Coway stands as one with Malaysians to fight against COVID-19

Coway Malaysia (Coway) has been active in fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and care for the communities since its establishment 15 years ago. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Coway’s efforts did not wane but picked up pace instead. The multinational company was one of the first among its peers to leap into action at the start of the pandemic last year. Generous donations in cash and kind were made to various parties, to both the government and the public with contributions worth more than RM 2 million to date.  

As our country continues its battle against COVID-19, Coway is committed to bring together Malaysians to stay stronger and hopeful to fight against COVID-19. Coway wants to provide assistance and support in any possible way until the battle is won. This campaign is called We Stand As One. It seeks to highlight the power of coming together as a community to overcome the challenges during these trying times for a better Malaysia.

Coway Aid for Covid-19

This year Coway did its part to ensure the safety of high-risk Covid-related facilities, in their effort to bolster the National Immunisation Programme. A total of 101 of its air purifiers were donated to 4 mega vaccination centres (PPVs) in the Klang Valley while 3 air purifiers and 3 water purifiers were donated to Covid-19 Assessment Centre Bandar Tun Razak in Cheras.

Coway also donated RM400,000 to MERCY Malaysia’s Food Aid Programme that would feed 3,600 vulnerable families in urban and rural areas. To help ease the burnout of healthcare workers, Coway gave away 6 air purifiers to the NGO’s Mental Health Psychosocial Support initiative. These will be placed in well-being spaces, a space that has been set up to provide care and ease for healthcare workers at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang and Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

In early 2020, Coway gave 100,000 face masks to Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM), thousands of Stay Safe kits (hand sanitisers and masks) to food delivery riders and their customers, as well as hundreds of air purifiers to over 38 public hospitals treating Covid-19 patients. On top of that, Coway donated RM300,000 to the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 fund.

To drive the importance of hygiene in combating the Covid-19 virus among its customers, the company introduced 5 new value-added services through its Heart Service, Mattress Care Service, Health Planning Service as well as its Production Installation, Relocation and Repair services. The services will use advanced sterilisation methods to boost customer’s home hygiene standards. Coway then extended its hygiene services to the public by assigning its Health Planners (sales personnel) and Homecare Technicians to disinfect public spaces such as schools, residential areas, police stations, government offices and more to help keep the public safe.

Coway CSR: Happy Water Project

Coway believes that everyone deserves safe, clean water. Thus, Coway implemented Happy Water Project in 2017 to provide continuous access of clean water to underprivileged communities. The first to benefit was the Orang Asli community in Kampung Sungai Tiang, Cameron Highlands, which only had a polluted river as their source of water. To fulfill the community’s needs, Coway installed a rainwater harvesting system with a sizable tank and pump.

Coway collaborated with Global Peace Foundation to help more people access to clean water. To date, Coway manages to aid more than 700 families throughout Pahang, Perak and Selangor. The exercise included educating the villagers on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices and how to use the filters given to them. Water pumps, pipes and water tanks were installed in the villages so that the community needn’t walk up to 3 km just to fetch water from the nearest river. 

Coway Malaysia’s products

Coway has long been synonymous with high quality water, air and sleep, as well as its technologically advanced range of products with sleek designs. Its main offerings are a range of hi-tech water purifiers and air purifiers, providing pure water and fresh air to the users. Other innovative Coway products include bidets, water softener and premium mattresses.

Life-changing Journey with Coway

First established in South Korea, 1989, the company became a market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of well-being household appliances. It has since expanded worldwide to reach over 8 million customers. The brand arrived on Malaysian shores in 2006 and this year is the 15th year serving 2 million homes in Malaysia. As the Best Life Solution company, Coway is committed to provide cleaner water, fresher air and better sleep to everyone for a happier and healthier living.

To know more about the uplifting We Stand As One campaign, go to Coway WSAO webpage or Coway YouTube page.