How Businesses Can Thrive In This Endemic

As of October 2021, 90% of Malaysian adults have been fully vaccinated and it won’t be long before we hit the 100% mark. Lately, we are seeing improvement in the nation’s economy as well as the increase of consumer spending as malls, shops, eateries, and services are reopening. This is indeed great news for business owners and SMEs who are slowly gearing up to welcome their customers once again. 

Back in January 2021, EcoWorld and iMedia joined hands and initiated the Bina Bersama 2021 project to support small businesses and start-ups by giving shortlisted SME candidates a total of RM1 Million* worth of digital media value. Since then, the Bina Bersama 2021 programme had a 90% take up rate despite all the uncertainties and challenges faced by business owners during the first three quarters of the year. While the nation learns to live with COVID-19, more businesses are reopening, entrepreneurial projects are taking place, and even construction and renovators are starting their engine to contribute and benefit Malaysia’s economy from here on. With that said, Bina Bersama 2021 is still looking to aid new or existing SMEs before the end of 2021.

Whether you are an existing SME business owner or a soon-to-be entrepreneur, this is the best time to begin and realise all your plans and strategies that have been put on hold during the lockdown. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of Bina Bersama 2021 where you can advertise your products and services online for FREE through iMedia’s brands and platforms such as Oh! Media, Goody25, Newswav, ITTIFY and more – all of which, have over 2.9 million unique visitors in total!

As much as it is important to have the best ideas and plans for your business, a strategic location for your office or shop is equally crucial. EcoWorld’s 13 highly accessible commercial properties in the Klang Valley, Iskandar Malaysia, and Penang are some of the most sought locations where you can begin your entrepreneurial journey. By leasing or purchasing any of these units, you will be eligible to participate in the Bina Bersama 2021 programme.

With some successful participants such as Joyous Kiddy Education, Hey Hey Eyewear, and Wheel Riders Malaysia entering this meaningful partnership, EcoWorld hopes that they can continue to inspire more SMEs and local businesses to take a step and build their online presence with Bina Bersama 2021. This is a rare and great opportunity to spread awareness for your products, services and business.

“The Bina Bersama campaign has proven to be a terrific initiative. The campaign’s objective and goals are aligned with EcoWorld’s aim to provide more value for our customers. Marketing is a vital component to kickstart any business and this program provides that avenue, as well as act as a boost for business owners to be confident and take advantage of the recovering economy.” – said Dato’ Chang, President and CEO of EcoWorld Malaysia. 

“We are delighted to have EcoWorld on board our Bina Bersama campaign for over the past 10 months. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges one goes through during tough economic situations and this is our way of giving back to local businesses with the media assets we have. EcoWorld has been a great partner for this campaign and we look forward to more positive collaborations with them in the future.” – said Voon Tze Kay, Founder and CEO of iMedia Asia.  

EcoWorld and iMedia Asia would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants of the Bina Bersama campaign. We hope that the digital online media advertisements provided to local SMEs have eased their burden and they were able to spend their time to think of other business opportunities instead.  

With the year ending in just a few more months, we would like to encourage entrepreneurs and small-medium business owners to join the amazing Bina Bersama 2021 programme and make the most out of the remaining ad grant that will allow your business to have a better presence in the digital world. In summary, EcoWorld isn’t just a developer who builds homes, but also one that helps their customers by providing opportunities for SMEs to grow and improve as EcoWorld believes that ‘Together We Create’ a better tomorrow for the community and FOR GENERATIONS. 

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