How INDAH WATER Quietly Cared For Us Through the Pandemic and How We Can Return The Favour

With the Covid-19 pandemic still lingering in our midst, many industries and companies have been faced with the threat of suspending their services, or worse, to close doors permanently. However, there are some where the valiant fight has to go on. Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) Sdn Bhd is one such entity that has steadfastly steered through the murky waters in an effort to sustain its noble cause to continue its sewerage services to the nation and to protect the environment.

The Flush Must Go On

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During the early period of Movement Control Order (MCO), most working Malaysians were faced with adapting to the culture of Working from Home or WFH. With everyone locked-in, one can only imagine the increment of wastewater from domestic usage. And yet, all IWK’s 7,000 Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) were operating 24/7 during this tenuous period. Yes, front-line workers weren’t just doctors and nurses, but also these guys! From its management team to its field and support staff, IWK has showcased their dedication  to ensure its STPs operated efficiently, as well as providing desludging services for the non-connected system which includes the Individual and Communal Septic Tanks. 

Now, most would not bat an eyelid when disposing waste down the sink or through a flush, but with the infectious Covid-19 lurking, IWK had a huge task at hand in preventing any water-borne diseases in impurified wastewater that might contaminate our main water source. The vast amount of unseen and harmful microorganisms bring harm to us as individuals and also the environment, so do give the IWK guy a pat on the back for preventing the proverbial stuff from hitting the fan in what is already a painful economic period.

More Waste More Cost

Speaking of the economy, IWK has indeed recorded a hike in operating costs due to new sewerage assets undertaken by the Government and being handed to IWK for operation and maintenance, coupled with ageing assets which they need to face daily and higher compliance standards by the authorities. 

To break it down, the average cost of keeping the sewerage clean per household stands at approximately RM18. That’s a far cry from the RM2 to RM8 that domestic customers are (supposed to be) paying. Sure there’s a subsidy from the government to cover the shortfall but there is a dire need for IWK, as the national sewerage company, to be more financially sustainable and not to keep depending on subsidies. In fact, Government subsidy should directly help the impoverished B40 further. 

The IWK service fee has not been revised for the past 26 years since it started operations. There are understandable claims to have the rates revised just so the company can continue to sustain itself, and more importantly, our sewerage system. 

A Helping Hand

Like the hero it is for keeping our wastewater management under control, IWK has also stepped up with further initiatives to assist the less fortunate during this trying Covid era.

During the MCO period, they contributed ventilators, intensive care beds, monitors for patients, personal protective equipment and hospital beds worth approximately RM200,000 to MoH. At the same time, the company also donated almost RM50,000 worth of food items to those in need.

More recently, they initiated IWK CARES, a program that not only cares for the environment, but also provides essential goods to the needy. Kicking it off at the Pusat Pemulihan Orang-Orang Cacat Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan, they contributed essential goods, RM1,000 cash, free desludging services as well as an IWK mini nursery using bio-solids fertilisers generated from wastewater treatment at IWK sewage treatment plants.

Doing our part!

Despite financial pressures and an on-going worldwide pandemic, IWK has truly asserted itself in keeping our water-waste and sanitation systems sustainable. In this Merdeka month where we celebrate local heroes, it has since made us that much prouder to be in the hands of said dedicated individuals. 

So in the spirit of ‘Malaysia Prihatin’ (Merdeka 2020 theme ~lah), here are some ways you can give IWK a hand, cause you know, even heroes need help sometimes.


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We can’t stress this enough. It’s a nominal sum and yet most delay payment till the warning/legal letter arrives! There are various methods set up for offline or online payment methods. There’s even a mobile app you can download to make payment. For a list of all participating services, visit their website at 


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In the spirit of caring, don’t forget the millions of trees cut down each year to produce pointless throwaway receipts. In IWK’s case, the company prints approximately 15.5 million hardcopy bills every year, which is equivalent to 29,688 trees. Register for IWK e-Bill and opt for an electronic payment option instead to save the trees. By doing this, you also stand a chance to win Tesco vouchers! Register between July 1st 2020 and December 31st 2020 and stand a chance to receive Tesco vouchers worth RM50 each. Up to 100 Tesco vouchers will be given away each month! 


As vulgar as it sounds, FOG, when disposed improperly or illegally, causes clogged sewer pipes and coats the interior surface of the pipes leading to overflow over time. By being responsible and disposing of FOG properly, local waterways and sewer lines would be free of clogs. IWK can then collect and convert some of it into environmentally friendly biodiesel fuel, which in turn serves as an alternate fuel produced from renewable sources.

In line with the Green Technology Master Plan 2017-2030 towards environmental sustainability, IWK will ensure that all FOG will be treated according to environmental standards as proper management is needed to eliminate the FOG from harming the environment. To do this, IWK seeks the cooperation from all individuals, F&B services and contractors across the country!


