HappyFresh, Professional Yet Affordable Grocery Shopping

You just saw this interesting recipe on Facebook, it looked absolutely delicious and looks pretty easy to make. When you open the fridge and search the pantry, you discover you’ve run out of garlic, ginger, and spring onions. Ok, you decided to go to the nearby convenience store to grab them and come back. 

Your children are hungry and your boss needs you to complete a task since you work from home now, but grocery shopping shouldn’t take long, right? 

You drive to the nearby store, but they don’t sell spring onions, you drive to another shop, but they ran out of ginger. You go home and decide that you would just settle for a simpler dish for your family. You are slightly disappointed, so are your children.  

Shop smarter, shop more efficiently 

Many of us have the misconception that we will save money by doing everything ourselves, but we often forget that time is money. 

Money spent can be earned back, time wasted is gone forever. Traffic jams and long queues waste valuable time, time that could be spent on more productive work. That is why it makes perfect sense to get others to pick, pack, and deliver your groceries! Now you can spend quality time with your family and focus on things that matter most to you. 

How does it work?

On the HappyFresh app, you can pick and place items in your shopping cart that doubles up as a grocery list, the team of trained personal shoppers from HappyFresh will then pick out the best item and freshest ingredient for you! 

Furthermore, you can opt for them to call you if the items run out of stock, and they will suggest replacement items. They will then pack it nicely to be delivered to you! That is convenience right at your fingertips! 

Besides that, you get to save money too! How? The price of the items purchased are the same as in-store, you get exclusive promo deals, lower delivery fee, and HappyFresh Rewards (collect points everytime you shop). Pay securely via credit and debit card, DuitNow or E-wallet, or Boost and Grab Pay.

One of the crucial advantages of using HappyFresh is that you get your groceries much quicker and get your fresh food delivered within the same day! 

The convenience of getting your groceries delivered cannot be overemphasized when we are living in the middle of a pandemic, whether you are in self-quarantine, or you want to deliver groceries to your parents living further away, convenience is just a tap away. 

Exclusive deal for first time users

HappyFresh now offers an exclusive deal for first time users! Just key in the promo code MYFIRSTFD to be entitled to FREE delivery + 3000 bonus points. Free Delivery with a minimum spend of RM30, open for NEW customers only. 

HappyFresh is now also available in Kedah, Kelantan & Seremban, simply key in your postcode to find the nearest retail hypermarket or pharmacy. 

What are you waiting for? Download the HappyFresh app to enjoy all the rewards and benefits! 

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