Top 9 Most Popular Birthday Cakes Delivery In KL During EMCO

It’s a brilliant idea to associate cake to birthday, for both take a lot of love to produce. Let’s not forget that every creature has a beginning, and birth symbolizes that event of many possibilities. So do the birthday cakes that Eat Cake Today is going to deliver for your very special kind of life event, the cakes represent the many happy occasions in our everyday life after the beginning. Why does humankind celebrate birthday while it took every mother Herculean effort to give birth in the first place? Well, that is one of the reasons to feel good, that existence is possible at all. The fruits are sweeter when more love is planted to nurture. Of course not all daily chores are limited to mere happiness, however, if given a choice we can appreciate those times that we are genuinely happy about. Light the candles and sing the birthday song, make a wish and you blow, may your wish come true. Place a birthday cake online order, and let Eat Cake Today assist you in terms of the birthday cake delivery, for sure they can serve you the birthday cake of your choice to make true the wishes. Below listed the top ten most popular birthday cakes for your consideration:

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookie Cake

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookie Cake | Eat Cake Today - Cake Delivery from  Malaysia's Best Bakers | Reviews on

This chocolate salted caramel cookie cake is just nice for a happy birthday party. Upon seeing it, you may judge whether the delicate handicraft our gifted bakers had can make your party all the more merrier. Everyone will be impressed by the sight, the scent and the taste, and most importantly the happiness that comes along. Let Eat Cake Today do the honour to present you with this delicious cake via our efficient birthday cake delivery service.

Pandan Gula Melaka Cake

Pandan Gula Melaka Cake | Kek Pandan Gula Melaka | Cake Near Me

Yearning for the local ingredients in a smooth tasty birthday cake? You won’t regret having this Pandan Gula Melaka cake. Feel the tropical coconut flavour in the brown sugar as well as the greenish pandan leaf colour embedded in the birthday cake. Have a bite and let the weather of exotic Malaysia lead you to the warm feeling of having a birthday party with your loved ones.

Burnt Cheesecake

Burnt Cheesecakes From Award-Winning Chef | Resepi Burnt Cheesecake |  Basque Burnt Cheesecake

This trendy burnt cheese cake is just nice for your fashionable birthday party. And you are surely making the right choice to place an order with Eat Cake Today for the timely birthday cake delivery service. Doubtless the burnt cheese on top of the cake will cheer everyone around you with its wonderful moist texture.

Salted Caramel Popstar Cake

Kek Coklat Moist | Salted Caramel Popstar Cake | Cake Delivery Near Me

The crunchy coated popcorn that come with this salted caramel popstar will definitely add a deeper meaning to your birthday cake of choice. Not only the taste is nicely designed to meet the craving of a modern cake, the scent and the figure are adding value to satisfy a need for refreshment. Yes, this cake will be good for a happy birthday occasion.

Blackout Chocolate Cake

Blackout Chocolate Cake | Moist Chocolate Cake | Birthday Delivery KL

Any guest can enjoy this blackout chocolate cake in your birthday party, marked with the refined ingredients the taste can meet the expectation of chocolate lovers. Feel mouth watering sensation? Contact Eat Cake Today, get your birthday cake delivered in the promised time, rate our service if you may.

Gula Melaka Banana Cake

Kek Malaysia | Gula Melaka Banana Cake | Bakery Near Me

“Pisang emas dibawa belayar”, yes, we create a banana cake with gula melaka so you are reminded of the courtesy from every participant in your happy birthday. The brown sugar as a partner of the local exotic fruit will satisfy the tongue from the nearby communities. Is not it a wonderful idea to have this cake for your birthday?

Lemon Earl Grey Cake

Lemon Earl Grey Cake | Eat Cake Today | Cake Delivery KL/PJ Malaysia

Now we can try the high class taste of a lemon earl grey cake, especially for a birthday party of its special idea forwarded. Be sure to enjoy the fresh flavour of this cake with your birthday wish. It’s the best baker who came with this recipe that we are thankful for. And, not forgetting the all important ones in our life.

