“Zombie Apocalypse” At Mid Valley As Crazy Sneakerheads Seemingly Breaches SOP

Date: 3:00 AM Thursday, 11 March 2021
Location: Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

On the 11th of March, a famous Japanese high fashion shoe store named Atmos made its much-anticipated launch in Mid Valley. The excitement and dedication of fashion shoe enthusiasts were so overwhelming as they started lining up in front of the Atmos store since 3am in the morning! However, it was a worrying site as eager shoe enthusiasts were seen blatantly breaching the SOPs.

Pictures and videos posted by KLSole were circulating on Facebook showing large crowds, restlessly waiting for the opening of the new store. Some of these footages paint an awfully worrying scene, especially when the pandemic is still a health threat to the world, as people are seen sardined together with minimal physical distancing being practiced. The crowd was so large to a point that even security guards were having trouble with crowd control! In one photo, a crowd of people were seen running towards the store with a security guard rushing to contain them. Talk about a warzone!

If you’re still unable to imagine how dedicated these crowds of shoe enthusiasts were, it was reported that the line was so long that it reached the car park!

Once the shutter was finally open, people rushed in and quickly grabbed their desired sneakers. One man even walked briskly across the store with an arm full of sneakers! What a sight to behold.

Believe it or not, this Atmos store in Mid Valley is actually not the first to be opened in Malaysia. Atmos first launched their debut in KLCC back in August 2020. For the Japanese shoe brand to decide to launch another branch in Malaysia within its first year of debut, it seems that their KLCC branch is doing very well.

Considering the number of people present and the time they started to queue up (reminder: 3am in the morning!), there’s no denying that they are surely dedicated. However, do you this is the wisest way to go about getting the latest kicks, especially during a worldwide pandemic?

We at Newswav would like to remind you to be safe and always adhere to the SOP guidelines. 

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