Koo Ham: AG interpreting the laws to suit the PN Government

Malaysiakini - Ngeh Koo Ham dilantik speaker DUN Perak
Pic: Lim Huey Tang, Malaysiakini

By Ngeh Koo Ham

Media Statement

  1. The Attorney General’s interpretation of law is perverse and repugnant to Parliamentary Democracy.
  2. Due to the Attorney General being in a possible position of conflict as the legal advisor to both the Cabinet and the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong should seek independent legal advice to resolve the current impasse with the Prime Minister/Cabinet.

I read with alarm the media statement issued by the Attorney General on 25th June 2021 (Friday). The media statement seems to give the following erroneous views:

  • That the ultimate powers in a Parliamentary Democracy rests with the Executive. This is repugnant to the very idea of a Parliamentary Democracy.
  • That subsidiary legislations and laws can override the provisions of the Federal Constitution. This is a perverse interpretation of the law as the Federal Constitution is the supreme law of Malaysia.

I. The ultimate powers in a Parliamentary Democracy rest with Parliament

The ultimate powers in a Parliamentary Democracy rests with Parliament whether the Parliamentary Democracy has a written constitution or otherwise. In Britain where there is no written constitution, it has always been said that Parliament reigns supreme. In Malaysia where there is a written constitution, Parliament still reigns supreme in that subject to the conditions laid down in the Federal Constitution, Parliament has the powers to amend the constitution. (See Federal Court decision in Rovin Joty Kodeeswaran v. Lembaga Pencegahan Jenayah & Ors and Other Appeals [2021] 4 CLJ 1)

The Executive/Cabinet is subservient to Parliament in that the formation of the Cabinet is subject to the Prime Minister obtaining the majority support of the Dewan Rakyat. Article 43 (3) of the Federal Constitution also makes it plain and clear that the Cabinet is collectively responsible (accountable) to Parliament. No where in the Federal Constitution is it provided that Parliament may be suspended by the Executive. The scope of Article 150 of the Federal Constitution dealing with an emergency is clear. Any powers exercised under this Article must be confined to and deal with the threat to the security, or the economic life or public order in the Federation. Therefore, Section 14(1) of the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 2021 suspending Parliament is ultra vires Article 150 of the Federal Constitution.

An adjunct law professor with the University of Malaya, Professor Philip Koh TN in his article which appeared in The Sun Daily on 2/3/2021 also holds the view that Parliament cannot be suspended or cancelled in its sitting by the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 2021 when it is part of the basic structure for supervisory authority over the executive powers. He opined that it cannot be that an instrument of law which has its validity from Article 150 can itself negate the very body which provided for its promulgation.

Any act or decision that is ultra vires is void. The Court can declare it so even if there are legal provisions to oust the court’s jurisdiction to deal with the decisions of the Executive as void decisions of the Executive are no decisions (See House of Lords decision in Anisminic Ltd v. Foreign Compensation Commission (1968) APP. LR 12/17 and Federal Court decision in Tenaga Nasional Bhd v. Bandar Nusajaya Development Sdn Bhd (2016) 8 CLJ 163).

The position that the ultimate powers in a Parliamentary Democracy rest with Parliament is also recognised by the Judiciary. The Federal Court in Rovin Joty Kondeeswaran held that the jurisdiction of the courts and the source of its powers are derived from Federal law (Article 121 Federal Constitution) and Federal law is defined by Article 160 (2) of the Federal Constitution to mean any Act of Parliament.

I agree with the Attorney General that under a constitutional monarchy, the monarch does not function on his own initiatives but to act according to the Constitution. Article 40(1) of the Federal Constitution provides that the Yang Di Pertuan Agong (YDPA) is to act on the advice of the Cabinet except otherwise provided by the Federal Constitution.

Article 55 of the Federal Constitution provides that it is the YDPA who summons Parliament to sit. Since there is a specific constitutional provision on the powers of the YDPA to summon Parliament to sit, the Cabinet cannot usurp the powers as provided under Article 55. This is consistent with Article 40 itself. Therefore, it is erroneous for the Attorney General to conclude in his media statement the YDPA may summons Parliament to sit only on the advice of the Cabinet.