Salted Caramel Cookie Cake

Salted Caramel Cookie Cake | Cake Shop | Bakery Shop

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Remember to order a salted caramel cookie cake from Eat Cake Today, we can make the birthday cake delivery within four hours as advertised on our website. Let’s party with the best taste, and have a memorable celebration.

Salted Caramel Drizzle Chocolate Cake

Kek Coklat Moist | Salted Caramel Drizzle Cake | Online Delivery KL/PJ

Who can resist the temptation from a salted caramel drizzle chocolate cake? Take a bite and be amazed at how good life can be. Treat your birthday party guest with this heartful cake via the service of Eat Cake Today, our birthday cake delivery is promised to enrich your happy mood to the next level!

For more choices of birthday cake, visit this collection page:

Eat Cake Today Father’s Day Giveaway Winner Announcement

We’re excited to announce the 5 lucky winners of the Eat Cake Today Father’s Day Giveaway which ran from 8 June 2021 – 11 June 2021. First of all, we’d like to congratulate all winners of the giveaway and thank everyone else who participated. For those who did not win, don’t worry. We can assure you that there will be even more exciting events in the near future so stay tuned!

The winners of the Eat Cake Today Father’s Day Giveaway are as follows:

1. Wong Theen Yew – Father’s Day chocolate cake

2. Cindy Lee Lai Peng – Mini fresh tartlets

3. Laavanya Selvaraja – Dessert cups

4. Cynthia Seow Choon Li – Orchid plants & Musang King durian snowy cake

5. Ka Shing – Happy Father’s Day balloon bouquet

All winners will have to contact Newswav at 011-5640 6584 via Whatsapp, and will be required to provide their Newswav account details & a copy of their NRIC for verification purposes by 16 June 2021 (Wed). Failure to do so may result in their prizes being revoked.

Congratulations once again to all participants who were the lucky winners of the Eat Cake Today Father’s Day Giveaway! We hope that you enjoy the prizes and also take the time to share this great moment with your father this Father’s Day. From all of us at Eat Cake Today and Newswav, we sincerely wish you a Happy Father’s Day! Stay tuned for more exciting campaigns in the near future.

Where To Get Cake Delivery Online? The Best Website For Same Day Birthday Cakes Delivery in KL

Fancy efficient cakes delivery service especially within Klang Valley? Go

Eat Cake Today is the first online cake portal in Malaysia. While currently answering orders around Kuala Lumpur, the area covered will be in expansion nonetheless. In the meantime, being the pioneer landed some sorts of responsibility on the shoulder, for setting the bar high will guarantee a better today and tomorrows.

Eat Cake Today is an online cake platform to shop for quality cakes from best local favourite bakers. It gathers the bakery talents in the capital with their genuine creativity and skills and consolidates into a convenient ordering procedure. The varieties of birthday cakes shall satisfy a large spectrum. Be confident to the local bakers, for the physical distant to use the freshest ingredients is within grasp.

Eat Cake Today is providing same day cake delivery service within four hours to the customer’s doorstep. This is possible since the riders’ team is growing with the new norms in place. The communications and logistics are all carefully matched to achieve seamless relay from the time of order till the cake arrival. We all feel the trying time in this challenging world, yet none give up the strive to excellence.

Eat Cake Today has a wide variety of cakes from new cakes to best selling cakes. The recipes are all encompassing, from traditional taste to new age alternative. Gen X Gen Y Gen Z are all in consideration. You just have to visit their homepage to look at the number of pages, use the search bar wisely should you have difficulty to choose from too many!

The links below point to the popular cake collections page to enable you to find cake you love with few swipes or clicks easily:

1. Birthday cakes

This page displays many different birthday theme cakes specially designed for any birthday party. As you may have noticed, happiness is a major concept covering many such occasions. The colours, the texture, and taste will affect the mood eventually, rest assured that the sweetness delivered by Eat Cake Today would serve as a loving agent in the happy air.

2. Same Day 4-Hour Cake Delivery

Eat Cake Today is proud of this strictly adhered condition upon themselves. Definitely not an easy task to achieve if you are going to deliver a cake from scratch in four hours time, and Eat Cake Today is prepared for this in KL area.

