Transform and thrive in your marketplace with Alibaba Cloud

Source: Malaysiakini

Looking for the tools to aid the digital transformation of your or your client’s business? Alibaba Cloud is the one-stop shop that ticks all your boxes.

Alibaba Cloud helps local businesses drive their digital transformation and thrive in their markets through top-of-the-line cloud products, technical enablement, and go-to-market resources and support, regardless of the industry.

Through its comprehensive range of cloud computing products and services, Alibaba Cloud enables IT providers, independent software vendors, and system integrators to create better IT services and add more value for their customers.

How can Alibaba Cloud help businesses in Malaysia?

1. One-stop web hosting solution

Alibaba Cloud offers a complete package of web hosting solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes. From basic static websites to complex sites supporting all kinds of applications, you can host them all on the Alibaba Cloud platform.

Alibaba Cloud’s web hosting solution is:

  • Secure: The security and stability of your site is guaranteed.
  • Low cost: Save up to 65% on compute resources vs. competitors*
  • Easy to use: Easily deploy services with Alibaba Cloud’s integrated marketplace software and images. Build a complete web hosting package with its domain and domain name system (DNS) products.
  • Scalable: Scale your resources on demand with Alibaba Cloud’s high-performance elastic computing services. Alibaba Cloud grows with your business.

2. Intelligent digital marketing solutions

Traditional brick and mortar retail alone is no longer effective for engaging customers. Your business needs digital marketing tools to scale marketing campaigns and target multiple audiences simultaneously. Alibaba Cloud helps you achieve this easily with its digital marketing and cloud intelligence products.

  • Targeted campaigns: Identify and create accurate customer profiles for your business through big data analytics. Build precise advertising solutions with Alibaba Cloud’s demand-side platform (DSP) solution. Deliver customised content using Elasticsearch and machine translation.
  • Multi-channel experience: Reach your customers through multiple touchpoints. Deliver multimedia content to customers across the global seamlessly with object storage service (OSS) and content delivery network (CDN). Manage content effectively with a relational database service (RDS)-based multi-channel content management system (CMS).

3. World-class ecommerce solutions

Alibaba Cloud has powered the annual Double 11 Shopping Festival, the world’s largest online sales event, for 10 years. Local businesses can leverage on the same capabilities to expand globally.

  • Large-scale online promotion: Alibaba Cloud handles over 491,000 orders/second while defending against countless malicious attacks during the annual Double 11 Shopping Festival. You can rest assured it can handle your online promotions, however big, no sweat!
  • Accurate and interactive search engines: Personalise your site’s product search results with Alibaba Cloud’s advanced machine learning and deep learning technologies. Create intelligent and customised product recommendations for a better customer experience.

4. Cutting-edge big data and AI solutions

Build end-to-end data intelligence services easily regardless of application with Alibaba Cloud’s big data and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. From intelligent cities to smart manufacturing, Alibaba Cloud can help you tackle challenging real-world problems holistically through data.

  • Big data processing and analytics: Build powerful and accurate data analytics tools with E-MapReduce and MaxCompute. Communicate information effectively through data visualisation with QuickBI and DataV. Store and access data without any ETL (extra, transform, load) tools using Data Lake Analytics.
  • AI and machine learning: Alibaba Cloud’s Machine Learning Platform For AI provides end-to-end machine learning services, including data processing, feature engineering, model training, model prediction, and model evaluation — it combines all these services to make AI more accessible than ever.

5. Advanced local data centres

Alibaba Cloud has two availability zones in Malaysia to ensure high availability and strong disaster recovery capabilities, allowing customers to deploy mission-critical workloads in multiple availability zones and switch over within seconds.

The dual-availability enables Alibaba Cloud to provide you high-performance low-cost and useful cloud products regardless of your sector. Its services can meet the needs of developers, SMEs, large enterprises, and financial institutions, as well as the public sector, and provide the support companies need as they break into the global market.

Alibaba Cloud boasts an extensive list of successful case studies. Browse its customer success stories here. Among its satisfied Malaysian clients are Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC) for the Sabah state’s e-wallet Sabah Pay; financial technology (fintech) company Revenue Monster Inc; TNG Digital Sdn Bhd, the operator of Touch ‘n Go eWallet; and PrestoMall, formerly known as 11street Malaysia.

Alibaba Cloud’s cloud-based solutions support the demands of your business, website, or application. Use the same solutions that empower the Alibaba Ecosystem to reach a new level of creativity, inclusivity, and success.

Find out more about Alibaba Cloud’s extensive portfolio of cloud computing products and services, sign up here.

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