PM Muhyiddin Has Released A Press Statement

(Putrajaya, Jul 29) Earlier this evening, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has released a press statement in response to an earlier statement issued by the Istana Negara today. Law Minister Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan was being reprimanded by the Agong for his Monday’s statement on the revocation of the emergency and its ordinances, in which the Palace claimed to be “inaccurate” and has “misled lawmakers in the Dewan Rakyat”.

The statement mentioned that the cabinet had advised His Majesty to revoke the emergency ordinances before the parliamentary session began, and that the cabinet worked in adherence to the constitution.

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‘Total Lockdown’ Disambung #ms

(PUTRAJAYA, 27 JUN) Menteri Pertahanan Ismail Sabri mengumumkan bahawa Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP 3.0) Fasa 1 atau ‘total lockdown’ di seluruh negara yang bermula 1 Jun lalu akan disambung lagi, sehingga kes harian menurun di bawak 4,000 kes.

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Pada awalnya, PKP 3.0 dijadualkan berakhir pada 14 Jun, tetapi kerajaan menyatakan bahawa keputusan untuk melanjutkannya sekali lagi dibuat berikutan dengan catatan jumlah kes Covid-19 harian yang masih tinggi melebihi 5,000 sehari.

SOP untuk PKP 3.0 Fasa 1 akan kekal seperti yang diumumkan sebelumnya. Namun, kerajaan bersetuju untuk menukar waktu operasi premis yang menjual makanan bermula jam 6 pagi hingga 10 malam, berkuatkuasa pada 28 Jun.

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大马继续封!全面封锁延长 直至单日确诊低于4千宗 #zh

(布城,27日讯)我国国防部高级部长 依斯迈·沙比里 今日宣布行动管制令3.0第一阶段再度延长,直至单日确诊低于4千宗为止。



第一阶段的SOPs将维持不变。但是,餐饮店的营业时间改为早上 6 点至晚上 10 点,由 6 月 28 日起生效。


MCO Phase 1 Extended Until Further Notice #en

(PUTRAJAYA, Jun 27) Our Minister of Defence Ismail Sabri has just announced the extension of the MCO 3.0 Phase 1 but with no indication of an end date.

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Initially slated to end on June 14, the total lockdown had been extended once to Jun 28 due to the high number of daily Covid-19 cases. It is now confirmed that Malaysia will remain in total lockdown as daily cases still hover around 5,000 mark.

SOPs for Phase 1 extension will remain as previously announced. However, the government allows F&B outlets to operate from 6am till 10pm, effective Jun 28.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin mentioned earlier today that from now on, the government will use the term “Phases” in announcements instead of “MCO”.

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TERKINI: ‘Total Lockdown’ Dilanjutkan Selama 2 Minggu Lagi #ms

(PUTRAJAYA, JUN 11) Menteri Pertahanan Ismail Sabri mengumumkan bahawa ‘total lockdown’ akan dilanjutkan selama 2 minggu lagi, berkuat kuasa dari Jun 15 hingga Jun 28.

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Pada awalnya, FMCO dijadualkan berakhir pada 14 Jun, tetapi beliau menyatakan bahawa keputusan untuk melanjutkannya dibuat berikutan dengan catatan jumlah kes Covid-19 harian yang masih tinggi. Kes harian kini masih melebihi angka 5,000.

Beliau menambah bahawa Kementerian Kesihatan telah menyampaikan laporannya dan mengusulkan kepada Majlis Keselamatan Nasional (NSC) yang dipengerusikan oleh Perdana Menteri, agar tempoh ‘full lockdown’ dilanjutkan lagi.

SOP bagi FMCO yang dilanjutkan akan kekal seperti yang diumumkan sebelum ini. Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila melawati

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最新消息:FMCO 再延长2周!#zh

(布城,11日讯)我国国防部高级部长依斯迈·沙比里今日宣布我国行动管制令3.0 (FMCO)再延长两周,从6月15日起至6月28日。



所有抗疫标准作业程序(SOP)跟之前宣布的一样。民众可以到 了解更多详情。


BREAKING: FMCO Extended For 2 More Weeks #en

(PUTRAJAYA, Jun 11) Our Minister of Defence Ismail Sabri has just announced the extension of the FMCO for another two weeks, effective June 15 – June 28, 2021.

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Initially slated to end on June 14, he mentioned that the decision was made following the high number of daily Covid-19 cases, which is still exceeding the 5,000 mark.

