Don’t Let Your Bad Posture Become A Habit!

Poor posture among children and teenagers is a common problem which should be treated early. The long-term habit of poor posture can also lead to Kyphosis – the scientific term for hunchback. Kyphosis causes a whole host of other issues related to the backbone, lungs, heart, digestive system and general health.

Once the spine has developed severe Kyphosis, it can take years of chiropractic treatment to straighten it, or even surgery. That is also why fixing poor posture – be it for children or adults – is so important. A convenient and affordable way to treat poor posture is by wearing a posture corrector.

Do posture correctors really work?

Yes, if it is used correctly and with consistent frequency for at least 21 days. They can put your spine in the correct position and remind your body of the correct posture. The right posture corrector should ‘train’ your body to stay in the right posture by prompting it to straighten whenever you start to slouch. The best posture corrector for this is the RUDDYTM Posture Corrector.

Benefits of the RUDDYTM Posture Corrector

1. Corrects posture naturally by building muscle memory

By wearing it 2 hours a day for 21 consecutive days, you will see a significant improvement posture. After 90 days you will develop enough muscle memory to keep your back straight without the posture corrector.

2. Super easy to wear for both children and adults

Both adults and children can sling it on, then adjust the straps for an optimal posture. The straps are long enough to accommodate a chest size of 28 to 48 inches.

3. Smart Posture Reminder built into the back

The panel on the back automatically senses when your back is bent more than 25 degrees and activates the vibration alarm. This trains your body to adopt correct posture naturally.

4. Breathable and lightweight

It is so slim that it can be worn discreetly under the clothes. The nylon straps are also soft, porous, and elastic as well as offer ventilation.

5. Long-lasting with built-in rechargeable battery

It can last 15 days and needs only 1 hour to charge via a USB cable, which is included in the package

6. Reduces muscle soreness

Hours of slouching and having your neck stick out can cause shoulder and neck pain. RUDDYTM can help to reduce the strain on these muscles.

7. Indirectly improves self-confidence 

An upright posture automatically makes you look more confident and attractive, which inevitably improves self-esteem.

April 2021 Promotion

More children and adults can now benefit from RUDDYTM. There are 3 package promotions while stocks last. Package A offers a 50% discount, making 1 set of RUDDYTM only RM60. Package 2 offers 2 sets for only RM110. The best is Package C – the best seller. It comes with free delivery and 3 sets of RUDDYTM at a crazy low price of RM156.Delivery is available at a very affordable cost for all areas of Malaysia, including rural or remote areas in Sabah and Sarawak. Check out the RUDDYTM Posture Corrector website.