[SUMMARY] PM Announces PEMERKASA+ As The New MCO3.0 Stimulus Package #en

(PUTRAJAYA, MAY 31) Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin held a press conference to announce a new MCO 3.0 stimulus package called PEMERKASA+. It is a continuation of the initiatives that were previously introduced, including PRIHATIN and PEMERKASA.

He started by mentioning that the closure of the business sector will bring great impact to society, but the government will try their best to balance the lives and livelihood of the rakyat.

He mentioned that RM340 billion aid has been provided to the citizens during this pandemic. With an additional support fund, a total of RM322.5 billion will be channeled to further assist the citizens and the economy sector.

He then announced PEMERKASA+ aid package that is worth RM40 billion as the new initiative to help the rakyat that were impacted by the lockdown and the pandemic. It will be executed with 3 objectives:

  • Increase the capacity of the public healthcare system
  • Continue the ‘Prihatin’ Rakyat agenda
  • Support the business sectors

He also mentioned that another RM1 billion will be allocated to increase the capacity of the public health sectors and to extend the contracts of health personnel until 2022. RM450 million will be used to increase the amount of beds as well as ICU equipment in both the government and the private hospitals.

He has urged the authorities to expedite the national vaccination program, such as increasing vaccination centres and the drive-thru vaccinations.

He also urges the citizens to attend their vaccination appointments according to the schedule in order to achieve our targeted herd immunity.

He mentioned that the government will continue to provide ‘prihatin’ to the rakyat and as much support as possible. Therefore, an additional RM2.1 billion will be allocated to Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) from end June, where RM500 will be provided to those with household income less than RM2500 and RM300 for households with monthly income between RM2,501 and RM5,000.

One month wage subsidy worth RM1.5 billion for eligible employees and employers will also be provided.

A three-month automatic loan moratorium or 50% payment reduction for six months will be given to B40 group, eligible SMEs that are not allowed to operate during the MCO, and those who lost their jobs.

He promises that the government will continue to support the economic sector, making sure cash flows of businesses are smooth – including microcredit by BSN and others.

Taxi drivers, school bus drivers, ride hailing drivers and tour guides who are affected during this lockdown period will be given a one-off RM500.

Electricity bills are given a 10% discount for the travelling sector, shopping malls, convention centers, theme parks and local airline offices from July to September 2021.

Stamp duty exemptions under the HOC campaign for property buyers will also be extended to 31 December 2021.

Sales tax will also be waived for new CKD and CBU passenger vehicles from Jun 30 till Dec 31, 2021.

He also announced that all ministers and deputy ministers will not be taking salaries for 3 months starting June 2021. All the salaries will be channeled back into the support fund.

More to come…