Good news and cool tips from TNB

With the CMCO extended until 6 December, most of us will be stuck in the house. Oh no, that means higher electricity bills? Have no worry, Tenaga Nasional Berhad is here to save the day! They have put together a new, snazzy website with many tips to help you save some Ringgit. 

Before we get to the tips, here are some good news. Times are tough now for most Malaysians, and TNB understands this fully. Here’s the list of its initiatives to help Malaysians ease the burdens. As a TNB’s residential customer (under Tariff A – Domestic), you will enjoy:

  • PRIHATIN discounts of up to 50% (based on electricity usage) for your monthly bill until 31 December 2020. Click here for more details.
  • Easy Payment Plan for outstanding bills without any surcharge.
  • No late payment surcharge for bills from 18 March 2020 to 31 December 2020.
  • No disconnection during this period for defaulted bill payment. Disconnection of supply will only be done if it is requested by the account holder or instructed by relevant authorities due to any legal matters.

During CMCO, meter reading will go on as usual – which means you will receive actual bills (except for areas under TEMCO where movement is restricted by the authorities). TNB is indeed doing its best to stay true to its slogan “Better. Brighter.”

Now let’s look at some useful tips:

1. Power down when not in use

Switch off and unplug all your electrical devices (except the refrigerator, of course). Examples of these energy-sucking culprits are tablets, iPads, wifi modems, Astro decoders, desktop computers, laptops, digital televisions, toasters, microwave ovens and electric stoves. 

Sikit-sikit, lama-lama menjadi bukit’. This old Malay adage holds much wisdom. It is convenient to leave your iPad on for half an hour or so while you have a meal, but the combined wattage of half-hours over a month can make your bill hike up high. 

Wifi modems don’t need to be on throughout the night when you’re sleeping. A flip of the modem switch can help you save a chunk of money each month.

And don’t forget your beloved mobile phone. Switch it off at night and let the battery rest. The less cycles of charging, the longer your phone’s battery lifespan. 

2. Free your fridge of clutter

A refrigerator cools its contents down by circulating cold air. When this cold air cannot move properly, the fridge motor has to work harder to hit the temperature KPI that you set.

A fridge packed full with things blocks air-flow. Try to manage your grocery mania to avoid suffocating your fridge. Your wallet will thank you later. 

3. Air-conditioning tricks to try

The ideal temperature for lowest electricity consumption is 24 degrees Celsius. That should cool your room enough. Just give your air-conditioning unit a few minutes-lah. Patience, please.

To ensure the room cools faster, close all the windows and doors of that space. Clean the filter regularly too. A dirty filter can slow air-flow through the air-con unit and affect its performance. The results will be lower energy use and cleaner air.

4. Laundry tricks

Most moms would already know that doing a full load will be more energy and cost efficient than half loads. But here is an additional tip: hang the clean laundry as soon as they’re done.

This will minimise wrinkles and reduce the number of clothes you need to iron. So, you save electricity and effort here as well. 

For more tips and tricks, visit their website here. It also comes with an Energy Calculator and an educational tab on Energy Efficiency Labels. The calculator can give you an estimate of how much electricity is used by an appliance. It can even show you the difference of consumption between one appliance to another. 

Don’t forget to click the main menu icon on the website. You’ll see a host of helpful links and information for residential homes, businesses, renewable energy, safety and advisory, energy efficiency, and so on.