Malaysia’s current per capita water consumption rate at 225 litre/capita/day (lcd) is considered high as compared to many developed countries such as the United Kingdom which is about 150 lcd and Singapore at 151 lcd. Hence, IWK treats approximately 5,000 million litre wastewater daily, which is equivalent to 2,000 Olympic-sized pools! In short, save water. Plus, you save money too! 

That’s it. 4 simple steps to ponder (and take action on) the next time you’re sitting on your throne wondering how to be a better citizen! As IWK puts on a brave front to fight sewerage woes, it’s also important that we do our part. 

To learn more, visit

Lim Kok Thay just pledged his shares, should you sell your Genting shares?

According to Singapore’s Straits Times, Lim Kok Thay, head-honcho of the Genting Malaysia Berhad. just pledged all his shares in Genting Hong Kong Limited, his cruise ship business, to guarantee loans. Straits Times has also pointed out he has pledged 32 per cent of his holdings in Genting Malaysia Berhad.

What does this mean for you, if you’re an investor?

Should you invest in companies whose owner/founder have pledged their shares to guarantee their company’s loans?

Aside from the fundamentals of investing in a cruise ship business right now (or a company that has openly declared a moratorium on paying its creditors), a dangerous investing situation arises when a founder/majority owner pledges their shares to guarantee company loans. If the stock price of the company continues to fall, the bank lenders might force-sell the pledged shares, triggering a wave of selling that might trigger a sudden downward spiral of the stock price.

I experienced this personally in the case of KNM Bhd, the Malaysian oil services company, listed on Bursa Malaysia. I had initially enjoyed supra-normal stock price returns from 2006 to 2008, but the stock then suddenly started tanking mid-2008. I found out from my broker later that this was due to KNM’s banks force-selling the pledged shares of the founder. I wish I had known of this pledging arrangement earlier, it certainly ratcheted the stock price downwards suddenly. Thankfully, I managed to sell the stock early enough to obtain a decent return, but I lost about one year’s worth of appreciation.

Sources told me that this happened to My E.G Bhd too in May 2018 when disastrous election results for Barisan Nasional triggered a share price drop for MyEG, which opened the threat of forced selling by banks on shares pledged by the founder.

Although, as an entrepreneur, I will resist pledging my shares in my company to guarantee a bank loan, sometimes, we do not have a choice. To obtain growth capital from banks, we will be asked to pledge our shares so that our company will be given loans. And if things go to plan, it is not an issue. Loans get paid back and our shares get unpledged.

But if things do not go to plan, then the entrepreneur runs the danger of losing control of her company. And the investor risks losing his shirt.

So when you see an owner/founder of a public company pledge her shares to guarantee her company’s loans, you should think about heading for the exit door.

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The Merdeka Event You Can’t Miss

We’re nearing the end of August, and it’s been a really tough year for the world, in large part due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has shook the world down to its core. Malaysians have had to adapt to our new circumstances and adopt the new ‘normal’ within our everyday lives. This has also meant that our usual celebrations during the month of August have either been non-existent, or toned down to ensure that they comply with the new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

However, that hasn’t stopped Huawei, who are going to be holding a Merdeka challenge in collaboration with Newswav. Starting from 16th August to 16th September, participants can expect to receive free gifts which also includes 10x Huawei P40 phones, along with a ton of weekly cash prizes! Unfortunately, this competition is only open to users who are on Huawei devices, however, do let us know if you’d like to participate in events like this in the future! 

So, how exactly does this challenge work? Well, it’s simple enough, all you have to do is to scroll and read the news on the Newswav app. A counter will appear on the Newswav App for Huawei devices, to actively track your scrolling and reading. The more you scroll, both in our News feed and within News Articles, the higher your score. Every week, the TOP 50 participants with the most points will automatically win a USB Pendrive. Furthermore, the TOP 3 on the leaderboards by the end of every week will win cash prizes of: RM1,000/RM500/RM200 respectively.

Although, for those that are committed to staying informed and keep up with the news, this is your chance to shine. The TOP 100 participants on the leaderboard by the end of the event will be placed into a lucky draw, that lucky draw will be handing out a total of 10 Huawei P40 phones to 10 lucky winners! And all you have to do is read the news! Sign up now and start scrolling today! Stay informed and be rewarded for it.

Breakdown of the schedule from Week 1 to Week 4:

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New Launches & Superdeals Every Weekend Until the End of September with Spotlight 8!

Sime Darby Property’s Spotlight 8 Campaign

At times, buyers would have to think twice before progressing with a purchase, but that may not be the reality for home buyers from reputable property developers like Sime Darby Property, as it has contrastingly made purchasing that much more rewarding instead!

