A Malaysia Day With Brand New Huawei P40 Phones

In conjunction with Malaysia Day, Newswav’s users had the chance to continue scrolling the news for relevant information, but this time, on a brand new smartphone.

In accordance to the standard operating procedure guidelines, Huawei x Newswav’s Challenge lucky draw event was conducted virtually in hopes of maintaining social distancing procedures.

Although in a global pandemic, 10 of our users were in for a surprise as they would be able to win a brand-new Huawei P40 phone!

Held on the morning of Malaysia Day, participants of all ages joined the lucky draw through a Zoom meeting and had the chance to meet Auntie Belle herself!

To all 55 participants, we thank you once again for pulling the time out of your schedule to join us on the morning of Malaysia Day. As more events as such is planned for the future, do stay tuned for any updates from Neswav as the next lucky draw just may be right around the corner.

As of the winners of our lucky draw, congratulations and we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy scrolling the news on Newswav, on your brand new Huawei P40!

Augustine Lee Siew Peng

Chin Yew Hung

Lim Boon Hui

Lok Fu Chung

Muhammad Hazman bin Mohd Hapandi

Tan Chun Chern

Tan Chun Giap

Tan Jia Qing

Tei Zhe Qin

Ting Chee Tiong