Does the Yang Di Pertuan Agong then have full liberty to summon Parliament to sit? His powers are to be exercised in tandem with the other provisions of the Federal Constitution.

The position of Parliament under our Federal Constitution is very clear. It consists of the YDPA, Dewan Negara and Dewan Rakyat (Article 44). Since the YDPA is part of Parliament, it it’s the intention of the Federal Constitution that Parliament may sit independent of the Executive.

Article 62(1) of the Federal Consitution provides for each House of Parliament to regulate its own procedure. Standing Orders of the Dewan Negara and Dewan Rakyat are made under this Article.

Pursuant to Article 62(1), the Dewan Rakyat has passed a legislation called the Standing Orders of the Dewan Rakyat. Article 62 (1) clearly provides that these standing orders are subjected to the Federal Constitution and any other federal law. Since Article 62(1) regulates the running of the Parliamentary sittings, the YDPA will exercise his powers to summons Parliament to sit consistent with the procedures laid down under Article 62(1).

Standing Order 11(2) of the Dewan Rakyat Standing Orders provides that the leader of the House will be the person to advise the YDPA when to hold the first sitting of the Dewan Rakyat and to advise the Speaker when to hold any subsequent sittings.

Standing Order 11(2) itself expressly states that it is subjected to Standing Order 11(1) that the first sitting of Dewan Rakyat shall be held in such place on such date and at such hour as the YDPA may by Proclamation appoint.

Therefore, Standing Order 11 (2) does not take away the powers of the YDPA to summon Parliament to sit as provided under Article 55 of the Federal Constitution and Standing Order 11(1). So, when the Leader of the House refuses to exercise his duties to call for Parliament to convene, the speaker should call upon the YDPA to exercise his powers under Article 55 and Standing Order 11 (1) to summon Parliament to sit.

To interpret that the Prime Minister who is answerable to Parliament has the absolute power to determine if Parliament sits or otherwise is an absurdity.

II. The Federal Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Federation/Malaysia

This is clearly spelt out under Article 4 of the Federal Constitution. Any law passed which is inconsistent with the Federal Constitution to the extend of inconsistency be void. None of the cases cited by the Attorney General in his media statement dispute this position.

The Federal Court in Rovin Joty Kodeeswaran held that no single provision in the Federal Constitution can claim superiority over the other provisions. However, Article 4 which declares the Constitutional Supremacy of the Constitution could not be suspended by any article in the Federal Constitution.

As explained in I above, the Attorney General erred in concluding that Article 40 of the Federal Constitution and Standing Order 11(2) of the Dewan Rakyat Standing Orders override the powers given to the YDPA to summon the Dewan Rakyat to sit under Article 55 of the Federal Constitution and Standing Order 11(1) of the Dewan Rakyat Standing Orders.

It intrigues me to find the Attorney General declaring some parts of the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 2021 as good law while others as bad law. He found Section 14(a) suspending Parliament as valid while Section 14(b) giving the YDPA power to summon Parliament to sit on a date deemed appropriate to His Royal Highness as invalid for reason which I have pointed out was erroneous.

I would like to point out that under Article 150 of the Federal Constitution, after a Proclamation of Emergency is declared (if valid. The validity of the current emergency declaration is in dispute), Article 150 (5) provides that notwithstanding anything in the Constitution, Parliament may make laws with respect to any matter.

Under Article 150 (2B) when Parliament is suspended, the YDPA may promulgate such ordinances as circumstances appear to him to require. Apart from the powers conferred by Article 55, it is submitted that the power conferred by Section 14(b) to the YDPA to summon Parliament to sit overrides Standing Order 11(2) and Article 40 of the Federal Constitution. This position is supported by the Federal Court decision in Rovin Joty Kodeeswaran where it was decided that laws passed under Article 149 which provided for them to be valid even though they are inconsistent with other provisions of the Constitution are declared to be valid.

I am deeply troubled at how the Attorney General being the highest legal officer of the land could have interpreted the laws in the way he had. I am suspecting he may be interpreting the laws to suit to the intent of the PN Government.

