EcoWorld & iMedia Support Local Businesses with Digital Advertising Worth RM1,000,000* in Total up for Grabs

With the ongoing pandemic in Malaysia, many small enterprises are shutting their doors due to the lack of funds and assistance needed to help them survive through this difficult time. For those who planned to start a business this year, they are also affected as the uncertainty of the economy and market has made them less confident to start a company as planned. With this in mind, EcoWorld and iMedia joined forces and aim to support small businesses and start-ups by giving out a total of RM1 MILLION* worth of media value to the selected SME partners.

Back in May 2020, iMedia initiated a #BinaBersama project that gave out RM500,000 media inventory to selected businesses, which received an overwhelming response. Through this initiative, the chosen SMEs were supported in terms of free advertising through iMedia’s brands and platforms such as Oh! Media, Goody25, and ITTIFY – all three platforms have a combined number of unique visitors of more than 2.9 million and a total of 4 million followers. For small businesses and start-ups, this amount of exposure is high and a rare opportunity but through this project, these businesses managed to overcome their darkest days by having their products and services promoted to consumers for FREE!

The first #BinaBersama initiative ended in November 2020 and iMedia has now partnered EcoWorld for Bina Bersama 2021, scheduled to kickstart in Jan 2021. The digital media value has not only doubled this time but all of iMedia’s media platforms will take part in helping out the chosen SMEs too. Oh! Media, Goody25, and ITTIFY will be joined by Newswav, Moretify, Beautiful Nara and many more for this round of media advertisements, which can have a total potential reach of 5.9 million users. That’s a lot more people viewing your digital advertisements online!

If you are an SME owner and have plans to own or rent a space for your business, we’ve got good news for you! No matter which commercial unit you choose to start-up or expand your business – either in a shop lot, shop office, commercial hub, factory, or even a retail warehouse – you will be eligible to participate in Bina Bersama 2021 and receive free* media coverage on iMedia’s platforms. 

There are up to 13 commercial properties at the various EcoWorld townships located in Klang Valley, Iskandar Malaysia, and Penang which are available for business opportunities. Perfect for those who plan to open a restaurant, café, clinic, salon, beauty & fashion shop, pharmacy, dental clinic, convenience shop, hardware shop, pet shop, pet clinic or any other business! The most talked about EcoWorld Business Parks – especially Eco Business Park in Johor, have the most flexible space usage as it can be used as a showroom, factory, retail warehouse, shop office, or even a cafe! Not only is the area well-guarded with top-notch security systems, these business parks are strategically located and easily accessible from major highways. 

With iMedia’s group of media platforms and vast experience in online news publishing, influencer marketing, and digital advertising, this collaboration with EcoWorld’s premium business locations will definitely help SMEs increase brand awareness as well as their online presence.  Bina Bersama 2021 will be a huge help to local businesses who are as vital as larger corporate companies to help improve the country’s economy. 

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