 group, eligible SMEs that are not allowed to operate during the MCO, and those who lost their jobs.

He promises that the government will continue to support the economic sector, making sure cash flows of businesses are smooth – including microcredit by BSN and others.

Taxi drivers, school bus drivers, ride hailing drivers and tour guides who are affected during this lockdown period will be given a one-off RM500.

Electricity bills are given a 10% discount for the travelling sector, shopping malls, convention centers, theme parks and local airline offices from July to September 2021.

Stamp duty exemptions under the HOC campaign for property buyers will also be extended to 31 December 2021.

Sales tax will also be waived for new CKD and CBU passenger vehicles from Jun 30 till Dec 31, 2021.

He also announced that all ministers and deputy ministers will not be taking salaries for 3 months starting June 2021. All the salaries will be channeled back into the support fund.

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Be afraid, be very afraid

Increasingly challenging' situation at Selangor quarantine centre due to  growing admissions: Health department - CNA
Image: Channel News Asia

There is no time to lose. Malaysia is at the top in the world in terms of new cases per million of population and the number keeps rising. The recovery rate is falling and the number of people dying is increasing.

New variants of the virus have mutated which are challenging the full effectiveness of available vaccines. Hospitals are full, frontliners stretched and stressed.

We are in a desperate situation. Yes, a full lockdown comes into force tomorrow but it is uncertain whether the ravages of the pandemic can be brought under control. The economy will certainly suffer. The people will suffer even more, those who live. Many are dying and will die.

The nation, the people and the government should move together to face this crisis which threatens to break the country. We are staring at the abyss. Three things must be done quick.

FIRST, the prime minister should form a government of national unity to manage this crisis. He has been urged by many for some time now to set up that emergency government, but has chosen to ignore such advice. He may feel his bargaining position may have been eroded by seeking to form such a government at this time with his back against the wall.

But this is not the time for political calculation, party or personality. This is a matter of national survival at so many levels. In any case, he will still be prime minister and, by riding above narrow politics, he would be doing himself a world of good showing statesmanship at the time of greatest need.

The national unity cabinet should comprise representatives from all political parties represented in Parliament, of course, but could include non-partisan competent professionals.

Yes, there is the risk of political parties and leaders double-crossing the prime minister but they will be exposed for all to see. If the national unity government is brought down, there is every justification to, indeed, declare an emergency, which will be a different ball game, with full powers in his hands, for there is no way a general election can be held. Holding one would be suicidal.

SECOND, end the state of emergency such as it is and reconvene Parliament. Parliament is the right and proper forum to discuss policy issues and to pass the necessary legislation. The present emergency has not got widespread support and its end will help the process of forming a common national purpose at this time, yes, of grave emergency.

There will be some grandstanding and idiots, in Parliament, but the speaker’s more active and intelligent role should help to contain such twits.

Indeed a People’s Advisory Council should be established to also give advice to the government — comprising representatives of civil society, business and professional bodies. It will be a source of sanity and objectivity — which could also highlight shortfalls and failures in parliamentary discussions.

The role of conventional and social media is critical to highlight the good and to differentiate it from the bad, whether people or policies, but reporting should be accurate and committed to the urgent common national good — containment of the virus and management of the risks.

With Parliament back in session, it should re-examine the statutory debt limit of 60 per cent of GDP, so that the government can issue Covid Recovery Bonds and take on other debt to help people and businesses under lockdown. It could be examined whether such bonds could be excluded from the calculation of government debt as it is an emergency that we are facing. Developed countries have bust all limits and are masters of quantitative easing.

With a national unity government and a Parliament making it accountable, the people and others would have the confidence to take up the special purpose bonds. There are other ways for the government to raise money that can be scrutinised, such as through agencies whose liabilities are not in the calculation of total debt.

THIRD, the people must adhere to SOPs strictly. However, they see double standards where big names and politicians flout the law and get away with it. This does not make for a successful regime of SOPs. When they see a government which is united of purpose and a Parliament fit for purpose and a People’s Advisory Council suited to the purpose — and the end of double standards — there will be national commitment and buy-in.

The people also see events which have caused spikes in Covid-19 cases which are irresponsible and entirely avoidable. Starting with the Tabligh cluster from February last year, to the Sabah election also last year in September and the Ramadan/Hari Raya surges this year, which showed laxity of enforcement and couldn’t-care less non-adherence by religious and political leaders and big shots, the people see the SOPs as an imposition only on them that do not contain the spread of the virus at all.

