LaLiga’s relegation battle

Who can still go down? Valencia CF, Levante UD, Getafe CF, D. Alavés, Real Valladolid, SD Huesca, Elche CF and SD Eibar  

Who are currently going down as things standHuesca, Elche and Eibar 

What are the biggest fixtures this week? Elche vs Alavés (May 11th), Eibar vs Real Betis (May 13th), Alavés vs Granada (May 16th) and Getafe vs Levante (May 16th

The relegation battle is just as fascinating as the title race, with five points separating Getafe in 15th from bottom-placed Eibar. Valencia and Levante are still not mathematically safe, but the chances of either going down are minimal. A freak set of results would be required for that to happen.  

So, it’s essentially a six-team fight to avoid the drop, with Getafe on 34 points, Alavés on 32 points, Real Valladolid on 31 points, Huesca and Elche on 30 points and then Eibar on 29 points.  

Only one more head-to-head clash between teams in the bottom six remains: Tuesday’s Matchday 36 bout between Elche and Alavés. That could be decisive, as should Alavés and Getafe’s home Matchday 37 fixtures against Granada and Levante respectively. They’ll both feel those are winnable games. 

It will also be interesting to see if Eibar can keep up their momentum. The Basque outfit may be bottom, but they have won their past two and now take on Real Betis a team they actually have a very good record against, at home in Matchday 36.  

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Who will qualify for Europe League and Conference League?

Who can still qualify? Real Sociedad, Villarreal CF, Real Betis, RC Celta, Athletic Club, Granada CF and Cádiz CF 

Who’s in pole position? Real Sociedad, Villarreal and Real Betis 

What are the biggest fixtures this week? Granada vs Real Madrid (May 13th), Athletic Club vs Real Madrid (May 16th), Barcelona vs Celta (May 16th) and Villarreal vs Sevilla (May 16th

The top four in LaLiga Santander is already set; it’s just a matter of working out the order. As such, we already know which sides will be in the Champions League next season. The race to qualify for Europe, therefore, is all about making it into the Europa League and the Conference League.  

The teams finishing fifth, sixth and seventh will all qualify for Europe, with fifth and sixth bringing a ticket to the Europa League and seventh a place in the inaugural Conference League. If Villarreal also win this year’s Europa League final then they would go to the Champions League, but for the other sides the mission is simply to make it into the top seven by the end of the campaign.  

Along with Villarreal, the other teams currently in these positions are Real Sociedad and Real Betis and they boast a sizable advantage over the chasing pack.  

Cádiz have a mathematical chance of qualifying for Europe but it’s a virtually impossible task. But Celta, Athletic Club or Granada could make it if they put together a run over these next three games. They have tough games coming up, though. Celta face Barcelona in midweek, while Athletic and Granada both face title chasers Real Madrid over the coming days. Sevilla could do them a favour by beating Villarreal on Matchday 37, though, so we’re not safe from surprises just yet.  

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LaLiga’s title race is still unpredictable

Who can still win it? Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla 

Who’s in pole situationAtlético de Madrid 

What are the biggest fixtures this week? Levante vs Barcelona (May 11th), Atlético de Madrid vs Real Sociedad (May 12th), Granada vs Real Madrid (May 13th) and Athletic Club vs Real Madrid (May 16th

The LaLiga Santander title race is without doubt the most competitive in Europe, with four teams still in with a shot of winning the championship with just three rounds remaining. Sevilla’s chances are very slight at this stage, as they’re currently on 71 points, while Real Madrid and Barcelona both have 75 points behind Atlético de Madrid with 77 points.  

Atleti know that if they win their next three fixtures then they are guaranteed the title no matter what happens elsewhere, but arguably the toughest of their last few games is their next one, their Matchday 36 clash with Real Sociedad. Atleti will be at home for that match, but Copa del Rey winners La Real are not to be underestimated.  

The scheduling of the midweek round means that there is one fixture with title race implications at 10pm CEST for three nights in a row across Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Levante vs Barcelona on Tuesday, Atlético Madrid vs Real Sociedad on Wednesday and Granada vs Real Madrid on Thursday.  

Come the weekend, Atlético Madrid host Osasuna – who are now mathematically safe – and Barcelona host an in-form RC Celta. Real Madrid, meanwhile, face a very difficult away day in Bilbao to face Athletic Club. 