Due to the Attorney General being in a possible position of conflict as the legal advisor to both the Cabinet and the YDPA, I humbly hope that His Royal Highness the YDPA will seek independent legal advice to resolve the current impasse with the Prime Minister/Cabinet.

Dated this 27th June 2021 (Sunday)

Dato’ Ngeh Koo Ham
Member of Parliament for Beruas
Former Speaker of the Perak State Legislative Assembly

*The views expressed are those of the author. If you have any questions about the content, copyright or other issues of the work, please contact Newswav.

This post first appeared on Ngeh Koo Ham‘s Facebook page.

Kerajaan PN Masih Tak Sedar Lagi – Syed Saddiq

Who is Syed Saddiq to ask a minister to resign? | Malaysian Talk
Gambar: Malaysian Talk

Oleh Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman

PKP 3.0 sudah dilaksanakan hampir 4 minggu.
Tapi kerajaan masih berdegil tidak mahu memberikan moratorium kepada rakyat.
Saya memang tidak faham dengan logik yang dipakai oleh kerajaan PN ini.
Moratorium tidak diberi, yang merana rakyat. Peniaga kecil sudah ramai yang terpaksa tutup kedai dan tidak mampu untuk mengejar pendapatan cukup makan.
Siapa yang untung sekarang ni?
Bank di Malaysia semua catatkan keuntungan yang besar walaupun negara di dalam status PKP.

Saya nak tunjuk keuntungan bersih bank pada suku pertama 2021:

  • Hong Leong Bank- Naik 44%
  • Public Bank- Naik 15%
  • RHB Bank- Naik 14%
  • CIMB Bank- Naik 384%
  • Maybank- Naik 16%

Tapi moratorium masih tak jalan-jalan.
Kalau tengok 50 orang terkaya di Malaysia pula, pendapatan dan kekayaan mereka naik sehingga 14% kepada RM371 bilion tahun ini! Yang senang, makin senang!
Tapi pada masa yang sama, lebih 600,000 isi rumah M40 tergelincir ke B40! Yang susah, makin susah!
Ingatkan apabila makin ramai orang susah, makin cepat kerajaan mahu umum moratorium. Tetapi sampai sekarang tak umum-umum.
Kenapa waktu PKP1.0 boleh buat moratorium (bank masih catat untung), tetapi ketika PKP3.0 tidak boleh buat perkara yang sama?
Ini belum lagi cakap pasal kesihatan mental rakyat Malaysia yang makin menurun. Kes mereka yang bunuh diri makin banyak.
Ini pun kerajaan PN masih tak sedar-sedar lagi. Masih lagi tunduk kepada tauke dan orang kaya yang mempunyai kepentingan wang kepada kerajaan.
Nak tunggu sampai semua rakyat jatuh miskin dan sakit, baru nak beri moratorium?
Bangunlah kerajaan, bangun!

*Kandungan di atas hanya mewakili pandangan penulis sendiri. Sekiranya anda mempunyai pertanyaan mengenai kandungan karya, hak cipta atau masalah lain, sila hubungi Newswav.

Catatan ini pertama kali muncul di laman Facebook Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman.

‘Total Lockdown’ Disambung #ms

(PUTRAJAYA, 27 JUN) Menteri Pertahanan Ismail Sabri mengumumkan bahawa Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP 3.0) Fasa 1 atau ‘total lockdown’ di seluruh negara yang bermula 1 Jun lalu akan disambung lagi, sehingga kes harian menurun di bawak 4,000 kes.

Klik untuk kenyataan rasmi

Pada awalnya, PKP 3.0 dijadualkan berakhir pada 14 Jun, tetapi kerajaan menyatakan bahawa keputusan untuk melanjutkannya sekali lagi dibuat berikutan dengan catatan jumlah kes Covid-19 harian yang masih tinggi melebihi 5,000 sehari.

SOP untuk PKP 3.0 Fasa 1 akan kekal seperti yang diumumkan sebelumnya. Namun, kerajaan bersetuju untuk menukar waktu operasi premis yang menjual makanan bermula jam 6 pagi hingga 10 malam, berkuatkuasa pada 28 Jun.

