A Secure & Convenient Way Of Paying for Studies Abroad with Visa

In 2019, the Ministry of Higher Education data showed that over 70,000 Malaysian students were studying abroad in the UK, Ireland, Taiwan, Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Japan. With the exposure of different cities and cultures through the media these days, the number of students hoping to study overseas are increasing, with their intention to immerse themselves in new environments and make new acquaintances. While safety is a concern for most parents, the other matter that usually comes with studying abroad is the constant fluctuation of exchange rates, which affects the tuition fees payment and expenses.

Introducing Visa Multicurrency Cards for Secure & Convenient Payments

The Visa Multicurrency Card has plenty of benefits for parents and their children who are pursuing an education overseas. Parents can now monitor and manage foreign currencies with Visa’s competitive exchange rates and make payments in their preferred currencies. Aside from having a secured network to make sure all your information and transactions are protected, Visa is accepted at over 71 million merchant locations around the world, allowing you to enjoy rewards and privileges whenever you use your Visa cards.

Switch Currencies Anywhere, Anytime with One Account

The best part of having a Visa Multicurrency Card is that you get to buy, save, transfer, and spend in multiple currencies regardless of where you are. You can make transactions for education fees effortlessly using your preferred currency with no extra charges. For selected Visa Multicurrency Cards, you may enjoy attractive interest rates in your account balance for certain foreign currencies. You’ll also have access to competitive real-time exchange rates where you can top up your account anytime with Visa 24/7 Online or Mobile Banking.

Shop & Travel without Worries

If your child is taking up courses that require the purchasing of materials for their projects or travelling to places of interest for research, the Visa Multicurrency Card comes in handy at times like these. Whether it is paying online or offline, Visa cards allow the usage in local currencies without conversion fees and there’s no additional charges for ATM withdrawals. As Visa cards have a wide acceptance by millions of merchants across the world, you can pay for tuition fees, hostel rents, online courses, and shop for groceries and daily needs seamlessly.

Secure Payments for Peace of Mind

While your deposits are protected by PIDM, Visa too has multi-layered protection when it comes to making transactions. If you are paying with your Visa card online, you will go through a process known as ‘Verified by Visa’, where this password-protected authentication system will confirm the identity of the cardholder. This will prevent your information from being stolen and will grant you a peace of mind when making your transactions.

Get Your Visa Card Now

Getting your exclusive Visa card is easy and convenient via Merchantrade, or through the HSBC and RHB banksmulticurrency accounts. Even though BigPay card does not fall under the multicurrency account category, it still offers some of the best exchange rates and there’s no charge on foreign exchange fees when making cross-border payments. All of these avenues have their very own mobile apps that will allow you to manage, categorise, keep track of your balances, and receive instant notifications whenever you make a payment. Aside from having a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation, they are also equipped with a security system that protects all your in-app information. 

With Visa Multicurrency Debit and Prepaid Cards, you can support your children’s dreams by making secure and convenient transactions for their course fees and living expenditures at competitive rates. By allowing your child to have a Visa debit card during their studies, it will not only turn out to be useful during emergencies, but also allow them to learn how they can manage their finances properly. Parents on the other hand, will find it easy to track and make transactions through the app without extra charges.Start planning your children’s education at colleges and universities abroad with Visa Multicurrency Cards today. Visit www.visa.com.my to begin your journey.