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Villarreal can’t wait to face Manchester United

The Yellow Submarine will face Manchester United in the Europa League final on May 26th after knocking out Arsenal in London

Fifteen years after falling to Arsenal in the semi-finals of the Champions League, Villarreal CF have turned the tables around and knocked the English side out of European competition to reach the 2020/21 Europa League final, their first ever major final. After defeating the Gunners 2-1 at home in the first leg, the Yellow Submarine drew 0-0 in London to reach the showpiece event against Manchester United in the Polish city of Gdansk on May 26th.  

Villarreal’s achievement is incredible for so many reasons. The city of Vila-real has a population of just 50,000 people, which means that every resident could fit inside Arsenal’s stadium and leave 10,000 seats left over. Sadly, the supporters couldn’t attend this semi-final due to the coronavirus restrictions, but they were cheering on back home and setting off fireworks into the night sky in celebration at what is a historic night for Villarreal and for LaLiga.  

Villarreal’s presence in the Europa League final means that seven of the past ten finals of this competition have had at least one LaLiga Santander team competing for the prize, with the trophy coming back to Spain on all seven occasions.  

After Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Espanyol, Athletic Club, Alavés, Real Zaragoza and RCD Mallorca, Villarreal have become the 11th LaLiga team to reach a major UEFA final, not counting the summer tournament of the Intertoto Cup, which the club from the Valencian Community twice enjoyed success in.  

The club are fulfilling a long-term dream of club president Fernando Roig. When he took over at the Estadio de la Cerámica in the 1990s, Villarreal had never played a single season in Spain’s top division. To put this into context, their very first campaign at LaLiga Santander level was the same year that their upcoming opponents Manchester United won an international treble in 1998/99. 

However, through a solid project based on developing their world-class academy structure and on recruiting the best up-and-coming talents from around the globe, the Yellow Submarine have risen and have now reached one of the glamour fixtures of the European footballing calendar.  

They have been close before. This victory over Arsenal was their fourth Europa League semi-final, in addition to the Champions League semi-final against the Gunners in 2005/06. Current first-team centre-back and Spain international Pau Torres was in the stands as a nine-year-old boy that night when Juan Román Riquelme saw his penalty saved by Jens Lehmann and will now have the chance to compete for what would be Villarreal’s first major trophy. For Torres, a local kid, this is a dream come true.  

Villarreal have already overcome all the odds to reach this point, playing a bold and winning brand of football that has made all those watching on forget about how small a club this really is by most metrics. But they play like a big team and have a coach who knows what it takes to go all the way, with Unai Emery having won the Europa League with Sevilla on three occasions and also finishing as a runner-up in this competition once more when he was in charge of Arsenal.  

“Dreams are free and I dream of winning a title with Villarreal,” Emery said at his introductory press conference when he was hired as the new coach of the club in the summer of 2020. The Yellow Submarine are now one step away from completing their fairy tale.  

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魏家祥:遵守SOP·公交须更严格防疫- 全国新闻| | 星洲网Sin Chew Daily

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慕尤丁成为马来西亚历史上最糟糕的首相 – 林冠英 #zh

林冠英:暗示愿与巫统合作赛夫丁言论出乎预料光华日报| 1910年创刊创新每一天生活

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此文章首先出现在 林冠英 脸书页面。

Kit Siang: How shameful it is for Malaysians #en

Pic: Lim Huey Teng, MalaysiaKini

By Lim Kit Siang

The backdoor, incompetent, undemocratic and illegitimate Muhyiddin government has made a mess of things in handling the Covid-19 pandemic, adding to the sufferings and hardships of Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region.

It has come to a stage where Indonesia, hitherto regarded as behind Malaysia in public health development and infrastructure, is urging its citizens to stay home and take precautions on Covid-19 in the forthcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays, with the warning: “Learn from India and Malaysia, for surely we don’t want Indonesia to face the same problem.”

How shameful it is for Malaysians.

In 2012, Muhyiddin was talking about Malaysia becoming a “wonder nation” in 2025 but he has brought Malaysia to a new low of infamy and ignominy after the kleptocracy of a previous administration.

May be the Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, should be asked whether he did not mind seeing the worsening of the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia, as it would have provided him with a good excuse to extend the proclamation of emergency and the suspension of Parliament.