Sedang dikemas kini…

大马继续封!全面封锁延长 直至单日确诊低于4千宗 #zh

(布城,27日讯)我国国防部高级部长 依斯迈·沙比里 今日宣布行动管制令3.0第一阶段再度延长,直至单日确诊低于4千宗为止。



第一阶段的SOPs将维持不变。但是,餐饮店的营业时间改为早上 6 点至晚上 10 点,由 6 月 28 日起生效。


MCO Phase 1 Extended Until Further Notice #en

(PUTRAJAYA, Jun 27) Our Minister of Defence Ismail Sabri has just announced the extension of the MCO 3.0 Phase 1 but with no indication of an end date.

Click to view Official Statement

Initially slated to end on June 14, the total lockdown had been extended once to Jun 28 due to the high number of daily Covid-19 cases. It is now confirmed that Malaysia will remain in total lockdown as daily cases still hover around 5,000 mark.

SOPs for Phase 1 extension will remain as previously announced. However, the government allows F&B outlets to operate from 6am till 10pm, effective Jun 28.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin mentioned earlier today that from now on, the government will use the term “Phases” in announcements instead of “MCO”.

More to come…

Kit Siang: There are Ministers who do not support the Rukun Negara

Kit Siang proposes one-year 'political moratorium' unless there's strong  majority support for new PM | The Edge Markets
Pic: The Edge

By Lim Kit Siang

I support the call by two Parliamentarians, DAP MP for Segambut Hannah Yeoh and Warisan MP for Penampang, Darell Leking, that allegations implicating the independence of the Malaysian judiciary, the legal profession and the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) must not be swept under the carpet.

Hannah and Darell were referring to news reports on alleged interference with the judiciary involving two senior lawyers and that police reports have been lodged by the parties involved.

Malaysiakini recently reported on how what began as an issue over the bumiputera equity requirement for a Petronas licence involving a Malaysian unit of Aker Solutions ASA, Norway’s largest oil services firm, has escalated into claims of judicial fixing that have rocked the legal fraternity.

The two MPs also referred to claims by former IGP Abdul Hamid Bador of political intervention in the police force, when he admitted there was “bad blood” between him and Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin.

Hamid said a minister should only be involved in policymaking and should not get involved in the appointments of senior police officers.

Malaysia has a special interest in ensuring the independence of the Judiciary and the professionalism and non-politicisation of the Royal Malaysian Police, which were undermined in previous administrations before the historic 14th General Election which shocked the world with a peaceful and democratic transition of power.

The restoration of the independence of the Judiciary and the professionalism and non-politicisation of the Royal Malaysian Police were two key unfinished reforms of the Pakatan Harapan government when it was toppled after only 22 months by the Sheraton Move conspiracy which ushered in a government which is not only a kakistocracy but have turned Malaysia into a dystopia with the 18-month long losing war against Covid-19 pandemic.

The Sultan of Johore, like the Rulers in the other states, is rightly concerned that the people are living in hardship, fear and anxiety as a result of the 18-month Covid-19 pandemic, turning Malaysia into dystopia.

Malaysians are shocked that a week after the Conference of Rulers special meeting on the Covid-19 pandemic, the government is still negative-minded trying to give an elastic interpretation of the phrase of “as soon as possible” which the Yang di Pertuan Agong and the Conference of Rulers want Parliament and the state legislatures to be convened.

If the Prime Minister has any doubt about the meaning of “as soon as possible”, why didn’t he ask the Yang di Pertuan Agong in his weekly audience with the King?

This is a crucial time for Malaysians to rally behind the cause of the independence of the national institutions in the country, whether the constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy, the independence of the judiciary or the professionalism and non-politicisation of the Royal Malaysian Police.

Let us unite to win the invisible and lethal war against the Covid-19 pandemic by upholding the five principles of Rukun Negara although there are Ministers who do not support the Rukun Negara.

*The views expressed are those of the author. If you have any questions about the content, copyright or other issues of the work, please contact Newswav.