With dazzling deals on various properties, Sime Darby Property’s Spotlight 8 Campaign features everything that is superb – NEW Launches of freehold and double-storey landed homes, and Superdeals on available products across Sime Darby Property’s various townships from now until end of September 2020. 

It’s the perfect time to invest, even more so now with the lower bank interest rates and  government initiatives such as the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC 2020) that was introduced to support homebuyers looking to purchase property.

Malaysians that choose to purchase selected properties during this “Weekend Superdeals” would have the privilege of enjoying HOC 2020 benefits and additional months of loan instalments taken care of upfront. Did we also mention that there are Superdeal Vouchers worth from RM700 and RM900 up for grabs too if you proceed to book during Superdeal Weekends!

4 NEW Launches of Double-Storey Freehold Landed Homes as part of Sime Darby Property’s Spotlight 8 campaign

The launches span from July to September and feature some of the best products Sime Darby Property has to offer.

Serenia Ariya (August 29th, 30th)

Serenia Ariya is a much anticipated new launch of landed and freehold double-storey homes located at Serenia City, the “Garden City of KLIA”. 

It offers 3 different units types from 20’x70’, 1,589 sq ft, and is situated around an 8-acre Serenity Park and a 2-acre Community Park. Furthermore, with Feature Plus, your future home can be upgraded with facilities ranging from USB charging points, to a state of the art alarm system.

Find out more about the latest addition to Serenia City here.

Embun 2 (September 19th, 20th)

Now in its second phase, Embun 2 was designed to cater for the beginning of an ideal lifestyle in lakeside double-storey homes at Bandar Ainsdale, Seremban.

Spanning 20’x70’, from 1,972 sq ft, it’s perfect for families seeking a modern home with continuous space. On top of that, being near the 11-acre Ainsdale lake garden, it offers vast spaces to explore and experience for kids and adults.

Find out more about Embun 2 here.

Elmina Green Three (July 18th, 19th)

Located in the City of Elmina, Shah Alam, Sime Darby Property’s Spotlight 8 Year 2020 campaign was kickstarted with Elmina Green Three, which boasted a total take up of 283 units!

Elmina Green Three offers a peace of mind in its carefully detailed safe haven, as its freehold double-storey 20’ x 80’ features bigger homes and allows various kinds of integrated family activities. Standard specifications include laminated and engineered timber doors, security alarm system, top of the art locksets and not to mention, complimentary high-speed internet for up to one year! 

Located in between new Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) and Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR), malls, parks, airports, schools and hospitals are among various amenities that are just a short drive away.

Find out more about Elmina Green Three here.

Lumira 2 (August 8th, 9th)

Lumira 2 swept off a 70% take up during the weekend launch. 

These freehold double-storey terrace homes feature a build-up of 20’x75,’ starting from 1,903 sq ft and is located near the largest Town Park in Klang that spans up to 125 acres; not to mention, there is a 50km jogging and cycling track for you to explore the charm that is Bandar Bukit Raja.

It also allows easy travel as it is accessible via the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Federal Highway, SHAPADU Highway and the West Coast Expressway (WCE).

Find out more about Lumira 2 here.

SUPERDEALS at different locations every weekend!

Sime Darby Property will also be featuring Weekend Superdeals across their various townships at great locations. Check out some of the products they have lined up!

Senada Residences (August 15th, 16th)

Senada Residences is designed upon the pillars of being a private sanctuary, accessibility and comfort. With units spanning 710 – 958 sq ft, the luxurious complex has 5 layouts available and is located in KLGCC Resort – Malaysia’s most prestigious golf course. 

It’s conveniently located just a 10 minute drive to KL Sentral, with easy access to major highways such as Federal Highway, Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP), North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) and Sprint Highway. Embrace your perfect exclusive home, at the ultimate location for an affluent western suburb lifestyle.

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The Ridge (August 22nd, 23rd)

The Ridge is developed upon creating an experience for the extraordinary. It is set across the world’s longest quartz ridge that is over 200 million years old.

Units span up to 865 sq ft with 3 layouts to choose from. On top of being near the many necessities that KL East Mall has to offer, it’s also a mere 18 minutes away from KL City Centre and is easily accessible through major highways such as DUKE and AKLEH.

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Aurora (September 5th, 6th)

This low-density serviced apartment integrates work and play with two layouts of up to 1,158 sq ft to choose from. Situated in a walkable community, accessibility stops such as Subang Jaya LRT and KTM stations are just a short walk away, as it is located in the heart of Subang Jaya City Centre (SJCC) and a mere 300 metres away from Empire Shopping Gallery.

Developed for flexibility, functionality and comfort, Aurora is the 1st dto-project, co-created by Malaysians’ for Malaysians, built with you in mind and also involved.

