“So What?” Irresponsible Citizen Illegally Dumps Mountains Of Rubbish Off Cliff

As reported by: Wong KJ
Incident Date: 17 March 2021
Location: Jalan Sungai Tekali, Hulu Langat

A man was caught on camera casually dumping a whopping 20 bags of rubbish down a cliff.

As seen from the video below, the driver parked his Proton Persona by the roadside and began tossing out bags after bags of rubbish from his car. The culprit seemed carefree and did not seem to think that what he was doing was reprehensible at all.

It is also reported that this particular area has been a common spot for illegal dumping as the area is secluded by trees as well as mountains, making it a perfect spot to carry out these irresponsible acts.

No known action was taken against the culprit but the authorities would definitely need to start monitoring the area more closely and start taking action. As we all know, illegal dumping is not new and has certainly been a common occurrence in Malaysia but there has been minimal effort to prevent this issue.

Similarly, the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) is offering a RM350 cash reward for individuals who report illegal dumping activities in areas under its jurisdiction. So, don’t let their actions go unpunished and alert the relevant authorities.

Regardless, we at Newswav urge the public to be responsible and dispose of your rubbish properly.

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Nurse Dies of Heart Attack, Not Related To Vaccination #en

(Sungai Petani, 18 March) Earlier this afternoon, a female nurse died of a heart attack several days after being vaccinated. It was being speculated that the cause of death was caused by the vaccine itself but it was confirmed that the cause of death was due to a heart attack based on the results from the forensic autopsy report, as informed by Kuala Muda District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Adzli Abu Shah.

The deceased was a 45-year old married woman who worked as a nurse at the Penang Hospital and resided at Sungai Petani. As a frontliner, the deceased was vaccinated just five days ago on 12 March.

Health Director General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham has also denied that the cause of death was due to the vaccine received. He also confirmed that the Ministry of Health will be making an announcement regarding this matter shortly.

Up to this point, there has been no deaths reported upon vaccination in Malaysia.

The Ministry of Health has urged the public to remain calm and not to panic.

More to come…

Jururawat Mati Akibat Sakit Jantung, Tidak Berkenaan Dengan Vaksin #ms

(Sungai Petani, 18 Mac) Seorang jururawat wanita dengan tekanan darah tinggi meninggal dunia pada petang ini.

Ketua Polis Kuala Muda Asisten Komisioner Adzli Abu Shah, mengesahkan laporan tersebut: mengikut laporan bedah siasat forensik, sebab kematian adalah disebabkan serangan jantung.

Dilaporkan bahawa wanita tersebut (45 tahun, sudah berkahwin), yang bekerja sebagai jururawat di Hospital Pulau Pinang dan tinggal di Sungai Petani, menderita tekanan darah tinggi.

Sebagai seorang pekerja barisan hadapan, mangsa tersebut baru sahaja menerima vaksin Covid-19 6 hari yang lalu, pada tarikh 12hb Mac.

Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham menafikan bahawa kematian itu disebabkan oleh vaksin, dan pengumuman lanjut akan dibuat setelah laporan tersebut selesai.

Setakat ini, belum lagi ada laporan kematian domestik mutlak mengenai kematian setelah menerima vaksin Covid-19.

Kementerian Kesihatan mendesak rakyat supaya jangan panik.

Sedang dikemaskini…

女护士心脏病发作猝死 疫苗并非导因 #zh








Pedri: the FC Barcelona’s rising star

Just 18 years old, Pedri is impressing and surpassing all expectations in his first season at FC Barcelona… the Tenerife native has quickly become one of Lionel Messi’s favourite linkups in the Barça team. He will debut with Spain senior team this March.

Five things you might not know about Pedri:

1. His childhood hero was Barcelona legend and LaLiga ICON Andres Iniesta. The youngster has spoken on numerous occasions about the all-time great midfielder was his reference as a budding footballer and the reason why he grew up a Barça fan. His family were already Barcelona fans, however; his grandfather founded the Tenerife-Tegueste Barcelona supporters club. 

2. He is the youngest player to ever score for UD Las Palmas, his first professional club. His goal against R. Sporting in LaLiga SmartBank on September 19th 2019 at the age of 16 years, 9 months and 23 days, wrote his name into the club’s history books.  His debut season was so astonishing that he was playing for UD Las Palmas senior team just one single season before FC Barcelona signed him. 

Ironically, even when he was born in Tenerife, scouts from the island’s giant CD Tenerife initially considered him to be too small and skinny to excel at the top level, so he finally played for UD Las Palmas, the historical rival in the Canary Islands. That same year 2018, when he signed for UD Las Palmas, he also had a trial at Real Madrid, aged just 15. 

3. He’s already left his mark on LaLiga Santander. At the age of just 18 years and 42 days, Pedri is the youngest player to ever score a goal and provide an assist in the same game in the history of Spain’s top flight (vs Athletic Club at San Mames). 

4. To date he’s the only player to provide two backheeled assists this season, both of which went to… you guessed it, Leo Messi. His backheeled assist against Real Valladolid was of historical importance; it was the goal which saw Messi overtake Pele in all-time goals scored.  

5. He actually started playing football thanks to his brother, Fernando. His brother’s coach asked Pedri to join the team at the tender age of just four! The bond between the brothers is strong to this day; they live together in Barcelona, and Pedri wears his shinpads to every game.  

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