These cycles cannot continue. Otherwise, we are headed for Armageddon. We do not want to become a country and economy of grave-diggers.

The people are also angry with the slow speed of the vaccine roll-out. There has to be greater accountability and transparency. Right now, they are very angry, with many explanations they cannot accept.

There are many intricacies and power political play in the access to vaccines in the world. These should be explained with clarity and consistency. At the moment they only see moving targets which are not hit. They also see systems for applications for vaccination which do not work 100 per cent.

Whether 150,000 vaccines administered daily will achieve herd immunity by the end of this year, with previous targets and timelines not met, is a source of grave scepticism.

And the challenges will not end. Afterwards, there will be the issue of booster vaccinations. Of testing for antibodies. Even now of mass testing and a regime of efficient contact tracing. Of opening up social and economic life but not letting the guard down. Not easy, but the people — and the government and political leaders — must understand the change, some would say nature’s epochal correction, that has taken place.

With a national unity government, a functioning Parliament, further people representation to offer advice, no double standards and greater transparency there will be, if not a feel-good factor (how can there be given the enveloping pandemic), greater belief and hope among the people that the country is not running into the ground.

*The views expressed are those of the author. If you have any questions about the content, copyright or other issues of the work, please contact Newswav.

最新“全面封锁”SOP摘要 #zh






  1. 餐饮:仅外卖
  2. 医药与健康,包括兽医诊所
  3. 水业(Water)
  4. 能量业(Energy)
  5. 治安业(Security)
  6. 固体废物管理
  7. 交通行业
  8. 港口和机场
  9. 通讯业
  10. 银行业
  11. 信用社区
  12. 电子商务
  13. 燃料生产
  14. 酒店和住宿:仅限于隔离
  15. 建筑行业、建设与维护
  16. 森林业
  17. 物流管理(Logistics)
  1. 航空
  2. 食品和饮料生产
  3. 食品和保健产品,消毒产品和药品的印刷和包装
  4. 个人护理和自助洗衣店
  5. 医药卫生





此外, 之前发出的所有 MITI 信函仅在 5 月 31 日之前有效。6 月 1 日之后只有政府部门发出的信函才有效。



Ringkasan: SOP Terkini Untuk ‘Total Lockdown’ #ms

(PUTRAJAYA, MEI 30) Pada jam 5 petang tadi, Menteri Pertahanan Ismail Sabri dan Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan Dr Noor Hisham mengadakan sidang media bersama untuk mengumumkan SOP terkini untuk ‘total lockdown’.

Sabri bermulai dengan menyebutkan bahawa kerajaan memutuskan pelaksanaan ‘total lockdown’ dua hari yang lalu sebab peningkatan kes yang mendadak. Pada 29 Mei, Malaysia mencatatkan lebih daripada 9,000 kes harian.

Beliau juga menyebutkan bahawa unit-unit ICU di hospital telah mencapai kapasiti maksimum. Jika ‘total lockdown’ tidak dilaksanakan, sistem kesihatan negara mungkin runtuh disebabkan jumlah kes yang makin meningkat.

Beliau menekankan bahawa ‘total lockdown’ selama 2 minggu ini amat penting. Ini adalah pengorbanan yang harus dilakukan untuk membendung wabak Covid-19. Beliau menggesa rakyat supaya tidak meninggalkan rumah kecuali untuk perkara penting sahaja.

Kesemua aktiviti sosial dan ekonomi adalah tidak dibenarkan, kecuali:

  1. Makanan dan Minuman
  2. Perubatan dan kesihatan
  3. Air
  4. Tenaga
  5. Keselamatan
  6. Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal
  7. Pengangkutan
  8. Perkhidmatan Pelabuhan
  9. Komunikasi
  10. Perbankan
  11. Perkreditan
  12. E-dagang
  13. Pengeluaran Bahan Api
  14. Hotel & Penginapan (Kuarantin)
  15. Pembinaan & Penyelenggaran
  16. Perhutanan
  17. Logistik

Semua sektor perkilangan dihadkan, kecuali 12 sektor berikut:

  1. Aeroangkasa (komponen dan maintenance, repair and overhaul – MRO)
  2. Makanan dan minuman
  3. Bahan pembungkusan dan percetakan hanya berkaitan bahan makanan dan kesihatan
  4. Barang-barang dan penjagaan diri, dan bahan pencuci
  5. Keluaran penjagaan kesihatan dan perubatan termasuk penokok diet
  6. Barang penjagaan diri, peralatan perlindungan diri (PPE) termasuk sarung tangan getah dan peralatan keselamatan kebakaran
  7. Komponen bagi peranti perubatan
  8. Elektrikal dan Elektronik (kepentingan rantaian ekonomi global)
  9. Minyak dan gas (Oil and Gas) termasuk petrokimia dan produk petrokimia
  10. Mesin dan peralatan hanya berkaitan kesihatan dan makanan sahaja
  11. Tekstil untuk pengeluaran PPE sahaja
  12. Pengeluaran, penyulingan, penyimpanan, pembekalan dan pengagihan bahan api dan pelincir

Semua pusat membeli-belah diarahkan ditutup kecuali bahagian penjualan barang-barang keperluan.

Hanya 2 orang dari satu isi rumah dibenarkan keluar untuk membeli barang keperluan dalam had 10km.

Sepanjang tempoh sekatan pergerakan penuh ini, hanya joging dan senaman dibenar hingga jam 8 malam.

Semua SOP yang dinyata di atas akan dikenakan di seluruh negara, tiada negeri yang dikecualikan.

Sabri juga menambah bahawa dengan penutupan sebahagian besar kilang, ia akan menyumbang kepada penurunan jumlah kes positif.

Semua sekolah dan pusat pendidikan juga diarahkan untuk tutup.

Surat MITI yang dikeluarkan sebelum ini hanya sah hingga 31 Mei, dan hanya surat yang dikeluarkan oleh kementerian akan sah untuk perjalanan untuk tujuan kerja selepas 1 Jun.

Maklumat lanjut boleh didapati di laman web MKN.

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[Updated] Summary: Latest SOPs for FMCO #en

(PUTRAJAYA, MAY 30) Our Minister of Defence Ismail Sabri held a joint press conference with Director-General of Health Dr. Noor Hisham at 5pm today to address the latest Covid-19 situation and announce the latest SOPs for FMCO.

Sabri started by mentioning that the government had decided to initiate a total lockdown two days ago due to the significant increase in cases. Just yesterday, Malaysia recorded more than 9,000 daily cases alone.

He also mentioned that ICU units in hospitals have reached their maximum capacity, and if a total lockdown had not been initiated, the healthcare system would have collapsed due to the overwhelming number of daily confirmed cases.

He added that the next two weeks of total lockdown will be critical and a sacrifice needed to be made in order to curb the pandemic. He strongly urged the rakyat to stay home if there is no urgent matter to attend to outside.

With this total lockdown, all social & economic activities are not allowed except the following:

  1. Food & beverages: Takeaway only
  2. Medicine & health
  3. Water
  4. Energy
  5. Security
  6. Solid waste management
  7. Transportation
  8. Ports & airports
  9. Communication
  10. Banking
  11. Credit community
  12. E-commerce
  13. Fuel Production
  14. Hotels and accommodation: For quarantine purposes only
  15. Construction and maintenance
  16. Forestry
  17. Logistics

All manufacturing sectors are not allowed to operate, except the following sectors:

  1. Aerospace
  2. Food & beverage production
  3. Printing & packaging for food and health products, sanitization products, and medicinal products
  4. Personal care & laundromats
  5. Medicine and health

All Shopping Malls are ordered to close except for essential item retails.

Only 2 people from one household are allowed to go out for essential item purchases within a 10km radius. If the services are not within that radius, movement to the closest place to the residence is allowed.

Same goes to the capacity of private vehicles: 2 people from the same household, and 3 (including the patients) for health and medical purposes.

Jogging and non-contact individual exercises are allowed from 7am to 8pm within respective residential areas only. Other sports and recreation activities are not permitted.

Child care centres and kindergartens can operate only for frontliners and households with both parents working.

SOPs mentioned above will be applied to the entire country. 

Sabri also mentioned that by shutting down the majority of factories, this will significantly contribute to a decline in the number of positive cases.

All school and education centers will be closed as well. 

All MITI letters that were issued previously are only valid until 31 May, and only letters issued by the ministry will be valid for travel after 1st of June.

More details can be found on the MKN website.

More to come…