Malaysia’s Top 5 Best-Selling Categories on 11.11

The craze of the 11.11 sales has been in Malaysia for years since Alibaba’s first introduced it in 2009. Nowadays, online shopping is at its all-time high thanks to better technology and the general public having to abide by social distancing guidelines and literally “duduk rumah”. With this, shopping has taken a turn for the better as purchases are now merely clicks away!

To put things into perspective, a whopping 70 million items were bought online on Shopee during 11.11 in 2019. So, what are these products that were bought by fellow Malaysians?

1) Electronic devices and accessories

According to iPrice, the most popular electronics for Malaysian eCommerce consumers are smartphones, laptops and tablets. Samsung was among the best sellers in 2019s 11.11 while Xiaomi and Huawei phones have also been popular among buyers.

Male Malaysians in particular had shown great interest in mobile gadgets and accessories, as seen with the high volume of search queries such as “power bank”, “speaker”, “headphone” and “iPhone” that were searched somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2.9 million times during last year’s 11.11 sales. 

More users are also leaning towards making online purchases for smartphone models such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Huawei P30, Asus ROG Phone II, Samsung Galaxy S10+, OPPO Reno 2, and Honor 20 Pro.

2) Home appliances

Calling all house owners! Because as families build their homes, so too are eCommerce markets. Thanks to the rising demand for housewares on Shopee, many shoppers are heading to 11.11 to get the essential needs for their perfect homes.

Notably more money is now being spent on home appliances such as pressure cookers, electric ovens, light bulbs, and air fryers. With more and more time being spent at home, we can only expect this number to increase as the next “dalgona coffee” may just be around the corner and the tools needed for that next viral trend is just a click away.

3) Fashion

Malaysians have little to no shortage of options when it comes to online shopping for the newest and trendiest clothes. Apart from Shopee and Lazada, Zalora and Hermo also attract a huge number of Malaysian shoppers for their 11.11 sales. 

Interestingly, one may think that only the ladies are attracted to the fashionable deals on 11.11, but men are also joining the club as Shopee announced their main online buys for men were clothing, shoes, bags and wallets.

4) Personal Care

Under personal care, health and beauty products made up a majority of sales for 11.11. Retailers such as Hermo are widely known as a one-stop-shop for the ladies and it is not exaggerating to say that both international and local brands are very easily accessible nowadays.

Among the highly sought-after products were the beauty serums, liquid foundations, and even marked down Cetaphil products. 

5) Food

What better way to end this than with the one thing that Malaysians are most proud of – food! 

In 2018, Malaysians purchased more than 27 tonnes (24,493 kilograms) of Milo in the first two hours of Lazada’s 11.11 sale; and it did not stop there as the love of Milo stood firm and made its way to one of the top selling items during 11.11 in 2019 as well.

Bonus feature! Baby products

In 2019’s 11.11, diapers were among the most popular items, with more than 13 million pieces sold. Shopee also showed that buyers from Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu mostly bought items for mothers, kids, and babies. 

According to the report, “diapers, baby rompers, play mats and breast pumps” were the most purchased items during that time.

The Origins of 11.11, The World’s Largest Shopping Festival

With retailers such as Lazada and Shopee at our convenience, it is estimated that an average of RM277 was spent by a Malaysian during the 11.11 sales in 2019. A study also revealed that up to RM683 was spent on gym equipment, because what other way to spend a day for singles than to focus on your own well-being?

We Malaysians aren’t far behind when it comes to spending, especially during 11.11 sales. Data collected as of 21 November 2019 also revealed that there was a 36% growth in search interest in the term “11.11” in 2019 as compared to 2018.


Within the first hour, Lazada hit their 1 millionth item sold during 2019’s 11.11 sales, and it took them merely 13 hours to surpass previous year’s sales record. Its first order was shipped out as early as 1:20am, which was also a new regional record – the first delivery that was made within 80 minutes from the time of purchase.

Lazada Wallet was also the highest-used payment option during the 24-hour sale, with transactions per minute increasing by more than 50% compared to 2018, which saw a whopping 77% increase.


Shopee on the other hand had recorded three times more orders in their first hour of 11.11 compared to the same period the previous year. 

“Other products that remain a hit time and again include Milo powder, Drypers diapers, wireless Bluetooth earphones, Tefal cookware, and Photobook,” said Shopee Regional Managing Director, Ian Ho.

Shopee also said in a statement that their top-performing brands had recorded an average of 5,659 times increase in visits and 740 times growth in orders, while shopping activity peaked over lunch at 12.10PM, as the day of the sales fell on a working weekday.

“Biggest gainers include Tefal, Skechers, and Acer who recorded a 3,408-time, 2,870-time, and 1,743-time uplift in orders respectively,” he added.


But we’re only at the surface of the numbers as we’ve saved the best for last, one of the earliest pioneers – Alibaba, which owns a controlling stake in Lazada.

Alibaba recorded US$1 billion (about RM4.14 billion), before going on to reach US$13 billion (about RM53.8 billion), all within their first hour of 11.11. It later went on to surpass its own 2018 record of US$30.8 billion (RM127.6 billion) in 16 and a half hours.

Malaysia also made it to the top ten countries that spent the most during Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sales in 2019, coming in at 7th. Alibaba’s sales also exceeded the total spending of all consumers in the U.S. ‘s shopping holiday of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


Can we expect to see larger numbers in 2020’s 11.11 sales? According to the ever rising trajectories showcased by each of these e-commerce companies, yes. 

It is safe to say that the hype for 11.11 is here to stay as the e-commerce culture has continued to grow in Malaysia; with all these in the works, who knows when the next record will be broken again?