Economy Is Recovering, Is Now A Good Time To Start A Business? Here Is The Opportunity For You To Say YES!

With Malaysians adhering to SOPs and the vaccination programme rolling out in stages, it is no wonder Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) projected that the country’s economy will grow between 6% and 7.5% this year. We are now starting to see positive responses in the market as stores are reopening and consumers are now out and about doing the usual shopping and dining outside of home. Working adults are back in the office while students have returned to school with traffic back on the road like how it was during the pre-pandemic days.

This change in consumer behaviour is great news to small businesses as it is time to regain momentum and to continue plans that were previously set. For those inspired to start a new business after being at home for months, Bina Bersama 2021 is here to help! The Bina Bersama 2021 campaign was launched early this year and a number of tenants have already signed up for this opportunity. Businesses that have opened in our EcoWorld townships in Iskandar Malaysia, Klang Valley and Penang include restaurants, cafés, salons and beauty shops, education centres, eyewear shops and many more. Applications are still open for participation in the Bina Bersama 2021 campaign but with limited slots available. Let’s recap how Bina Bersama 2021 can help you kickstart your life as an entrepreneur.

Bina Bersama 2021, a collaboration campaign between EcoWorld and iMedia Asia to provide SMEs digital media advertising worth up to a total of RM1 MILLION*, helping and supporting these small businesses through iMedia’s brands and platforms. This partnership was formed with a goal to help local start-ups as the pandemic has hindered many who lacked funds and assistance to start or grow their businesses.

If you are planning to have a dedicated area for your business, office, or even factory, EcoWorld’s 13 strategic commercial properties located in Klang Valley, Iskandar Malaysia, and Penang are the perfect locations. These business parks are accessible from major highways and are conveniently located close to the city centres. Regardless of which EcoWorld commercial unit you choose, you will be eligible to participate in Bina Bersama 2021 and receive digital media advertisement coverage for your business that was granted from this campaign.

Digital media platforms in Malaysia such as Oh! Media, Newswav, Goody25, ITTIFY, Moretify, Beautiful Nara and many more are taking part in Bina Bersama 2021, with a total potential reach of 5.9 million users. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, this amount of reach and exposure is hard to come by and is definitely a one in a million opportunity!

Don’t let your potential business ideas and strategies go to waste. This is a great chance for you to realise your entrepreneurial dreams and to be part of Malaysia’s economic growth. No matter what industry your business is in, with the help of EcoWorld’s premium commercial locations and iMedia’s digital advertising platforms, you can have the perfect location for your workspace, build your own team, and increase brand awareness through the power of digital media.

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