This post first appeared on Lim Kit Siang‘s blog.

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Sedih dengan alasan kerajaan PN – Najib

Najib dikompaun RM3,000
Gambar: Harian Metro

Oleh Dato’ Sri Najib Razak

SRC: RM5 bilion
1MDB: RM39 bilion

Sedih dengan alasan kerajaan PN bahawa mereka tak ada banyak duit lagi untuk bantu Rakyat setelah berbelanja RM600 bilion serta sudah meminjam sebanyak RM130 bilion dalam tahun 2021 setakat ini.

Sebab itu, saya seru kerajaan PN untuk ambil pulang US$1.2 bilion (RM5 bilion) duit SRC yang masih dibeku oleh kerajaan Switzerland.

Dana tersebut dibeku sejak tahun 2015 setelah orang kuat Mahathir pergi ke sana untuk buat laporan.

Pada tahun 2016-2017, kerajaan BN dahulu telah arahkan staff Kementerian Kewangan untuk bekerja sama dengan Jabatan Peguam Negara untuk usahakan pengembalian dana tersebut tapi dihentikan kerajaan PH selepas PRU14.
Dana itu masih ada di sana tapi kerajaan PH dan PN seolah-olah tak minat untuk tuntut balik.

Jika dituntut balik, saiz dana itu adalah lebih besar berbanding jumlah RM4 bilion yang dipinjam oleh SRC dari KWAP sebab masa dana RM3.6 bilion itu dipindah ke Switzerland untuk pelaburan dengan sebuah bank sana ianya bernilai US$1.2 bilion tapi sekarang kadar FOREX sudah US$1 = RM4.14.

Maka US$1.2b sudah RM5b – belum kira lagi faedah dan pulangan dari pelaburan tersebut.

Namun setelah PRU14, kerajaan PH dan PN seperti tidak minat untuk kembalikan dana tersebut sebab mahu teruskan propaganda bahawa Najib curi dana RM4 bilion duit pencen.

Penjelasan US$1.2 bilion dana SRC ada di sini:

Dengan bantuan kerajaan, SRC sudahpun membayar balik bahagian besar hutang RM4 bilion kepada KWAP maka US$1.2 bilion (RM5 bilion) yang bakal dikembalikan oleh kerajaan Switzerland boleh digunakan sepenuhnya untuk menambah bayaran BPN kepada Rakyat bagi menghadapi tempoh Lockdown berbulan-bulan ini.

Begitu juga dengan dana berkait 1MDB sehingga US$7 bilion (RM29 bilion) bagi perjanjian penyelesaian dengan IPIC milik kerajaan Abu Dhabi yang diusahakan kerajaan BN pada tahun 2017 di mana kita beri tarikh mutlak sehingga 31 Disember 2020 untuk IPIC pulangkan dana 1MDB yang telah dipindah atau dijamin syarikat tersebut, lalu disalahguna pegawai-pegawai tertinggi di sana.

Namun pada bulan April 2021 ini, Menteri Kewangan PN memberitahu media asing (pelik juga kenapa berita ini tidak dilaporkan dalam media tempatan) bahawa kerajaan PN masih berunding dengan IPIC.

Tapi yang peliknya ialah deadline 31 Dis 2020 dalam perjanjian penyelesaian antara dua buah negara yang bernilai lebih RM29 bilion dah 6 bulan terlepas begitu sahaja tapi kerajaan PN (dan juga semua pemimpin dalam kerajaan PH) seolah-olah tak mahu ambil tahu?

IPIC ialah sebahagian syarikat Mubadala milik kerajaan Abu Dhabi yang bernilai US$232 bilion (hampir RM1 trilion) dan sudah tentu mampu untuk memulangkan US$7 bilion jika kita berunding dengan baik seperti ditetapkan dalam perjanjian penyelesaian.

Dengan harga minyak yang tinggi ketika ini, kerajaan Abu Dhabi bukan tak mampu membayar balik.

