Syed Saddiq announces Muda dah Mula

Written by: Breakfast Grille

Kuala Lumpur 17 Sep 2020 – Syed Saddiq bin Syed Abdul Rahman, the former Minister of Youth and Sports, has announced that he will be registering Muda as a new political party today. At his interview with BFM 89.9, the business radio station, he said he will be going to Registrar of Societies immediately after his  interview with BFM  to register the new political party.

Saddiq said Muda will be a multi-racial party. To criticisms that this a multi-racial party will not appeal to the Malay voters, he said, “politics is not just about winning by pandering, it is also about working hard, despite it taking a longer time, to change the hearts and minds of people.”

Syed Saddiq also refuted BFM presenter Wong Shou Ning’s suggestion that the leadership of Muda was too urbane to appeal to rural voters. He pointed to, Shahrizal Denci who started a rural farm in Sabah, and Cikgu Ayu who started education for stateless children. Syed Saddiq also referred to his own background, where his mother was a teacher in Pulai, Johor, and and his father, an odd-jobs construction worker who commuted to Singapore every day to support the family.

“I mean seriously, just because I can speak good English and I’m successful academically, suddenly I’m urban? Well, know me, meet me, and not just me, the team.”

To  the question of whether he harbours  the ambition to be the Prime Minister eventually, Saddiq said that his ultimate goal as a politician is to champion the interests of the people, and not his own political position. 

The BFM interview with Syed Saddiq will be repeated later today at 1pm on BFM 89.9. The podcast of the full interview will be available for download on the BFM app at  2pm.