Danial has over 100 car models to choose from every day. How does an ordinary guy like Danial do it?

Meet Danial. Danial is your average guy. He works hard and has a family.

One day, Danial decides to take his wife and children on a holiday. Danial’s parents want to come along too. It’s so exciting! The kids can’t wait. They will take a road trip from KL to Penang, stop at Ipoh for white coffee, and be in Penang by lunch for asam laksa. But… Danial has a problem.

Danial’s car is too small! 

However, Danial is not worried, because he has TREVO to lift up his driving experiences!

TREVO is the largest car-rental marketplace in Malaysia. Think of it as an “Airbnb” for cars. With just a mobile app, Danial has the biggest selection of cars at his fingertips. It is so easy! Danial rents an SUV for his family in no time. All he has to do is:

  • download the TREVO app
    iOS App Store
    Google Play Store
  • complete the profile
  • take a selfie with his IC
  • take a photo with his driving license (documents are verified within seconds)
  • select the date of his road trip to check for availability
  • click ‘request booking’

And voila, he has an SUV ready for his family road trip!

On the day of the trip, the car is delivered via TREVO Delivery right to Danial’s doorstep.

The best part? TREVO offers up to 50% off on your first trip! This is important to Danial because money doesn’t grow on trees. 

There are actually many options — hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and many more. Regardless if you’re going for a special date night, attending events, or simply wish to experience the specialness of the car, you can choose from more than 4500 cars and 150 models from brands like BMW, Mini, Audi, and even Porsche! That’s how Danial got a taste of a Porsche for a day. Services are available in the Klang Valley, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru, and Penang.

If you’re in the Klang Valley and need a chauffeur, hire a Buddy Driver to drive your personal car. No need to worry about parking, jams, or staying awake on the road. Just chill in the passenger seat as your Buddy Driver takes you to your destination.


And then Danial has an idea. Since bills don’t pay themselves, Danial thought, “Why not host my car on TREVO?” 

Danial’s idea is smart because when he uses TREVO to host his car,

  • payment is quick. He gets paid two weeks after a trip is completed
  • payment is easy. The money goes straight into his bank account 
  • he can offset his car loan and maintenance costs
  • he can access TREVO Guard to renew his car insurance via the TREVO app

But Danial is a little worried at first. His car is his baby. Offering his baby to some random stranger doesn’t sit well, but he is quickly assured because TREVO Shield protects him for up to RM3 million against damages to his vehicle, damage or injury, as well as fire and theft.

And the process to register as a TREVO host is easy too! All Danial has to do is:

  • share his car details
  • choose his protection plan
  • safeguard his car with TREVO track
  • choose his car features
  • set his preferred pricing
  • upload photos of his car
  • preview his profile

Danial is now a proud TREVO host and user.

Danial is smart. Be like Danial. Download the TREVO app today and lift your life on Malaysia’s largest car-rental marketplace.