Else why did he ignore the Yang di Pertuan Agong’s pointed advice that Parliament can meet in an emergency and should meet, seeing what a disaster the Muhyiddin government has made of the Covid-19 pandemic – apart from having the longest Covid-19 wave in the world since the Sabah state general election in September last year and the threat of a fourth Covid wave in Malaysia.

In fact, a strong case can be made that Malaysia would have been spared of both the second and third Covid-19 waves if the Pakatan Harapan Government had not been toppled by the Sheraton Move conspiracy, which left Malaysia without an effective government in the last and very strategic few days of February 2020.

Furthermore, the suspension of Parliament not only enlarged the deficit of public trust and confidence in the Muhyiddin government’s handling of the war against Covid-19 pandemic, it obstructed the launch of a “all-of-government” and “whole-of-society” national mobilisation against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Yang di Pertuan Agong said Parliament can convene, but the Prime Minister and the Cabinet refused to convene Parliament despite MPs been given two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

How can this constitutional stalemate be broken?

The Parliament Speaker must play an important role towards breaking this constitutional stalemate.

The Constitution is based on the doctrine of the separation of powers – the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. No branch of government is subservient to the other two branches.

Members of Parliament regardless of political party expect the Parliament Speaker to protect their rights and interests and not be a servant of the Executive.

For instance, the Parliament Speaker should convene a meeting of all Members of Parliament to see how the Yang di Pertuan Agong’s stand that Parliament can meet in an emergency can be realised. So far, he has done nothing.

Furthermore, although Parliament is suspended by the Proclamation of Emergency, the various parliamentary committees had not been suspended specifically in the Emergency Proclamation and should be able to meet.

The Parliament Speaker should champion the rights of the various parliamentary committees, particularly when it impinges on the Covid-19 pandemic, to meet and deliberate, and not to be the spokesman of the Executive to bar the holding of such meetings.

The Parliament Speaker should provide all parliamentary facilities for the holding of meetings of the various parliamentary committees, especially where it impinges on the Covid-19 pandemic, and not be an obstacle to block such meetings.

I therefore call on Parliament Speaker to uphold the rights of patriotic MPs in the various Parliamentary Committees which impinge on the Covid-19 pandemic to meet, even if the MPs have to sacrificed their parliamentary allowances denied by the backdoor Muhyiddin government.

(Media Statement by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang in Kuala Lumpur on Monday 10th May 2021)

*The views expressed are those of the author. If you have any questions about the content, copyright or other issues of the work, please contact Newswav.

This post first appeared on Lim Kit Siang‘s blog.

Guan Eng: Muhyiddin adalah Perdana Menteri yang paling teruk dalam sejarah Malaysia, disebabkan sistem HIDE #ms

林冠英:暗示愿与巫统合作赛夫丁言论出乎预料光华日报| 1910年创刊创新每一天生活
Gambar: Kwang

Oleh Lim Guan Eng

Muhyiddin Yassin adalah Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang paling teruk dalam sejatrah dengan menerapkan sistem Hotspot Identification for Dynamic Engagement (HIDE) malam tadi, memerintahkan semua lokasi yang disenaraikan di bawah HIDE ditutup serta merta selama tiga hari.

Ini adalah sebuah kerajaan yang tidak bertanggungjawab yang mengeluarkan arahan pada saat akhir, tanpa mempertimbangkan kerugian besar kewangan yang akan ditanggung oleh perniagaan, terutama PKS.

Terdapat juga amalan dua darjat, di mana stesen dan terminal pengangkutan awam yang disenaraikan oleh sistem HIDE akan tetap dibuka sementara kedai di stesen pengangkutan harus ditutup.

Kerajaan perlu memutuskan sama ada kedai di stesen pengangkutan adalah sumber jangkitan atau stesen pengangkutan itu sendiri?

istem HIDE juga nampaknya menghukum tingkah laku yang baik dengan mensasarkan premis yang memberikan data dengan patuh tetapi melepaskan mereka yang gagal mematuhi dan oleh itu tidak berada dalam pangkalan data.

*Kandungan di atas hanya mewakili pandangan penulis sendiri. Sekiranya anda mempunyai pertanyaan mengenai kandungan karya, hak cipta atau masalah lain, sila hubungi Newswav.