3. Designer Cakes

Who are not pampered by the choice we have in this modern convenient city enhancing lifestyle? Eat Cake Today appreciates this kind of variety for every customer to choose from. With genuine sincerity, the patterns will fulfill the desire to have a feast of luxury.

Wait no more, click into any page listed in, enjoy your combination of requirements to get your cake of the day.


Offering 10% off on all cakes and FREE 18” Heart Shape Foil Balloon for selected Mother’s Day cakes for limited period for Mother’s Day Gifting

Kuala Lumpur, May 4, 2021 – Mother’s Day is around the corner and it is time to express our love and appreciation by sending best gift for mom to the special lady in our lives. Nothing conveys your sweet and loving thoughts better than beautiful scrumptious Mother’s Day cakes, flowers bouquet and cupcakes delivery from Eat Cake Today.

A lovely Mother’s day gift idea, Eat Cake Today has lined up a series of sweet, tasty, and beautiful Mother’s day artisanal cakes design and confectionery for Mother’s Day including cakes, cupcakes, gift sets, unique flower bouquets, balloons, etc. From 9 April to 16 May, these cakes design for mother and gifts will be ready for online ordering through cake delivery website, best cakes and gifts for mothers will reach your moms doorstep without any fuss of shopping. The good news is every order of these cakes through this cake delivery website comes with a promotion discount of 10% off on all cakes with promo code ECTNEWSWAV. And FREE 18” Heart Shape Foil Balloon on selected Happy Mother’s Day cakes.


Top Mother’s Day cakes to wow your mom.

Mom is the true queen in every family and it’s time to surprise your highness with this Royal Queen Jelly Cake 5”. A light and refreshing jelly cake with a layer of jelly filled full of lychee and colourful jelly layers. This less sweet jelly cake is suitable for all ages and best serve chilled.

If your mom is a dessert lover that prefers desserts with a more “atas” taste, the sophisticated Eternity Cake 7” is the one. This cake is crafted by International Award-Winning Pastry Chef and the strong fresh flavour of cheese and strawberry made using premium imported ingredients.

Features Mother’s Day Queen Knock Knock Pinata Cake on this special day during the celebration surely wow everyone including your mom! Break the shell and reveal the surprise! Meanwhile the half bottom is a cake which there are 10 signature flavours for you to choose.

If your mom prefers cakes which are less sweet. Put this Rose Lychee Cake 6” into your consideration. The unique fruit and floral flavour twist will surprise your taste bud as it is fragrant and refreshing. It comes with a FREE 18” Heart Shape Foil Balloon that expresses your love and appreciation to your mom. If you’re not sure, this definitely the right Mother’s day cake idea!

For moms who love tea flavour cakes, this Earl Grey Cake 6” is the one. With its earl grey dominant, a subtle slight bitterness of tea flavour aftertaste will lighten the overall taste. A classic cake best for teatime and can be delivered within 4 hours.

Still looking for more Mother’s day ideas? Appreciate your chocolate lover mom with her favourite cake, Chocolate Indulgence Cake 6”. A premium cake made with premium chocolates. Every mouthful of the rich, creamy chocolate cake will make everyone fall in love even deeper.

Get this trendy Mommy Da Best Korean Cake 5”, it is so smooth and pink, anyone would feel almost guilty just cutting a slice to enjoy during this coming Mother’s Day.


Top 3 unique cupcakes for coming Mother’s Day celebration. If your mom prefers small treats then this 12 Pieces of Mother’s Day Carnation Cupcakes will be one of the options, you can consider. Get these lovely healthy vegan cupcakes, to your healthy mom.

For vegan moms, get this vegan Mother’s Day Cupcakes Bouquet to show your mom how much you appreciate her. Along with the brown fondant stems & a charming bow tie, it makes it look more lovely.

Gorgeous Cupcake Flower Bouquets for dear mummy. Just imagine the delight of the queen of your heart when you make her day extra special because she deserves nothing but the best!

