I am Marcus Keong and This is How I Invest

I am Marcus Keong, I am…  

known as one of the Malaysian Finance Bloggers. While working as a full-time software engineer, I enjoy writing blog articles and creating Instagram content during my free time. Ever since I started investing in stocks in 2019, I find learning about the stock market, business and financial statements very intriguing. Hence I started my personal finance blog to talk about stock investing and personal finance. My goal is to help Malaysians learn how to start investing in stocks and eventually achieve financial independence.

1. What is your best investment and worst investment? 

When it comes to investment, I’m a stock guy more than a property guy. Learning how to invest in stocks is my best investment so far, since then, I gained a huge boost of confidence to manage my finances.

I spent some money buying books on stock investing and dedicated time to read and apply the theories in the real market. Investing in ourselves in terms of knowledge will never be a bad investment.

Before I invested in stocks, I was an avid gamer who spent lots of time and (luckily) a few bucks in various games. It took me 2 decades (until I’m 28) to realise that gaming is a waste of time. You may argue that some people could earn a living from playing games, but very few can do that.

Besides, it contributes nothing to the community except entertainment. I am not saying that gaming is entirely bad, in fact, it improves cognition and problem-solving skills. But in my case, the time spent on playing games is my worst investment so far.

2. What was your first-ever investment (and how did that go)?

My first ever investment is a stock that every Malaysian would know – AirAsia. We tend to buy the companies we are familiar with during the start of our stock investing journey.

I bought AirAsia at RM2.85 when it’s 2018 Q4 result was announced. Right after I bought it, my friend advised that airline stocks have high risk and I regretted it. With its profit loss result, the stock price swung between RM2.40 to RM2.70 and I couldn’t sell it for a profit. So I bought the stock again at RM2.64 to average out my share price. 

In July 2019, AirAsia announced a whooping 90 cents dividend per share. Right after that announcement, I managed to sell all of my shares at RM3 when the share price spikes. I am fortunate to unexpectedly earn a profit of RM1,600 from this transaction.

3. Your investment no-nos (why not and what happened)  

Just like many beginners, I was attracted to stock tips and short term trading that promise quick profits. However after the long run, I paid for a lesson and I vowed not to touch any speculation derivatives such as options and warrants, no matter how attractive the returns are. In fact, they are not even an asset to invest in.

Apart from this, I also learn to distance myself from investment news and over-checking the stock price. When we look at the share price and news every day, we will get influenced easily. Lesson learned when I lost money through selling during the market crash, due to my emotions.

4. What are you investing for?

While doing my “research” on the Internet about stock investing, I happen to learn about financial independence. It is reaching a stage in life where we have the option of not working for money anymore as we are able to live off our passive income.

This is why I am so passionate about investing so I can achieve the goal of being financially independent. With more time on hand, I get to spend more time with my family and loved ones. I am sharing my journey through my blog, hoping that more Malaysians can be motivated to start investing as well.

5. Marcus’ investment philosophy and approach

Always Invest for the Long Term. Long Term, I mean at least 5 years. If you invest in a property, you would probably hold it for years. But why do stock investors always buy and sell stocks within months or weeks? We should treat stock investing like planting a tree and watch it grow over the years.

With this mindset, I always do a thorough study on a company that I wish to invest in. Once I invest my money, I will hold for at least 5 years or if possible, hold it forever. Of course, there are exceptions such as when the company changes sectors or management turns bad.

Another approach I like is to keep it simple. Don’t invest in too many asset classes or investment platforms just for the sake of diversification. When you diversify too much, you can hardly manage all of them and it becomes diworsification (diversify + worse). So just choose a few asset classes that you are comfortable with and stick to them. Don’t always chase for the highest returns.

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LaLiga Santander Matchday 21 Preview

The 21st round of the 2020/21 season promises to be a special one, with a host of evenly matched fixtures to take place between Friday and Monday. The weekend begins with a very intriguing match between Real Valladolid and SD Huesca. Valladolid – the Pucelanos – have had 11 first-team squad members absent from their past two LaLiga Santander fixtures yet they still managed to achieve a couple of draws thanks to the performances of their backups. They still have many absences as they face bottom-of-the-table Huesca, but the team from Aragon have looked much improved under new coach Pacheta. It’s anyone’s guess what the result will be in this Friday night fixture.  

Saturday’s action begins with in-form Sevilla FC travelling north for a tough fixture away at SD Eibar. As much as the Andalusian side have been playing well in recent weeks, a trip to Ipurua is always daunting and Sevilla have only won on one of their past five visits there. What’s more, Eibar won 1-0 when these two teams met earlier in the season. The big cause for optimism for Sevilla, though, is the form of striker Youssef En-Nesyri. He has the joint-most goals in the division so far this season, with 12, and he has five goals in his previous four matches against Eibar. There is no other opponent who the Moroccan has scored against more frequently over his young career.  

