5 Reasons To Get The Nodoka Smart Ceiling Fan

Imagine after being under the unforgiving Malaysian sun for a couple of hours, wouldn’t it be great to return to a cooling home with clean air for you to relax and cool down? Having a long lasting ceiling fan with minimal noise while functioning is a crucial part of a house. It should also distribute air evenly and cool the home instantly. KDK Nodoka Fan, the latest generation of smart ceiling fan, does exactly that. Check out some of Nodoka Fan’s special high technology features:

1.  Intelligent & Safe Fan For The Home

Oftentimes, we encounter ceiling fans that swing from left to right while rotating at a fast speed and wonder if it’s time to meet our maker if the blades ever fall on us. Thanks to Nodoka Fan’s advanced technology that has some of the best safety features in the market, this will never happen. 

This intelligent ceiling fan is able to cut off power supply and stop the fan from rotation when a malfunction or improper installation is detected. It also comes with features that hold on to the fan motor and blades to prevent unwanted accidents from happening. With these safety features, the fan can have a longer lifespan as it does not forcefully continue operating during breakdown. 

2. Get Into The Mood With Adjustable LED

Lighting is very important as it sets the mood and ambiance of the home. Sometimes we need an atmosphere that makes us relax, or get us into serious working mode. With Nodoka LED models, you will be able to switch up the environment of your home with its 3 Night Light Modes and 4 SCENE settings (work, dine, relax, and sleep). The LED light functions as ambient lighting which gives the space a softer and gentler light. So if you are planning for a romantic dinner at home, make sure you adjust the LED light on your Nodoka Fan!

And you don’t have to worry about setting up everything again when you turn on the fan as the Memory Function remembers your last fan speed and light settings. Turn on your Nodoka Fan and the fan speed and lighting will resume as before!

3.  Control Your Nodoka Fan Wherever You Are

Forgotten to turn off the fan when you are out of the house? Want to enjoy the cool breeze once you step into your home? Worried of your home security when you are travelling? No problem! With the exclusive Nodoka Fan App, you can now control the fan anytime, anywhere, helping you to save energy as you can turn off the fan from any location. 

Also, this function is especially useful for those who travel often as they can increase home security by having a moving fan and LED light on to deceive burglars that there are occupants at home.

4. Schedule Your Fan & Light At Home

If you have a hard time waking up in the morning and need more than just your phone alarm to wake you up, we’ve got the answer for you. Nodoka Fan’s Light Alarm can be scheduled during specific times to allow you to wake up naturally from the soft LED light. There is also a 24-hour countdown timer for both On or Off settings to enhance your optimal sleep quality and to save energy.

If you have a regular working itinerary, it would be super convenient to plan and schedule the functioning times of the Nodoka Fan as you can easily leave home and the fan will turn off at the designated time and turn on again automatically once you arrive back home.

5. Make Your Home A Refreshing & Cool Abode

Air conditioners are found in most Malaysian homes as it helps cool the room and provide a cosy environment amidst the scorching tropical sun. However, when paired with Nodoka Fan’s Reverse Function, your home will be transformed into a cooling indoor paradise as this technology creates a comfortable temperature with a healthy airflow. It works in a way where the reversal of rotation drives air upwards and circulates for an even distribution of air in the room. 

The high tech features of the Nodoka Fan goes well with the new generation of living and aside from its advanced functionality, Nodoka Fan’s minimalist outlook is perfect for any kind of modern home decor. The convenience of adjusting and controlling the fan through the Nodoka App makes this an even more appealing item to have at home and at business premises. Get a smart fan like Nodoka now for a comfortable and healthy living!