Don’t Miss Out On Instant Rebates, Merchandise & Prizes at Sunway Velocity Mall’s ‘Kita Support Kita’ Campaign!

As Malaysians slowly embrace the new norm of this endemic, Sunway Velocity Mall has taken the initiative to welcome shoppers back with their latest ‘Kita Support Kita’ campaign that aims to boost the country’s economy and retail industry. From the 15th of October till the 14th of November 2021, there will be an indoor and outdoor Pop-Up Market, exclusive merchandise, Instagrammable photo-ops, and redeemable instant rebates up to RM55,000! Most of the merchants at Sunway Velocity will be participating in this amazing campaign and you won’t want to miss this opportunity to get special deals and cashbacks at your favourite retail brands. Take a look at some of the promotions and activities that will be going on in conjunction with the ‘Kita Support Kita’ campaign:

1. Redeem Instant Rebates At Your Favourite Outlets!

During the course of this campaign, you will stand a chance in redeeming instant rebates up to RM55,000 at your favourite outlets such as TGV Cinemas, Clarins, Timberland, Levis, Dockers, Carlo Rino, and more! 

There will be different participating outlets and deals every week so make sure you refer to the weekly schedules that are posted up on Sunway Velocity Mall’s social media platforms.

2. Shop at The Vibrant Indoor & Outdoor Pop-Up Market!

Sunway Velocity Mall’s ‘Kita Support Kita’ Pop-Up Market will feature local and international brands at the dedicated indoor and outdoor locations. You will find yourself spoiled for choice at this market which will be held at the Main Atrium, Ground Floor, and Nanjing Street, Level 1. Whether it is fashion, accessories, arts and crafts, snacks, or food and beverages, you will find it all at this lively Pop-Up Market! Also, shoppers get to take photos with the colourful decors of various shapes and sizes that were assembled in a way to symbolize Sunway Velocity Mall’s mission to rebuild the economy and help businesses reach their maximum potential.

3. More Merchandise & Vouchers Up For Redemption!

The fun continues in this ‘Kita Support Kita’ campaign as Sunway Velocity Mall is giving you the privilege to redeem special merchandise such as RM10 F&B e-cash vouchers and a metal straw when you spend RM300 (RM200 for Sunway Velocity mobile app users) in three (3) receipts in the mall. Also, PLUGMY and Sunway Velocity Mall have come up with a brilliant T-shirt customization for shoppers to personalize their T-shirts with weekly-released patches! If you spend RM600 (RM500 for Sunway Velocity mobile app users) on five (5) receipts in the mall, you get to walk away with an exclusive PlugMy T-shirt, limited edition patches, and a Caring Care Packet too!

4. Join The FUJIFILM Photo Contest!

Win an INSTAX camera from FUJIFILM when you join the photo contest during this campaign period! All you need to do is take a photo with the various photo opt areas at the Pop-Up Market located at both the Main Atrium and Nanjing Street, post it on your Instagram feed, and tag @sunwayvelocitymall and @fujifilmmy on your photo.

With its pop-up market and exciting activities, the ‘Kita Support Kita’ campaign is bound to give everyone a fun and enjoyable shopping experience at Sunway Velocity Mall. The combination of Sunway Velocity Mall’s campaign and the support from shoppers will definitely contribute to the boost of the economy and retail industry. So remember, save the dates because Sunway Velocity Mall is all ready to welcome you back with rebates, prizes, vouchers, and more waiting for you!

For the latest updates about the ‘Kita Support Kita’ campaign, check out Sunway Velocity Mall’s Facebook page, Instagram, and official website.

Following the current SOP rules, only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to enter with proper safety measures taking place throughout the entire mall. If you are not fully vaccinated, fret not as Sunway Velocity Mall has a personal shopper service to assist and purchase on your behalf.