Flower Bouquets

If you’re looking for flower delivery for Mother’s day, here are top 5 unique flower bouquets for your mom. Thought sweet treats are too odd? Well buy unique bouquet for your mom, especially this Vegetable Bouquet. This bouquet will get her laugh for the whole day, and you can also add more dishes for the Mother’s Day celebration. This gift is really designated just for your mom who loves to cook.

Can’t decide whether to send mom flowers or a yummy treat? Why not go for both? Edible fruit bouquets are blossoming this Mother’s Day. This Strawberry Bouquet is the symbolism of the pleasure of love. Made with fresh strawberries, an extraordinary gift that will be the best memory.

Every mum used to be the Queen of their family and no female will resist chocolates. You can turn any special moment golden for your mom with this Ferrero Bouquet. Decorated with some baby breath, it will keep your mum smiling for the whole day.

Just to tell them how amazing your mom is with this RM 1 Note Money Bouquet. A bouquet of money that your mom can use or keep as a memory. Now she surely will not scold you for wasting money because she even gets extra money to spend.

Express your love by sending a lovely Korean style Pastel Fresh Flower Bouquet to the most wonderful woman in the world. The Pink Carnation symbolizes undying love, gratitude and tenderness, everything is priceless. Your mom will love any gift you get for her, like how much she loves you.


Top 3 best-selling foil and helium balloons for Mother’s Day. Searching for props or decoration for Mother’s Day with some messages you hardly say to her? Tell her she is the Best Mom Ever by getting our Heart Balloon Bouquet. You can customize your message on the balloons and the balloons can be delivered within 4 hours. 

There are many reasons to thank your mom and every mom deserves this beautiful Hot Air Balloon Ferrero Rocher Box on Mother’s Day. This stunning chocolate bouquet box is one that is certain to wow your mom on arrival. Absolutely a gift that is perfect as Mother’s Day celebration.

Who says you can only get roses for your girlfriend or wife? Do not feel shy to appreciate your mom with this Culey Fresh Flower Box. It is stuffed with coloured balloons and you can personalize the message on balloons.

Eat Cake Today believe mom deserve a special gift during Mother’s Day. Because “Mom love is unconditional, pamper mom with sweet treats and gifts”. While most of us tend to give flowers, chocolates, balloons, or special items, it is absolutely fresh and wonderful to give cakes instead.  It makes a bigger impact visually when receiving artistically and beautifully cakes. This year Eat Cake Today rolls out 5 categories of Mother’s Day gifts included cakes, cupcakes, gift sets, unique flower bouquets and balloons.

Eat Cake Today is a convenient online cake delivery platform to shop for a variety delicious cakes from local favorite bakers and to delivered to customer doorstep. It is like grab only for cakes! It hosts more than 80 bakers and have more than 1000 cakes. Eat Cake Today offers a variety types of cakes such as biscuits, brownies, bundts, cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes, eggless cakes, fondant buttercream beauties, gluten-free, loafs, mille crepe, pavlova, pies, tarts, vegan dairy free, customized cake, mooncakes, pastries, jelly cakes, ice cream cake, designer cakes, petit gateau, jar desserts, dessert cups, etc. Recently, Eat Cake Today also offering add on such as chocolate, balloons, and flower bouquet. Eat Cake Today currently also have few bakers which is Halal-certified by JAKIM. The bakers use halal certified ingredients. Last, but not least, Eat Cake Today offers customized cakes as well.

The uniqueness of Eat Cake Today is that it provides same-day delivery, promising a swift delivery time of just 4 hours. Most of the cakes are handmade from home bakers, local bakers, café bakeries, etc. Cake selections on the website are categorized by types of cake, flavor and deliveries minimum processing time requirements, such as 4-hours options, 1-day options, 2-days options and even 3-days options. Cakes price start from RM50 to RM400 each and the price is exclusive of delivery charges.

