Compilation of Beirut Explosion; All You Need To Know

Compilation of videos and pictures of the explosion included

A massive explosion shook the Lebanon capital of Beirut and killed at least a hundred while leaving thousands more injured on Wednesday night.

The official numbers are saying that at least 100 have been killed and 4,000 more are wounded; however, Lebanese officials have warned that the total tally of deaths and wounded are expected to rise as the story continues to unfold.

Residents in Beirut were awaken to a national day of mourning on the morning after the incident while the country tries to deal with the aftermath of the explosion.

According to a CNN senior international correspondent, the blast felt like an earthquake, while one witness said she had never felt an explosion like it in the city.

What we know

  • According to a Lebanese security official, an estimated 2,700 tons was stored at the blast sight
  • The substance was confiscated from a cargo ship back in 2014 and stored improperly for in a warehouse for six years

All fingers point to ammonium nitrate causing the explosion but it’s still unsure what triggered the fire

A fire erupted causing a smaller than much larger explosion

  • Videos circled around social media that showed a wildfire raging around site, Beirut’s northern, industrial waterfront, little more than a mile away from the Grand Serail palace, where Lebanon’s prime minister is based.

It remains unclear to what other factors caused the eruption.

Aftermath of the explosion:

We here at Newswav would like to wish those involved to be safe, and our condolences go out to the families affected, we’ll keep you in our prayers.