Spearheading Thailand’s Drive for Economic Diversity

Nestled within the centre of the Indochinese Peninsula lies one of Southeast Asia’s most powerful economies, a melting pot and convergence point where diversity is warmly embraced with opportunities. Often been earmarked as one of the success developments stories of the region, Thailand represents an orgy of mind-bending numbers when it comes to sustained economic growth. 

With sustained economic development over the past decades amidst economic recessions, admirable poverty reduction rates and gains along multiple dimensions of welfare; the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) of Thailand has embarked on the new phase of their mission to position Thailand’s trade competitiveness across the region by disseminating its economic stronghold to its neighbouring countries. With DITP at the helm, Thai entrepreneurs will be able to expand their market while promoting sustainable value creation for Thai products and services delivered internationally.

DITP’s Outreach Efforts

An integral part of DITP’s advocacy efforts to market their Thai products was to directly include their Malaysian counterparts in their outreach plans. Another thriving economy experiencing a paradigm shift in digitalization and economic growth, Malaysia represents a quintessentially untapped market for DITP to focus their outreach efforts on.

With the ravaging effects of the Covid-19 pandemic decimating the global economy and curtailing the possibilities of physical trade, DITP embarked on a different approach by harnessing the prowess of social media to convey their message to their target audience

Featured Videos

In order to promote their distinct lineage of unique and carefully handpicked products to their target audience, DITP harnessed the potential of social media by enlisting the services of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to create a series of engaging videos to captivate their audience. In this campaign, which is named Thailand Future Trends Showcase, each video will have a runtime of up to 2 minutes, with the main objective being to enlighten the Malaysian people and business owners regarding the appeal of native Thai products.

The following are products that DITP have channeled their outreach resources and efforts in:

  1.  Eco-friendly Packaging

With the world being devastated by one setback after another, it makes complete sense that sustainability should be an utmost area of concern, and it’s only fitting that DITP gets the ball rolling with Superbee’s line of eco-friendly packaging. 

Featuring an impressive array of eco-friendly packaging ranging from their beeswax wraps to their bio-degradable containers, Superbee certainly provides some food for thought when it comes to sourcing for a sustainable alternative to the conventional and much maligned plastic packaging. At a time when the usage of packaging is in ascendancy, DITP is certainly leading by example by building this harmonious rapport with Superbee.

DITP video of Superbee’s eco packaging products showcased the charismatic Melissa Tan, who allures audiences by touching on the sentiments of being eco-conscious as well as her interpersonal relations with the Thai communities. 

  1. Live Plants and Soil

In line with their efforts to promote conservationism with eco-friendly packaging, DITP’s next showcase in their flagship line of promoted products is Coco’s unique take on peat and soil. Coco employs a robust and unique method of incorporating the very best of ingredients into the basic building foundation for every plant-based lifeform.

Enlisting the help of Jane Lee, a budding entrepreneur who runs a business curating and nurturing indoor plants, the video manages to interlink the importance of good soil and how it translates to the flourishment of indoor based plants. Coco’s uniquely conceived peat and soil mixtures contains all the nutrients that an indoor plant will need, and it certainly bodes well with Jane herself.

  1. Plant Based Meat

DITP’s next feature video is a unique take on proteins uniquely curated from the essence of plants and vegetables. At a time when our personal health is of paramount importance, it is greatly acknowledged that incorporating and leaning towards a plant-based diet will reap greater long-term benefits for your body – a point that was agreed upon in unison by Mei Ling, Kya Abdul and Ryan.

While all three of them have different backgrounds – with Mei Ling being a lifetime vegetarian and business owner, Kya being a certified personal trainer and Ryan being a wellness coach, they all share a similar common trait – being advocates of a plant-based diet. 

A general misconception is that proteins must be from harvested from animals for it to taste good, a claim that was directly refuted by all three talents as they were full of praises about these plant-based meats, ranging from Mantra’s shrimp balls and bacon to Morefood’s take on using mushrooms as the base for the proteins. 

  1. Dried Fruits

“If there is one thing that Malaysians can’t live without, its snacks. We love a good nibble and munch whenever we are seated on the couch enjoying our favourite television shows, or simply at our desk getting some work done.” 

These were facts agreed upon unanimously by Anna, Haneda and Za, as they featured in DITP’s video emphasized on the wonderful delicacies that Thailand has to offer in the form of dried fruits as snacks. 

While seemingly sharing similar traits when it comes to their food preferences, all three featured talents also shared a similar fondness of the Thai culture as well.

Ranging from the 100% fresh dried strawberries and mangos from Nana fruits to the dehydrated cherry tomatoes and roselle herbal tea on offer from Beefruits; these dried fruit snacks will certainly keep your jaws busy!

  1. Home Decorations

DITP’s final feature video showcased Hui Wen, an interior decorator with an acquired taste when it comes to the fine arts of interior design. Being an avid fan of natural and organic materials when plying her trade, it comes as no surprise that Hui Wen was in awe with the functional art pieces that Thailand has to offer.

Be it the specially crafted wooden products from V.S.T Woods impressive lineage of affordable selection, to Prempracha’s uniquely designed Thai artisan ceramics, and finally to Sapparot’s unique take on “Sustainable Décor” made from pineapple fibre –  Hui Wen found herself visualizing her next project taking shape with a touch ofThai essence.

“Combine all of them, and you will definitely get a unique fusion and blend of what Thailand has to offer when it comes to home decoration. For me, I feel like a kid in a huge candy store!”

The crippling effects of the global pandemic certainly did not hinder DITP’s effort in bringing Thai products to the Malaysian market and people. While we bask in the fruits of their labour, DITP will continue to strive and achieve their vision to position Thailand as the leading trade powerhouse in Asia by 2027.

For more information regarding how to import products from Thailand, feel free to contact DITP via their website.