Summary: SOP Relaxation For Fully Vaccinated Individuals #en

(Kuala Lumpur, Aug 8) Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has just announced the SOP relaxation for those who have received both doses of their Covid-19 vaccine.

He started by mentioning that he introduced the PPN back in Jun 15 where it’s a plan that was derived from data & science to help the nation back to normalcy. In just 2 months, 6 states had entered Phase 2 of the PPN while 2 states and 1 FT had even moved on to Phase 3, indicating that the PPN is working as intended.

However, he hoped that the rakyat will continue to practice the SOPs nonetheless, as the new variants such as the Delta variant appeared to be affecting more people.

He also mentioned that as more people are being vaccinated, the more protection they will get; in return, more economy sectors will be allowed to open. The government has also rapidly increased the rate of vaccination in the nation where the daily vaccination has been surpassing 400,000 doses lately.

Below are the definitions of the fully vaccinated individuals:

  • Double-dose vaccines such as Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Sinovac: 14 days after second-dose vaccination
  • Single-dose vaccines such as Johnson & Johnson & CanSino: 28 days after vaccination

He then announced the SOP relaxation for the fully vaccinated individuals, applicable to all phases of PPN. Here’s the summary:

  • Malaysia citizens and PR residents who return to Malaysia from other countries are allowed to do home-quarantine only
  • PJJ (pasangan jarak jauh), or long-distanced husband & wife, are allowed to cross-district and cross-states to meet each other
  • Parents are allowed to cross-districts/cross-states to meet children below age of 18
  • Limited mosque prayers are allowed with strict SOPs, same as other religions

For fully vaccinated citizens in Phase 2 onwards:

  • Cross-district is allowed as long as the digital cert Covid-19 vaccination is present
  • Dine-in is allowed as long as the digital cert Covid-19 vaccination is present
  • Sports without physical contact are allowed, such as jogging, cycling, hiking, fishing, badminton, golf and more
  • Tourism within the same state is allowed, where home-stay and hotel can operate.

The above will take effect starting Aug 10 (Tuesday), 2021. More information will be announced by MKN later.