He added that the Health Ministry had presented its report and proposed to the National Security Council (NSC) chaired by the Prime Minister for the total lockdown to be extended.

SOPs for the extended FMCO will remain as previously announced. For more information, visit


[SUMMARY] PM Announces PEMERKASA+ As The New MCO3.0 Stimulus Package #en

(PUTRAJAYA, MAY 31) Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin held a press conference to announce a new MCO 3.0 stimulus package called PEMERKASA+. It is a continuation of the initiatives that were previously introduced, including PRIHATIN and PEMERKASA.

He started by mentioning that the closure of the business sector will bring great impact to society, but the government will try their best to balance the lives and livelihood of the rakyat.

He mentioned that RM340 billion aid has been provided to the citizens during this pandemic. With an additional support fund, a total of RM322.5 billion will be channeled to further assist the citizens and the economy sector.

He then announced PEMERKASA+ aid package that is worth RM40 billion as the new initiative to help the rakyat that were impacted by the lockdown and the pandemic. It will be executed with 3 objectives:

  • Increase the capacity of the public healthcare system
  • Continue the ‘Prihatin’ Rakyat agenda
  • Support the business sectors

He also mentioned that another RM1 billion will be allocated to increase the capacity of the public health sectors and to extend the contracts of health personnel until 2022. RM450 million will be used to increase the amount of beds as well as ICU equipment in both the government and the private hospitals.

He has urged the authorities to expedite the national vaccination program, such as increasing vaccination centres and the drive-thru vaccinations.

He also urges the citizens to attend their vaccination appointments according to the schedule in order to achieve our targeted herd immunity.

He mentioned that the government will continue to provide ‘prihatin’ to the rakyat and as much support as possible. Therefore, an additional RM2.1 billion will be allocated to Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) from end June, where RM500 will be provided to those with household income less than RM2500 and RM300 for households with monthly income between RM2,501 and RM5,000.

One month wage subsidy worth RM1.5 billion for eligible employees and employers will also be provided.

A three-month automatic loan moratorium or 50% payment reduction for six months will be given to B40 group, eligible SMEs that are not allowed to operate during the MCO, and those who lost their jobs.

He promises that the government will continue to support the economic sector, making sure cash flows of businesses are smooth – including microcredit by BSN and others.

Taxi drivers, school bus drivers, ride hailing drivers and tour guides who are affected during this lockdown period will be given a one-off RM500.

Electricity bills are given a 10% discount for the travelling sector, shopping malls, convention centers, theme parks and local airline offices from July to September 2021.

Stamp duty exemptions under the HOC campaign for property buyers will also be extended to 31 December 2021.

Sales tax will also be waived for new CKD and CBU passenger vehicles from Jun 30 till Dec 31, 2021.

He also announced that all ministers and deputy ministers will not be taking salaries for 3 months starting June 2021. All the salaries will be channeled back into the support fund.

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PM To Announce MCO 3.0 Stimulus Package At 9pm #en

(KUALA LUMPUR, May 31) Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will address the nation at 9pm tonight to announce the MCO 3.0 stimulus package.

The special address will be broadcasted live on RTM, Bernama, TV3, Astro and TV Alhijrah at 9pm.

The aid package will be provided with the intention to help the rakyat get through the FMCO, a full-scale total lockdown which will take effect from tomorrow onwards for the next 14 days from June 1 – June 14. Just recently, Malaysia recorded a new high of over 9,000 cases alone on Saturday.

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最新“全面封锁”SOP摘要 #zh






  1. 餐饮:仅外卖
  2. 医药与健康,包括兽医诊所
  3. 水业(Water)
  4. 能量业(Energy)
  5. 治安业(Security)
  6. 固体废物管理
  7. 交通行业
  8. 港口和机场
  9. 通讯业
  10. 银行业
  11. 信用社区
  12. 电子商务
  13. 燃料生产
  14. 酒店和住宿:仅限于隔离
  15. 建筑行业、建设与维护
  16. 森林业
  17. 物流管理(Logistics)
  1. 航空
  2. 食品和饮料生产
  3. 食品和保健产品,消毒产品和药品的印刷和包装
  4. 个人护理和自助洗衣店
  5. 医药卫生





此外, 之前发出的所有 MITI 信函仅在 5 月 31 日之前有效。6 月 1 日之后只有政府部门发出的信函才有效。