Doctor involved in road rage, screams “I hope you get Covid!”

As reported by: @Fadzmin_ on Twitter
Incident Date: 9:26 AM, Wednesday, 3 Feb 2021
Location: Serdang Hospital, Selangor

A woman, believed to be a doctor, lost it completely and was caught on camera involved in a road rage incident, where there was a trade of insults between her and another driver after having rashly cut across from an opposite lane, nearly crashing and causing a car accident. Instead of apologizing, the woman proceeded to tailgate and continuously honk at the poor driver as seen in the video below.

As seen in the dashcam footage, the woman was filmed making an illegal U-turn. Unsurprisingly, Fadzmin (the victim), honked at her, since he had the right of way as the traffic light turned green and the woman nearly collided with him.

As Fadzmin drove off, the woman was not done yet and went on to chase him down to make her point clear. As the two drivers stopped side-by-side at the next traffic light, the woman wound down her window and began shouting angrily at Fadzmin, hurling profanities and blaming him instead.

Fadzmin retaliated by fighting back, he can be heard in the video repeatedly shouting “Masalah cik, HIJAU! HIJAU!” (Translation: It’s your fault, the light was green!). To make matters worse, the woman responded aggressively by saying “Aku doakan ko dapat covid..setan..setan!”“I pray you get Covid!”

In a separate Twitter post, when Fadzmin was questioned how he knew the woman was a doctor, he claimed that the woman showed him a stethoscope while insulting him. “She showed me her stethoscope to let me know that she is a doctor”, Fadzmin said.

We at Newswav would like to remind you to be safe on the roads and to always abide by our road laws.

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