Real Madrid vs Levante UD is the next game, taking place at 16:15 CET on Saturday. With the reigning champions having had a rare midweek of rest and having earned a big 4-1 win over Alaves last weekend, they’ll be raring to go against an opponent that scores a lot and that concedes a lot. 

Next up is a derby in the Valencian Community as Valencia CF host Elche CF. The newly promoted side haven’t won in any of their past 13 LaLiga Santander matches. However, their last victory was against this Valencia side, a 2-1 win back in October. They’ll be looking for further joy against their neighbours.  

The final one of Saturday’s LaLiga Santander fixtures is Villarreal CF vs Real Sociedad, a clash between two teams who like to have the ball and play attacking football. While Villarreal have several players missing for this game, Real Sociedad come into the match in poor form, with just one win in their previous 10 league matches. La Real were also knocked out of this season’s Copa del Rey in midweek, even if they’ve still got last season’s final to play. This, then, is another very difficult fixture to predict and it should be a lot of fun when the ball gets rolling on Saturday night.  

The first of Sunday’s fixtures sees José Bordalás take on his former club, as his Getafe CF side host D. Alavés. The visitors have a new coach in the dugout as they recently re-hired Abelardo, but his first three matches have all ended in defeat and the Basque side are desperate for points. Getafe, meanwhile, were thrashed 5-1 by Athletic Club in their last outing and will be looking to get back on track.  

The league leaders Atlético de Madrid are in action after that as they visit Cádiz CF, a team they thrashed 4-0 earlier in the season. However, Cádiz have delivered some big results in some of their biggest fixtures this season and this might be one of the trickier trips remaining for Atleti as they aim to win their first LaLiga Santander title since 2014. Furthermore, if second-placed Real Madrid win on Saturday then the pressure will really be on the league-leading Colchoneros in this one. 

Yet another evenly matched fixture follows as Granada CF welcome RC Celta to the Nuevo Estadio de Los Cármenes. There has been one win each and one draw in the three matches played between these sides since Granada’s 2019 promotion and they’re just four points apart in the table too. Celta are hoping that Iago Aspas can return from injury in this game and, if he does, then that’ll be a huge confidence boost for the Galician outfit.  

On Sunday night, Spanish football fans will be able to enjoy a rematch of the Spanish Super Cup final as FC Barcelona and Athletic Club face off again. This will be new Athletic coach Marcelino’s sixth match in charge of the team from Bilbao and third encounter against Barça. Already this January, these sides met in LaLiga Santander as Barça earned a 3-2 win at San Mamés and then they faced off in the Spanish Super Cup final in Seville where Athletic won 3-2 after extra time. It’s exciting that these two classic sides will meet again, with this also to be Lionel Messi’s first match back since he was sent off in their previous meeting.  

There’s even more football to come on Monday, as Real Betis and CA Osasuna round off the weekend. These are two teams whose form has improved a lot in recent weeks and they’ll aim to keep that up in this clash at the Benito Villamarín. That’s yet another evenly matched encounter, one of many to come this matchday. 

Watch LaLiga Santander live this weekend on beIN Sports (CH818Astro).

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Where art thou Maruah Melayu?

Muhyiddin: Abdul Hadi first MP to sign SD supporting me as PM | Malaysia |  Malay Mail

Hadi Awang’s latest Facebook off the rails rant shows how Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) is affected by the buffeting winds blowing from different directions. A media report on Hadi Awang’s claims that “minorities racing to vote for chance at political power, while Malays weakened by colonialist demons”, had red lights flashing. 

Hadi sounds like he is undergoing a great deal of stress – PAS is caught in a no man’s land, stay with Muafakat Nasional, or go for broke with Perikatan Nasional (PN), is their biggest dilemma. 

He is not the only one under a great of deal of political stress. Many ordinary folks are also feeling the same stress trying to make sense of the current political situation and the “State of emergency”.

The blame games

PAS playing bridesmaid to UMNO and Perikatan Nasional (PN) and habit of making incendiary statements is part of the cause and effect. PAS now finds its hard going and sliding fast down the slippery slope. 

Using a twisted mind, Hadi in a lengthy critique now blame ethnic minorities, suggesting that they are scheming for political power and that this is the underlying reason why they are keen to go to the ballots.

There is a general feeling among the rakyat that  PN is a “backdoor” government and holds no “legitimacy”. That stigma has not gone away. Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin himself has admitted that while the PN government is not necessarily the one that Malaysians voted for in May 2018. It’s only fair for the rakyat to request for an election to install a government of their choice.

Don’t blame the minorities for pushing for an election. By all accounts it is UMNO that is pushing for GE15. Umno secretary-general Ahmad Maslan made a call for a general election to be held by the first quarter (Q1) of 2021. Umno president  Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had said the party wants the next general election to be held immediately, saying polls have been held in other countries during the pandemic.

Maslan could not understand why people are against holding a General Election during a pandemic. Those who are against the idea of holding an election during the pandemic has been criticised by Maslan who implied those who were educated at PhD level could understand the need for it. 