Presently Eat Cake Today deliver cake around Klang Valley, Penang & Johor Bahru areas with delivery charges base on distance. Eat Cake Today do provide self-pick up at Nadayu 28 Dagang Bandar Sunway (Unit No. 5B) and recently Eat Cake Today opened a physical Cake Hub in The Starling Mall Damansara Utama (Lot No. B-014). Orders can be made via at or call careline number 017-8800153 from Monday to Saturday between 9.00am to 8.00pm & for Sunday / Public Holidays from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

For more information, click on or call Joey Lam at 012-6991191 or email

【Eat Cake Today】为我们亲爱的妈妈们献上美味可口的蛋糕及独一无二的礼物


(2021年5月4日,吉隆坡讯)母亲节即将来临,是时候向我们一生中这位特别的女士表达我们的爱意和感恩。 没有什么能比Eat Cake Today亮丽可口的蛋糕更好地传达您甜蜜和充满爱意的想法了。

 Eat Cake Today为母亲节准备了一系列甜蜜、美味、精美的手工蛋糕和甜品,包括有蛋糕、纸杯蛋糕、礼品套餐,独特的鲜花花束、气球等。从4月9日至5月16日,这些蛋糕和礼品可以通过EatCakeToday.com蛋糕递送到户网站在线订购,蛋糕和礼物可以不必您舟车劳顿而准时到达妈妈的家门口。

 而且好消息是,通过此蛋糕递送网站使用促销代码【ECTNEWSWAV】购买,都可获享10%的折扣。 并且特定的母亲节蛋糕还有免费赠送18英寸的心形气球。

 此阵容围绕着蛋糕、纸杯蛋糕、礼品套餐、独特的鲜花花束和气球,包括以下蛋糕:Rose Lychee Cake 6”, Earl Grey Cake 6”, Chocolate Indulgence Cake 6”, Mommy Da Best Korean Cake 5”, Royal Queen Jelly Cake 5”, Eternity Cake 7”, Mother’s Day Queen Knock Knock Pinata Cake,纸杯蛋糕:12 Pieces of Mother’s Day Carnation Cupcakes, Mother’s Day Cupcakes Bouquet, Cupcake Flower Bouquets,礼品套餐:Mother’s Day Dendrobium Orchids Gift Set,独特的鲜花花束:Vegetable Bouquet, Strawberry Bouquet, Pastel Fresh Flower Bouquet,气球:Heart Balloon Bouquet, Culey Balloon Flower Box, etc等等。


 妈妈是每个家庭中的真正女王,现在是时候用Royal Queen Jelly Cake 5”给尊贵的她惊喜。 清淡爽口的果冻蛋糕,上面铺满了荔枝和彩色果冻层。 这种不太甜的果冻蛋糕适合所有年龄段,冷藏享用最佳。

 如果您的妈妈是一位甜点爱好者,并且偏爱口味更“ 高等”的甜点,那么精致的Eternal Cake 7″便是其中之一。 该蛋糕由国际获奖糕点师精心制作,并使用优质进口食材,具有浓郁新鲜风味的奶酪和草莓制成。

 Mother’s Day Queen Knock Knock Pinata Cake在庆祝这个特殊日子里,一定会让所有人(包括您的妈妈)赞叹不已! 打开外壳,揭示惊喜! 同时下半层蛋糕有10种招牌口味供您选择。

 十大母亲节蛋糕,令您的妈妈赞叹。 如果您妈妈喜欢不那么甜的蛋糕。 将此Rose Lychee Cake 6”列入您的考虑范围。 独特的水果和花香风味使您的味蕾出奇的清新和芬芳。 它带有一个免费的18英寸心形气球,向您的妈妈表达您的爱和感激。

 对于喜欢茶风味蛋糕的妈妈来说,这款Earl Grey Cake 6”就是其中之一。 以格雷伯爵为主,茶味余甘的微微苦味将糅合整体味道。 最适合下午茶的经典蛋糕,可在4小时内送达。

 用她最喜欢的巧克力蛋糕Chocolate Indulgence Cake 6”来代表您的感恩。 用优质巧克力制成的优质蛋糕。 每口丰富、奶油状的巧克力蛋糕都会使每个人坠入爱河。

 这款时尚的Mommy Da Best Korean Cake 5”,它是如此光滑粉红,在即将到来的母亲节,任何人只要切一小块,就会近乎内咎。


 在即将到来的母亲节庆祝活动的前三大独特纸杯蛋糕。 如果您的妈妈更喜欢小点心,那么您可以考虑选择这12 Pieces of Mother’s Day Carnation Cupcakes。 把这些可爱的健康素食蛋糕送给健康的妈妈。

 对于纯素食主义者的妈妈,请获取此纯素食Mother’s Day Cupcakes Bouquet,以向您妈妈展示您对她的欣赏程度。 加上棕色软糖和好看的领结,使其看起来更可爱。

 送您亲爱妈咪华丽的Cupcake Flower Bouquets。 试想一下,当您使女王的日子变得更加特别时,您的女王会发自内心的喜悦,因为她值得享受最好的!