Lagipun Abu Dhabi dah labur lebih RM140 bilion di negara jiran Indonesia sejak tahun lepas tanpa satu sen ke Malaysia setelah kerajaan PH cuba batalkan perjanjian penyelesaian tersebut pada tahun 2018 dan pilih untuk saman Abu Dhabi di London.

Sehingga kini, dana sebanyak RM35.3 bilion sudah diperolehi oleh kerajaan untuk penyelesaian pelbagai pihak termasuk Goldman Sachs, Ambank dan sebagainya.

Details RM35.3 bilion dana dipulangkan ada di sini: https://www.facebook.com/najibrazak/posts/10157928761680952

Dana RM35.3 bilion (tanpa IPIC) ini sudah cukup untuk langsaikan sepenuhnya hutang RM32.3 bilion 1MDB.
Jika kita terima sebanyak US$7 bilion (RM29 bilion) dari IPIC, dana ini juga boleh digunakan untuk membantu Rakyat dalam krisis pandemik ini.

Biarpun kesan sekunder dari pengembalian dana RM5 bilion SRC dan RM29 bilion 1MDB-IPIC ialah ianya membuktikan bahawa Najib tak curi dana tersebut dan telah berusaha untuk menyelesaikan masalah dan mengembalikan dana-dana.

Ianya juga akan membuktikan bahawa tiada seorang akan pindah balik dana yang kononnya telah selamat dicuri dan selamat disimpan di luar negara untuk letak dalam akaun atas nama sendiri di negara sendiri sekiranya niat ialah untuk mencuri.

Dan ianya akan membuktikan bahawa tiada seorang akan curi dari dana yang dipinjam (100% dana 1MDB adalah sumber pinjaman) sebab dana dipinjam perlu dibayar balik kemudian jika niat ialah untuk mencuri.
Jika berniat merompak, siapa nak rompak dana yang dipinjam?

Lebih elok untuk rompak Petronas atau Khazanah yang mempunyai rizab tunai besar yang bukan dipinjam.
Malah, nilai aset bersih Khazanah naik 4 kali ganda ke RM116 bilion manakala nilai bersih Petronas juga naik sekitar 4 kali gana dengan rizab tunai sebayak RM176 bilion (sebelum dijarah PH dan PN) dalam tempoh saya PM tanpa satu sen dicuri.

Namun, itu tak penting. Yang penting ialah dana-dana ini boleh digunakan untuk lebih membantu Rakyat yang sudahpun melalui 51 hari PKP 2.0 dan perlu menghadapi sekurang-kurangnya 113 hari PKP 3.0+Lockdown.

*Kandungan di atas hanya mewakili pandangan penulis sendiri. Sekiranya anda mempunyai pertanyaan mengenai kandungan karya, hak cipta atau masalah lain, sila hubungi Newswav.

Catatan ini pertama kali muncul di laman Facebook Najib Razak.




最离奇的是,像Elon Musk 等科技大咖都为Clubhouse站台,使Clubhouse用户人数在一年后的今天达到 1000万人。它更以40亿美元估值,成为硅谷里的其中一颗耀眼新星。


不算深交 各自精采

先从Clubhouse两位创始Paul Davison及Rohan Seth谈起,这两位史丹佛毕业生认识了很久,不算深交,却各自精采。


而Rohan也来头不小,曾在谷歌里任职,也是协助研发谷歌用户定位的工程师。之后Rohan也创造了一个叫Memry Labs的app,让用户可以创造、记录并留住美好回忆。Memry Labs后来也脱售给Opendoor,而Rohan在售出公司后,留任至2019年底才离开。























Clubhouse于2020年3月推出时,用户人数并不多,直到去年底,用户人数为60万人。但在2021年1月,特拉斯创办人Elon Musk及面子书创办人 Mark Zuckerberg却在Clubhouse开起直播间,引起高度注意。




去年5月份,意即Clubhouse才面市了2个月,即在A轮融资中,获得美国知名风险投资公司Andreessen Horowitz  (AH Capital Management)注资1200万美元,当时估值1亿美元。

Andreessen Horowitz 的老板Marc Andreesen(上圖左)和Ben Horowitz来头非常大,很多年前已经活跃于投资涉足流动装备、电玩、社交、电商、教育、云计算、软体即服务(SaaS) 类的初创与成长型公司。

随便捎来成功案例包括面子书、Instagram、 Pinterest…都是知名的啊!