Mazlan is right, you need a PhD to understand manoeuvrings, outmanoeuvring, back-stabbing, frogging, Sheraton moves, sex scandals, the King’s role and powers and the Constitution, Maruah Melayu etc. A bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree is insufficient to understand the complexities and the intricacies of  Malaysian politics and why the Malays in control of the nation are fighting amongst themselves. 

Normal people would be  grateful if given plum positions and ministerial posts, but why are some politicians still unhappy?

Corruption invalidates Islamic governance 

Hadi is right up there with Trump Republican and QAnon on conspiracy theories. He claims the growing public disgust of politics is ultimately a result of a deep-seeded conspiracy by Western colonialists whose endgame is to sow suspicion towards “Islamic governance”. As a result, the Malays now lack “self-belief” and are even distrustful of their own faith, Hadi theorised.

The colonist left Malaysia about 58 years ago and there is no point of flogging a dead horse. The former colonist are also busy fighting pandemic on their own turf and have not time with Hadi brand of Islam and Islamic governance. Blaming western colonist is like blaming your mother for giving birth to you. She will ask you what have you done yourselves to make Malaysia a better place the last 58 years?

There is  no such thing as “Islamic governance” when our leaders are corrupt and you ask to forgive them for their criminal activity. Party president Hadi Awang in his opening speech at the Assembly of Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) in June 2019 said, their members must  prioritise electing leaders who are Muslim over those with integrity.

“Integrity without Islam is not accepted by Allah, and a person with faith who has no integrity is still better than someone with integrity but no faith,” he told some 3,000 delegates and observers. In simple terms, Hadi espoused we must elect Muslim leaders even if they are corrupt as long as they are Muslims.

Nazri Aziz, a former federal minister leader, complained of selective court prosecution and “unequal” application of justice against Umno leaders. UMNO secretary-general Ahmad Maslan has also revealed one of UMNO’s key gripes with Perikatan Nasional is the latter’s decision to continue with court cases against the party and its leaders. Ahmad, said this outweighed the party’s dissatisfaction over positions in the government.

Sometimes a voice of reason speaks out. Umno MP Khairy Jamaluddin took to his Instagram and poured cold water over Maslan’s remarks. Khairy said, “Please don’t speak on behalf of the party when it comes to this. More like you and a few others want to see executive interference in the judicial process. Then we are no better than Tommy Thomas and Lim Guan Eng,” he said on his Instagram postings.

Malays lack of “self-belief” is their on making if they continue to support leaders who are corrupt and who have robbed the country dry at the expense of the rakyat. Religious people faith in god are always unwavering, but people would not put faith in politicians who sets the worse example for all and expect others to follow and like them.

The ethnic majority dominance of all aspects of Malaysian life has been severely weakened by bitter infighting and political struggles, all within their control. The pandemic situation affecting the economy has caused distress, leaving them worst off from where they started from. 

The ethnic minority don’t have to do anything to win any race – the ethnic majority did it to themselves and weakened their own race by their own selfishness and sense of self entitlement.

Where is the ownership and accountability for all the corrupt misdeeds? The first thing that can heal the nation is to admit that the Malay Muslim  leaders have failed and take steps to rectify their faults. No good blaming other races for the tainted meat scandal when your own JAKIM is the one issuing the “Halal” certificate.

Where is the Maruah Melayu now?

Let’s back track to the resolutions passed at the controversial Kongres Maruah Melayu (

Malay Dignity Congress) held in October 2019. Held with great fanfare and attended by thousands of Malays consisting of university students, academicians, leaders, and members of political parties, the congress was to restore dignity and pride of the Malay Muslim majority. That has gone up in smokes.

There were many resolutions passed at the congress. One of them was that main positions within the government should only be filled by Malay-Muslims. This has been done. Lim Guan Eng (former Finance Minister), Tommy Tomas (former Attorney General) and Richard Malajum (former Chief Justice) are no longer there. Then, why are the Malays Muslims are still squabbling among themselves now that they have all these positions to themselves? Hadi should not use the minority races as his own punching bag and reveal his own demons.

Making sense of a quagmire

Hadi has made some sense of his quagmire by saying, “We witness the hatred towards politics happening because they are influenced by demons wearing human masks, which is happening to the Muslims themselves who are used by their own puppet masters.” He has finally come to terms that the majority race is being manipulated by their own leaders and that are mere puppets on the strings. 

People are not tired of politics because they understand how our democratic systems works, but people are tired of dirty politics and dirty politicians.

Unfortunately, in Malaysia, we cannot separate religion from politics as our Malay leaders are also Muslims. Their activities and religious faith are exposed as they use ‘political Islam” to manipulate their constituents and keep themselves in power. The behaviour of the Malay politicians now becomes the reflection of their faith.

We should debunk Hadi’s theories and treatise, using Islam as a disguise for his political agenda, and his penchant for blaming others. Its time to accept some accountability and take responsibility for your mistakes. We wasted 2 years debating RUU355 when all the effort could have gone to “Make Malaysia Great again”.