 母亲节三大礼品套餐。 让这个母亲节快乐礼品套餐表达您对妈妈的爱。 它包括马来西亚风味的蛋糕和鲜花,可省去您在其他地方购买的麻烦和金钱,并且此礼品套餐可在4小时内送达。

 如果您的母亲喜欢园艺,请考虑购买Mother’s Day Dendrobium Orchids Gift Set。 她可以明智地将时间花在自己的爱好上。 此外,所有女士都喜欢更多礼物,您可以加上健康的苹果醋,气球或巧克力。


 给妈妈的5个独特的鲜花花束。 认为甜点太奇怪了? 为您的妈妈买独特的花束,尤其是这蔬菜花束。 这束鲜花会让她整天笑不拢嘴,还可以为母亲节庆祝活动添加更多菜肴。 这份礼物实际上是专门为您喜欢烹饪的妈妈指定的。

 无法决定送妈妈鲜花或美味零食?为什么不同时选择两者呢?可食用的水果花束在这个母亲节开花。 这款草莓花束象征着爱的愉悦。 用新鲜的草莓制成,一份非凡的礼物将是最好的回忆。


 母亲节最畅销的3个气球。 想通过母亲节道具或装饰品来传达几乎没有对她说过的话吗? 用我们的心形气球花束告诉她,她是有史以来最好的妈妈。 您可以在气球上自定义话语,气球可以在4小时内送达。

 谁说您只能为女友或妻子送玫瑰花? 不用羞于用这个库利气球花盒(Culey Fresh Flower Box)来感谢您的妈妈。 它塞满了彩色气球,您可以在气球上写个性化的文字。

 Eat Cake Today 相信妈妈在母亲节应该得到一份特别的礼物。 因为"妈妈的爱是无条件的,所以要用甜蜜的礼物来宠爱妈妈"。 虽然我们大多数人倾向于送花,巧克力,气球或特殊物品,但是送蛋糕绝对是新鲜而美妙的。 当收到精美的蛋糕时,在视觉上会产生更大的影响。 今年的Eat Cake Today推出了5种母亲节礼物,包括蛋糕,纸杯蛋糕,礼品套餐,独特的鲜花花束和气球。

 Eat Cake Today是一个方便的在线蛋糕交付平台,可以从本地最受欢迎的面包师那里购买各种美味的蛋糕,然后交付到客户家门口。 就像随身可得一样! 它包括了80多个面包师的1000多个蛋糕。 Eat Cake Today 提供各种类型的蛋糕,例如饼干、布朗尼蛋糕、圆环蛋糕、乳酪蛋糕、曲奇、纸杯蛋糕、无蛋蛋糕等、翻糖奶油美人、无麸质蛋糕、面包、千层可丽饼、帕夫洛娃蛋糕、派、蛋嗒,素食蛋糕、定制蛋糕、月饼、糕点、果冻蛋糕、冰淇淋蛋糕、名牌蛋糕、小蛋糕、罐装甜点、甜点杯等。 最近,Eat Cake Today还提供诸如巧克力,气球和鲜花花束之类的礼品。 Eat Cake Today 目前也有经JAKIM认证的清真食品的面包师。 面包师使用经认证的清真食品。 还有,Eat Cake Today也提供定制的蛋糕。

Eat Cake Today的独特之处在于它可以提供当日交货,并承诺快速的交货时间,仅为4小时。 大多数蛋糕都是由家庭面包师,本地面包师,咖啡馆面包店等手工制作的。网站上的蛋糕选择按蛋糕类型,风味和交货时间进行分类,例如4小时选项,1天选项,  2天甚至3天的选项。 蛋糕的价格从每份RM50至RM400,不包括送货费。