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Urban living has been redefined with Lot 15.

Indulge in the luxury of this premium residence, and choose up to 7 layouts with areas spanning up to 1,001 sq ft. The residence also comes with a minimum of 2 carpark bays per unit. 

Work out, take in the views or simply relax at the many common areas available – sky and rooftop gardens, a 25 metre infinity pool, floating pavilions, cabanas and many more. Lot 15 promises to be an investment that lasts for the years.

Weekend Superdeals:

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Public anger rises after Beirut blast as officials knew of the risks

While authorities continue searching for the cause of the Beirut explosion, all fingers are being pointed out to the chemical – Ammonia nitrate.

The question however, is to ask how did it got there in the first place, and why was it kept at a location that eventually caused the lives of nearly 400 people and homes of at least 300,000 more.

An unscheduled stop, a massive shipment of agricultural fertilizer, a bankrupt Russian business man and the ignoring of safety precautions for years are just part of the many factors that played to the catastrophic incident.

The MV Rhosus vessel

According to CNN, a shipment of 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate arrived in Beirut in 2013 on a Russian owned vessel by the name of MV Rhosus. Due to financial difficulties, the vessel that was en-route to Mozambique, made an unprecedented stop at Beirut and never left. 

The substance was ultimately left untouched and unregulated for up to SIX years.

Owned by Russian businessman Igor Grechuskin, his crew was mostly Russians and Moldovans and it is still not immediately clear to why Grechuskin, who owned Teto Shipping was carrying such an alarming amount of ammonium nitrate.

Highlighting a bust up with the law, Grechuskin had allegedly not paid his crew, including the captain and had abandoned them for months, leaving them stuck on the vessel, according to the lawyers who fought for their release.

They said that the ship was a “floating bomb” and the crew became hostages on the “bomb”.

Neither Grechusin nor any members of his family have given any public comment about their alleged connection with the Beirut blast.

Warnings were sent out over the years of the dangers that the port of Beirut could face with such a cargo in its area, which include inspectors warning that the now seized material could “blow up all of Beirut”.

According to the current Director of Customs, Badri Daher, warnings of the cargo being equivalent to a floating bomb didn’t manage to change the situation.

“We requested that it be re-exported but that did not happen. We leave it to the experts and those concerned to determine why,” Daher said.

 “Due to the extreme danger posed by this stored items in unsuitable climate conditions, we reiterate our request to the Port Authorities to re-export the goods immediately to maintain the safety of the port and those working in it,” Chafic Merhi, former director general of the Lebanese Customs Administration wrote in a 2016 letter to a judge involved in the case.

On top of that, Lebanon’s general security chief also said that a “highly explosive material” was confiscated years earlier and kept in a warehouse not too far from Beirut’s shopping malls and nightlife spots. 

As there were disasters linked to the chemical in the past, strict and improved regulations have been put in place for its safe storage. Associate Professor Stewart Walker from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia said in an interview with CCN that “such rules mean it tend to be kept away from population centers.

“Both of these things will be questioned in the investigation into the Beirut explosion, because they had such a large amount of ammonium nitrate, which may not have been stored appropriately, and in an area where there is a large number of people,” he added.

According to Andrea Sella, a professor at University College London, poorly stored ammonium nitrate is notorious for explosions — for example in Oppau, Germany; in Galveston Bay, Texas; and more recently at West in Waco, Texas; and Tianjin in China.

Compilation of Beirut Explosion; All You Need To Know

Compilation of videos and pictures of the explosion included

A massive explosion shook the Lebanon capital of Beirut and killed at least a hundred while leaving thousands more injured on Wednesday night.

The official numbers are saying that at least 100 have been killed and 4,000 more are wounded; however, Lebanese officials have warned that the total tally of deaths and wounded are expected to rise as the story continues to unfold.

Residents in Beirut were awaken to a national day of mourning on the morning after the incident while the country tries to deal with the aftermath of the explosion.

According to a CNN senior international correspondent, the blast felt like an earthquake, while one witness said she had never felt an explosion like it in the city.

What we know

  • According to a Lebanese security official, an estimated 2,700 tons was stored at the blast sight
  • The substance was confiscated from a cargo ship back in 2014 and stored improperly for in a warehouse for six years

All fingers point to ammonium nitrate causing the explosion but it’s still unsure what triggered the fire

A fire erupted causing a smaller than much larger explosion

  • Videos circled around social media that showed a wildfire raging around site, Beirut’s northern, industrial waterfront, little more than a mile away from the Grand Serail palace, where Lebanon’s prime minister is based.

It remains unclear to what other factors caused the eruption.

Aftermath of the explosion:

We here at Newswav would like to wish those involved to be safe, and our condolences go out to the families affected, we’ll keep you in our prayers.