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MCO 3.0 and Covid-19 Questions for the MoH #en

Kit Siang joins call urging MOH to allow use of traditional Chinese  medicine to fight Covid-19 | Malaysia | Malay Mail
Pic: Shafwan Zaidon, Malay Mail

By Lim Kit Siang

The Sars CoV2 virus which causes Covid-19 first hit our shores on the 25th January 2020, brought in by travellers from Singapore. We have been battling Covid-19 since.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid-19 a pandemic on the 11th March 2020, and Malaysia declared the first lockdown on the 18th March 2020.

I still remember vividly the pandemonium that was on the night of the 17th March 2020 at the causeway. Workers were deciding whether to keep livelihood as jobs were in Singapore, or stay with family and lose jobs in Singapore.

It is now 9th May 2021, and we have had 2 MCOs, various EMCO, CMCO, RMCOs and now we are again in MCO 3.0.

Despite all the MCOs in whatever form or name, Covid-19 is still very much alive and kicking – in fact growing and spreading well.

Among the ASEAN community, Malaysia is performing the worse (apart from the heavily populated nations like Indonesia and the Philippines). Surely all concerned Malaysian are wondering what had happened.

Each MCO carries with it a severe cost, economically, psychologically and education-wise for our younger generation.

It is time for the country, and in particular the people in position of authority to seriously reassess the situation and also to seriously reassess their strategy.

To paraphrase Einstein, we cannot be doing “the same old thing, over and over again and expecting a different result”.

In fact Einstein called that “insanity”. Surely we Malaysians are not insane. We do not wish to make the same mistake over and over again, and seeing the numbers grow bigger and bigger after 14 months of trying, and after 3 MCOs and numerous CMCO, EMCO and RMCO.

Where did we go wrong?

In assessing the whole situation since March 2020, I would like to seek some honest answers from the Ministry of Health, who should be in-charge of controlling this Covid-19 crisis, for I believe that transparency by the government at this time will build public confidence.

We need public confidence more than ever now so that the public can work in tandem with the government. There is no doubt that all Malaysian want this infection controlled and life return back to as near normal and as soon as possible.

Everyday, the public gets a briefing from the Minister on behalf of the National Security Council. Then we have the Minister in Charge of Vaccines making statements about vaccines ( which is a therapy to prevent the infection ), and later the briefing by the Director-General of Health.

When they all sing from the same song sheet, the public understands. Often, they seem to sing from different song sheets.

That is confusing and creates mistrust and ambiguity. This recent MCO 3.0 SOP is a classic example. The instructions are conflicting and confusing, even for the Police. U turns do not and can never inspire confidence. It speaks of poor planning, not well-thought-out strategy, and almost like playing a fool with their authority.

I would like to ask the Ministry of Health nine questions, viz:

1. How many frontliners are there to do tracking and tracing whenever positive cases are reported? We have many Malaysians reporting that when they have a positive case, there is often no follow up, or follow up which is markedly delayed and that positive cases have to find their own way to seek help.

2. If there are insufficient staff to track and trace, what then is the use of screening test for people who are well. If the Ministry of Health cannot track and trace every positive case, then those screening test merely create panic (due to large numbers) without any benefit in terms of disease control. Would it then be better not to do screening until you have an adequate track and trace team? Just test those with symptoms as they need treatment and isolation.

3. If the Ministry of Health has insufficient track and trace staff, had the Health Ministry asked the Prime Minister for an additional budget to employ temporary contract staff to do tracking and tracing as this is an important arm for Covid-19 control?

4. We saw a spike in cases towards the end of 2020. At one point, we were seeing more than 5,000 daily cases in January. Were preparations made to create extra wards and personnel to man those wards, so that we will not be at breaking point now? The Ministry of Health had five months to prepare for this eventuality or was the Health Ministry lulled into complacency, thinking that the storm had blown past, even when a nearby country, India, was reporting a double mutation and a severe spike in cases as well as in the Philippines? Yesterday was the fifth time India recorded over 400,000 daily cases and the second time it recorded over 4,000 deaths. At its present rate of increase, India would overtake United States of America as the world’s No. 1 country with the most cumulative total of Covid-19 cases in a month’s time.

5. Did the Health Ministry not expect that with at least five variants of concern facing the whole world, B 1.1.7 (UK), B 1.351 (South Africa), P1+P2 from Brazil, P3 (Philippines), B.1.617 (Indian double mutation), they will not reach Malaysia? Did the Ministry of Health not anticipate that? Are we doing enough genome sequencing to know the prevalent strain or strains in Malaysia, to try and predict their behaviour?