 Eat Cake Today目前在巴生谷,槟城和新山地区运送蛋糕,运送费用根据距离而定。 Eat Cake Today 如今在Nadayu 28 Dagang Bandar Sunway (Unit No. 5B)提供自取,而且,最近Eat Cake Today 在百乐镇(Starling Mall Damansara Utama)的实体蛋糕中心(Lot No. B-014)已经开业。

 大家可以通过www.eatcaketoday.com进行订购,也可以在周一至周六9.00am至8.00pm之间以及周日/公共假期从9:00 am至6.00pm致电服务热线017-8800153。

8 Best Irresistible Pandan Cakes

There is nothing more popular than a lovely, fluffy cake sweet-smelling with rich pandan and coconut.

If you want to order a variety of pandan cakes, we suggest visiting Pandan Cake Delivery from Malaysia’s best bakers.

Find out what pandan is and where you can get it. Know about the flavor of pandan leaves, including details on pandan cake types as well as a delicious pandan cake baker shop.

The flavor of pandan has an irresistible quality to it. It has a rich, vanilla-like sweetness to it but with delicate vegetal undertones that offer bright freshness. It has a seductive lemak quality to it as well.

What is Pandan?

Pandan (a.k.a. screwpine) is a flowering tree consisting of long blade-like green leaves. It comes from Southeast Asia and has a flavoring characteristic that makes it a classic natural flavor for dishes and desserts.


Although often compared with vanilla, this is mainly due to its everyday use in cooking in different south-east Asian countries.

The truth is that raw pandan tastes very grassy.

However, when pandan cake is prepared with different dishes and desserts, the taste is very special and can be defined as a creamy, slightly nutty, banana-leafy coconut. These flavors, however, are primarily derived from other ingredients usually combined with cocoa, lemon, and other garnishes.

Pandan is another popular ingredient in Malaysian desserts. Like Ube, its stunning color is recognized. Unlike Ube, the color is not as bright naturally.

Therefore, suji-leaves (which look very similar to pandan-leaves) are generally combined to intensify greenery. It is also used in many Malaysian desserts as an alternative flavor: cookies, pastries, ice cream, and other sweets.

It is traditionally also served in a young coconut dessert called buko pandan (buko means coconut in Tagalog).

We have even put together a list of the best 8 pandan cakes.

  1. Pandan Gula Melaka Cake
  2. Pandan Gula Melaka Bites
  3. Cendol Cake 8″
  4. Pandan Coconut Cake
  5. Pandan Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake 8″
  6. Pandan Layer Cake 6″
  7. Pandan Gula Melaka Layer Cake 8″
  8. Pandan Kaya Mille Crepe 9″

Where can I get the best pandan cake?  

Pandan can be served in restaurants and eateries serving. Also, Pandan Cake Delivery from Malaysia’s best bakers uses this unique taste in their pandan cakes. You can reach us if you want to try it for yourself.

How to make pandan cake?

Pandan can be used to make various treats since it is a flavoring agent rather than a particular form of food. One of them is this basic cake recipe, which can create a variety of other uniquely flavored baked goods in the future.

According to one of Malaysia’s best bakers, who created his own pandan cake recipes.

The excellent fragrance from freshly squeezed pandan leaf juice (he suggests using “80g to 100g” of pandan leaves per cake if you want to make your own pandan juice), a noticeable richness from coconut milk, and a light and fluffy texture with some structure Yeah, it’s time to chuck-out the bottle of artificial pandan essence that’s been lurking in your fridge. The cake should also not be so soft and airy that it ‘evaporates’ or crumbles to bits when you bite it.

You can also make a Vegan Pandan Gula Melaka cake, combined with the fragrant Pandan aroma, makes them truly irresistible.

Your local stores don’t have the cake you are looking for? You don’t have to worry if you find it a little challenging to make your favorite cake. You can order one online. We guaranteed are that our online store will meet your needs—shop for one of your favorite pandan cakes.

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