Living alone VS living with family? Whatever your preference, #YouBelong by EcoWorld has it

A home is a place of respite, comfort and safety. To some, home is where the heart is, where family is. To others, it is a sanctuary where one can truly be and express oneself. In order to truly understand what Malaysians think, EcoWorld collaborated with Newswav to carry out a poll to find out their living preferences.

The poll ran for a week and gathered over 10,000 responses from Newswav users of all walks of life. The results are both insightful and interesting:

  • Prefer to live alone: 14%
  • Like living with their parents: 27%
  • Choose to live alone but close to their parents: 53%

Some respondents even left behind amusing and honest comments:

  • “Alone is the best! Peace and quiet.”
  • “Alone but close enough to my parents so then I can just magically pop up whenever hahaha”
  • “Love my parents but walaowei my father snore[s] damn kau. Stay separately better”
  • “If you stay with your wife[,] better stay alone away from parents/in-laws. They can be near but not same house. Why? #happywifehappylife”

Regardless of your living preference, #YouBelong by EcoWorld has the solution.

duduk by EcoWorld: Urban vertical living with semi-furnished trendy units

The duduk concept entails a 1,000-sqft squarish layout designed to be simple yet modern with the concept of the common living areas. It comes with 3 beds and 2 bathrooms, allowing for maximum use of space so that the bedrooms are large enough to fit queen-sized beds – a rare possibility in most modern apartments. 

duduk units have long and wide balconies that are great for soaking in an evening panoramic view from up high, or for urban gardening enthusiasts. It is a great option for individuals who just started looking for their first home and prefer to live on their own and enjoy their privacy with a beautiful view. Of course, it’s for anyone and any lifestyle.

The price of a duduk unit is very attainable, starting from only RM393,000*. Included in this price are furnishings such as lights, fans, air-conditioning, L-shaped kitchen cabinet and countertop, cooking hob, 2-in-1 washer dryer, water heater and built-in cabinet in the master bedroom.

duduk products are now available at Huni D’ Eco Ardence in Setia Alam and Se.Ruang D’ Eco Sanctuary in south of Kota Kemuning, both of which are located in Selangor.

You can now book online by clicking where you prefer below:

  1. Huni D’ Eco Ardence
  2. Se.Ruang D’ Eco Sanctuary

ErgoHomes: Communal living with passion area and private garden spaces

The ErgoHomes concept involves three to four L-shaped 2-storey units that are joined to encircle their 15 feet private garden spaces, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Each ErgoHomes cluster is literally surrounded by greenery without directly facing the main road, so it is safe for families with kids. 

Units come with large sliding windows to create an airy and bright feel inside. What makes ErgoHomes even more one-of-a-kind is its flexi passion area. Intentionally designed to offer complete flexibility to suit the owner’s personal taste, the flexi passion area can be transformed into any kind of design you like, you can turn it into a yoga area, home office, or anything else depending on your lifestyle. 

The size of the units range from 1,833 to 2,290 sq ft, come with 2 beds and 2 bathrooms and are priced from only RM560,000*. This makes ErgoHomes ideal for those who enjoy living with their parents in the same home. Every member of the family will have plenty of breathing space. You can install a home office at the passion area and your parents can also grow their favorite plants at the side garden. A truly innovative and spacious layout that’s just like a corner unit for a very attainable price!

For very large extended families, ErgoHomes can be an even more attractive choice. Imagine your own family in 1 unit, your parents in another, and your sibling’s family staying in the other. You have your own little close-knit community. Of course, it is still attractive for individuals, young couples and small families who like a spacious living lifestyle with a multipurpose passion area. 

The freehold ErgoHomes is now available at Hazelton @ Eco Forest in Semenyih, Selangor. 

You can now book online by clicking the hyperlink below:

  1.  Hazelton @ Eco Forest 

Co-Home: An urban eden surrounded by vistas and lush gardens

Surrounded by beautiful parks and roundabout treatments, developments under the Co-Home product give residents the sense of community living and the urge to take out their phones to capture some amazing landscapes that EcoWorld has to offer. 

Co-Home units consist of 2-storey terrace houses that have 2 separate and self-contained units – an upper floor and a lower floor. These units are sold separately, which allows them to have dedicated main entrances and their own side-by-side parking spaces. 

According to the poll, the majority like to have their own personal space but still want to remain as close as possible to their parents. For this group of people, EcoWorld’s Co-Home would be perfect. Parents can stay on the ground floor, then the young family can live on the 1st floor. Hence, you will be able to stay and take care of them closely yet enjoy privacy with your spouse and kids. Co-Home is the perfect home for your lovely parents and family.

The built-up is close to 1,000 square feet, each unit consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 side-by-side parking spaces and is priced from only RM368,000*. The Co-Home product is available at Regent Garden @ Eco Grandeur in Klang Valley and Camdon @ Eco Horizon in Penang.

You can now book online by clicking where you prefer below:

  1. Regent Garden @ Eco Grandeur 
  2. Camdon @ Eco Horizon 

What else does #YouBelong by EcoWorld offer?

1. Move-in Ready Units

#YouBelong also offers other residential and commercial products that are completed and ready for purchase in Klang Valley, Johor and Penang. Units are available for immediate move-in upon purchase.

EcoWorld’s townships are developed with its signature DNA (design, nature, art) elements, making them the perfect living environment while meeting the needs of current lifestyles.

2. My EcoWorld Property website for easy online purchasing

With the pandemic still raging, most people prefer to avoid physical contact whenever possible. My EcoWorld Property allows you to compare all the available units and book your homes online. The website also tells you which direction your unit of interest faces, its layout, price, floor, lot status and unit type. 

3. All-in-One EcoWorld Neighbourhood App

This app is designed to give buyers all the conveniences of living in an exclusive EcoWorld township. You can get updates of community events , check-in your visitors through the app and even make bookings for facilities at the clubhouse.

This well thought out application also provides for smart and safe living through EcoWorld My Insurance, where you can choose insurance plans for your home, maid and smart home devices with the convenience of on-the-spot approvals.

4. Business Solutions Via Bina Bersama 2021

Bina Bersama 2021 offers entrepreneurs who purchase or rent a commercial unit at EcoWorld a total of up to RM1,000,000* worth of digital media advertising, putting their businesses on the radar through 7 prominent online media platforms. Collectively, they will be able to reach 5.9 million users!

So what are you waiting for? Offering a home for every need, check out #YouBelong by EcoWorld’s properties at

*Terms and conditions apply