6. With the slow and stuttering vaccine rollout, will we ever get herd immunity through vaccination? To get herd immunity, we will need to fully vaccinate 60-70% of our Malaysian population. Presently, medical experts think that vaccine immunity may last 6-8 months. No one knows for sure. In fact Pfizer is preparing for a booster vaccine at year end. If vaccine immunity can only last 6-8 months, and our vaccine rollout is so slow, by the time the last vaccine group get their first dose, the first vaccine group would have passed their vaccine immune period. Will we ever get herd immunity that way? Even the USA with their super efficient rollout under President Biden think that they cannot get herd immunity through vaccination.

7. Does the Health Ministry think that these vaccines can protect Malaysians against the ever emerging “variants of concern”, especially the South African strain, the Brazilian strain and the ravaging Indian double mutation? If vaccines cannot protect Malaysians against these new strains, what is the plan B of the Health Ministry?

8. Many Malaysians awaiting surgery for other diseases like cancers and brain tumours have died as they were asked to wait because hospitals were prioritizing Covid-19. What about heart surgeries, bone surgeries, gynaecological surgeries? Treatment of dengue, PTB (Pulmonary tuberculosis), bad diabetes, bad asthmas, chronic lung diseases? What is the price that non-Covid patients pay, while we prioritise Covid-19?

9. Recently, there is much news about using “Traditional Chinese Medicine” to treat Covid-19. It has proven quite successful in China. Would the Ministry of Health support its use for our patients who wish to have TCM?

I am asking these questions and hope to get the Health Ministry’s response, so that Malaysians are kept informed of the latest developments.

All Malaysians are very concerned as many are suffering badly – some from loss of lives and those of their loved ones, while others from loss of jobs and income. I have even heard of people sleeping in their cars or motor bike as they dare not go home because they have no money to pay their rent.

Malaysians are suffering and wish for this infection to go away as soon as possible. It is the rich who does not mind the MCO. For the poor living in a small flat, staying at home for hours with 8-10 others, they are suffering too.

Malaysia must sharpen the two weapons against Covid-19 – targeted lockdowns and aggressive vaccination without turning them into a charade.

Let us all work together to end this Covid-19 crisis. Malaysians are suffering. I hear and see their pain. Not a day longer than necessary please.

(Media Statement by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 9th May 2021)

*The views expressed are those of the author. If you have any questions about the content, copyright or other issues of the work, please contact Newswav.

This post first appeared on Lim Kit Siang‘s blog.

Ismail Sabri tak penat ke jadi jurucakap MKN? – Najib #ms


Oleh Dato Sri’ Najib Razak

Saya baca banyak komen semalam kenapa kerajaan PN tak umumkan PKP untuk seluruh negara secara sekaligus.

Situasinya begini.

Pada bulan Mac dan April, PM8 telah dua kali beri jaminan bahawa kerajaan tidak akan buat lagi PKP secara menyeluruh.

Dengan itu, kerajaan pun umum PKP secara satu persatu.

Mula-mula Sabah, lalu Kelantan, Kedah, Terengganu, Selangor, Johor, Perak, Pulau Pinang, Pahang dan seterusnya.

Lalu, diumumkan larangan rentas negeri dan daerah buat seluruh Malaysia masa Raya.

Jika dibuat cara berdikit-dikit macam ini, tak nampak sangat janji kerajaan PN telah dicapatikan.

P.S. Ismail Sabri Yaakob, sudah lebih setahun kamu ditugaskan sebagai jurucakap bagi keputusan MKN. Tak penat ke

Saya rasa ini tidak adil dan peluang perlu diberikan kepada ahli-ahli MKN yang lain seperti menteri kanan paling kanan untuk menjadi jurucakap MKN pulak

Janganlah bolot tanggungjawab ini seorang diri.

Berilah peluang kepada depa untuk masuk kaca TV tiap-tiap hari.

Masih boleh pegang jawatan Menteri Pertahanan tapi boleh rehat sebagai jurucakap MKN.

*Kandungan di atas hanya mewakili pandangan penulis sendiri. Sekiranya anda mempunyai pertanyaan mengenai kandungan karya, hak cipta atau masalah lain, sila hubungi Newswav.

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