有了Andreessen Horowitz  这样的神助力,不难联想到为何Mark Zuckerberg会出现在Clubhouse。



各大科技公司眼见Clubhouse火红,当然也密谋在自己的平台上推出类似的音频产品,比如收购谈不成的推特,宣布推出功能相似的Twitter Spaces。

面子书也在4月份推出Hotline App、Spotify推出聊天App “Greenroom” 、Reddit 推出Reddit Talk、Telegram推出语音功能,及Slack已公布也将推出类似功能产品来抢滩。












  1. 强大USP :Clubhouse最强的独特销售主张(USP)就是建立于耳朵,当大部份社交媒体都在“用眼睛”为主要触觉,Clubhouse大胆另辟蹊径,避开红海。
  2. 大佬坐镇:有句话说“technology know how不如technology know who”,意思大概就跟“懂投资不如懂投胎”差不多一样,有风投大佬坐镇,让Clubhouse赢在起跑点,第一炮都已经成功打响,接下来哪会让它凉啊?
  3. 硅谷MVP模式:Clubhouse的模式被分析为硅谷最典型的Minimum Viable Product(最简可行产品)。意即从天使轮融资筹得初始资金,然后先创造一个最简可行产品,经过多轮来来回回测试与迭代,不断优化产品及用户体验,然后再进行融资并扩张。

Living alone VS living with family? Whatever your preference, #YouBelong by EcoWorld has it

A home is a place of respite, comfort and safety. To some, home is where the heart is, where family is. To others, it is a sanctuary where one can truly be and express oneself. In order to truly understand what Malaysians think, EcoWorld collaborated with Newswav to carry out a poll to find out their living preferences.

The poll ran for a week and gathered over 10,000 responses from Newswav users of all walks of life. The results are both insightful and interesting:

  • Prefer to live alone: 14%
  • Like living with their parents: 27%
  • Choose to live alone but close to their parents: 53%

Some respondents even left behind amusing and honest comments:

  • “Alone is the best! Peace and quiet.”
  • “Alone but close enough to my parents so then I can just magically pop up whenever hahaha”
  • “Love my parents but walaowei my father snore[s] damn kau. Stay separately better”
  • “If you stay with your wife[,] better stay alone away from parents/in-laws. They can be near but not same house. Why? #happywifehappylife”

Regardless of your living preference, #YouBelong by EcoWorld has the solution.

duduk by EcoWorld: Urban vertical living with semi-furnished trendy units

The duduk concept entails a 1,000-sqft squarish layout designed to be simple yet modern with the concept of the common living areas. It comes with 3 beds and 2 bathrooms, allowing for maximum use of space so that the bedrooms are large enough to fit queen-sized beds – a rare possibility in most modern apartments. 

duduk units have long and wide balconies that are great for soaking in an evening panoramic view from up high, or for urban gardening enthusiasts. It is a great option for individuals who just started looking for their first home and prefer to live on their own and enjoy their privacy with a beautiful view. Of course, it’s for anyone and any lifestyle.

The price of a duduk unit is very attainable, starting from only RM393,000*. Included in this price are furnishings such as lights, fans, air-conditioning, L-shaped kitchen cabinet and countertop, cooking hob, 2-in-1 washer dryer, water heater and built-in cabinet in the master bedroom.

duduk products are now available at Huni D’ Eco Ardence in Setia Alam and Se.Ruang D’ Eco Sanctuary in south of Kota Kemuning, both of which are located in Selangor.

You can now book online by clicking where you prefer below:

  1. Huni D’ Eco Ardence
  2. Se.Ruang D’ Eco Sanctuary

ErgoHomes: Communal living with passion area and private garden spaces

The ErgoHomes concept involves three to four L-shaped 2-storey units that are joined to encircle their 15 feet private garden spaces, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Each ErgoHomes cluster is literally surrounded by greenery without directly facing the main road, so it is safe for families with kids. 

