A One-of-A Kind Liveable City Is Now in Malaysia. Where Is It?

Ever wonder why the core of a city is always known as the “heart” of the city? This is because the heart in our body functions as a focal region that gives life and growth to the areas surrounding it. The heart of the city is a technologically advanced location where information is exchanged daily, businesses flourish, social settings take place and where the best infrastructures are easily accessible. 

Gamuda Cove is designed in a way that allows residents to access healthcare centres, schools, offices, and other facilities all within 10 minutes. There are also walkways, bikeways, motorways, trams, and many more transportation amenities that connect homes to all the other areas in this smart sustainable city. When it comes to intercity traveling, Gamuda Cove is directly connected to the Elite Highway and access to Putrajaya will be connected via an upcoming direct flyover. 

Within the 1530-acre township of the Cove, lies the “Heart of Cove”, the busiest and most happening central hub of this liveable city. This 60-acre commercial area will be the connecting point of various districts and the entire residential estate of Gamuda Cove in the next 5 years. The “heart” was precisely planned and designed to create an environment where walkability, work, live, and play are not only accessible to each other but also able to form a dynamic relation that will encourage businesses and growth on all levels. From education to wellness, business settings to leisure and entertainment, Gamuda Cove has it all!

1. Contemporary Urban Lifestyle

The Cove will consist of a Wellness Park, Education Park, and  townsquare filled with cafes, restaurants, spas, and many more leisure and lifestyle vendors within the next 5 years.  There will also be a 60-acre pet-friendly Central Park that allows everyone to bring along their furry friends for a stroll. These facilities and development will in return cultivate the contemporary urban lifestyle which is also known as the “KL & PJ Lifestyle” to those residing inside and around Gamuda Cove. This is good news to those living within the radius of South Klang Valley as delicious food, beautiful parks, and fun entertainment will just be a heartbeat away!

2. Leisure & Entertainment

As Gamuda Cove is located next to wetlands and forest reserves, you can get close to nature at the Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands and Discovery Park. These parks are not only educational but also made for those who crave adventures and excitement. You can go on a safari tour, ride on a hot air balloon, participate in bird watching, and partake in many other interesting activities there. The SplashMania Water Theme Park on the other hand is a great place to drench the tropical heat away with your friends and family. After all of that fun and enjoyment, head over to the Leisure & Entertainment Park for a meal and relaxation, it’s that convenient!

Gamuda Cove’s Townsquare, which is made up of The Street, The Alley, The Plaza & Bond Avenue. Register here if you are interested to know more about Townsquare!

3. Live SMART With Technology

While connectivity is an important element in a community, the combination of technology and nature are equally essential in powering up the security, energy management, and sustainability of Gamuda Cove. The township is 5G ready and furnished with high speed internet while utilizing the enhanced SMART technology on all of its surveillance cameras and detection devices for crime prevention. When it comes to energy and waste management, Gamuda Cove implements solar systems to light up public spaces while food waste decompose stations and recycling stations are set up at residential areas. All of these features create a sustainable lifestyle and environment at Gamuda Cove.

4. Wellness & Community Engagement

Relaxation and living well has never been so easy with the community pocket parks and waterfronts at Gamuda Cove. Social integration and community engagement at this estate are well facilitated with scenic landscapes and greenery all around. The much anticipated pet-friendly park on a 5KM plot will be a favourable location for all who enjoy spending time with their pets and loved ones. The Cove will also have supporting facilities such as education institutions and health care centres within 10 minutes of wherever you are in Gamuda Cove.

5. A Nature Sanctuary

When you hear the name Gamuda Cove, you cannot help but to think of it as a nature sanctuary filled with a rich biodiversity and ecosystem. Due to its location between the Kuala Langat Forest Reserve and Paya Indah Wetlands, it was intuitive for Gamuda Cove to plan the township in a way that allows the land surrounding it to be at its most natural state. While the 60-acre Central Park is nestled in the middle of the township, to the south of Gamuda Cove is the waterway connecting the residential and commercial areas to the Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands.

The beautiful landscapes, developed infrastructures, and captivating nature of Gamuda Cove does not only contribute to the township’s aestheticism but also the liveability of the entire city. It is here at Gamuda Cove that you get to experience what it is like to live in a community that excels in all aspects of an advanced and refined township. This liveable city of Gamuda Cove will ensure that you live well, live connected, live smart, live green, and live vibrantly.

For more information about Gamuda Cove, visit the Gamuda Cove Experience Gallery or visit their official website here