Units come with large sliding windows to create an airy and bright feel inside. What makes ErgoHomes even more one-of-a-kind is its flexi passion area. Intentionally designed to offer complete flexibility to suit the owner’s personal taste, the flexi passion area can be transformed into any kind of design you like, you can turn it into a yoga area, home office, or anything else depending on your lifestyle. 

The size of the units range from 1,833 to 2,290 sq ft, come with 2 beds and 2 bathrooms and are priced from only RM560,000*. This makes ErgoHomes ideal for those who enjoy living with their parents in the same home. Every member of the family will have plenty of breathing space. You can install a home office at the passion area and your parents can also grow their favorite plants at the side garden. A truly innovative and spacious layout that’s just like a corner unit for a very attainable price!

For very large extended families, ErgoHomes can be an even more attractive choice. Imagine your own family in 1 unit, your parents in another, and your sibling’s family staying in the other. You have your own little close-knit community. Of course, it is still attractive for individuals, young couples and small families who like a spacious living lifestyle with a multipurpose passion area. 

The freehold ErgoHomes is now available at Hazelton @ Eco Forest in Semenyih, Selangor. 

You can now book online by clicking the hyperlink below:

  1.  Hazelton @ Eco Forest 

Co-Home: An urban eden surrounded by vistas and lush gardens

Surrounded by beautiful parks and roundabout treatments, developments under the Co-Home product give residents the sense of community living and the urge to take out their phones to capture some amazing landscapes that EcoWorld has to offer. 

Co-Home units consist of 2-storey terrace houses that have 2 separate and self-contained units – an upper floor and a lower floor. These units are sold separately, which allows them to have dedicated main entrances and their own side-by-side parking spaces. 

According to the poll, the majority like to have their own personal space but still want to remain as close as possible to their parents. For this group of people, EcoWorld’s Co-Home would be perfect. Parents can stay on the ground floor, then the young family can live on the 1st floor. Hence, you will be able to stay and take care of them closely yet enjoy privacy with your spouse and kids. Co-Home is the perfect home for your lovely parents and family.

The built-up is close to 1,000 square feet, each unit consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 side-by-side parking spaces and is priced from only RM368,000*. The Co-Home product is available at Regent Garden @ Eco Grandeur in Klang Valley and Camdon @ Eco Horizon in Penang.

You can now book online by clicking where you prefer below:

  1. Regent Garden @ Eco Grandeur 
  2. Camdon @ Eco Horizon 

What else does #YouBelong by EcoWorld offer?

1. Move-in Ready Units

#YouBelong also offers other residential and commercial products that are completed and ready for purchase in Klang Valley, Johor and Penang. Units are available for immediate move-in upon purchase.

EcoWorld’s townships are developed with its signature DNA (design, nature, art) elements, making them the perfect living environment while meeting the needs of current lifestyles.

2. My EcoWorld Property website for easy online purchasing

With the pandemic still raging, most people prefer to avoid physical contact whenever possible. My EcoWorld Property allows you to compare all the available units and book your homes online. The website also tells you which direction your unit of interest faces, its layout, price, floor, lot status and unit type. 

3. All-in-One EcoWorld Neighbourhood App

This app is designed to give buyers all the conveniences of living in an exclusive EcoWorld township. You can get updates of community events , check-in your visitors through the app and even make bookings for facilities at the clubhouse.

This well thought out application also provides for smart and safe living through EcoWorld My Insurance, where you can choose insurance plans for your home, maid and smart home devices with the convenience of on-the-spot approvals.

4. Business Solutions Via Bina Bersama 2021

Bina Bersama 2021 offers entrepreneurs who purchase or rent a commercial unit at EcoWorld a total of up to RM1,000,000* worth of digital media advertising, putting their businesses on the radar through 7 prominent online media platforms. Collectively, they will be able to reach 5.9 million users!

So what are you waiting for? Offering a home for every need, check out #YouBelong by EcoWorld’s properties at https://ecoworld.my/youbelong/.

*Terms and conditions apply