[Updated] Summary: Latest SOPs for FMCO #en

(PUTRAJAYA, MAY 30) Our Minister of Defence Ismail Sabri held a joint press conference with Director-General of Health Dr. Noor Hisham at 5pm today to address the latest Covid-19 situation and announce the latest SOPs for FMCO.

Sabri started by mentioning that the government had decided to initiate a total lockdown two days ago due to the significant increase in cases. Just yesterday, Malaysia recorded more than 9,000 daily cases alone.

He also mentioned that ICU units in hospitals have reached their maximum capacity, and if a total lockdown had not been initiated, the healthcare system would have collapsed due to the overwhelming number of daily confirmed cases.

He added that the next two weeks of total lockdown will be critical and a sacrifice needed to be made in order to curb the pandemic. He strongly urged the rakyat to stay home if there is no urgent matter to attend to outside.

With this total lockdown, all social & economic activities are not allowed except the following:

  1. Food & beverages: Takeaway only
  2. Medicine & health
  3. Water
  4. Energy
  5. Security
  6. Solid waste management
  7. Transportation
  8. Ports & airports
  9. Communication
  10. Banking
  11. Credit community
  12. E-commerce
  13. Fuel Production
  14. Hotels and accommodation: For quarantine purposes only
  15. Construction and maintenance
  16. Forestry
  17. Logistics

All manufacturing sectors are not allowed to operate, except the following sectors:

  1. Aerospace
  2. Food & beverage production
  3. Printing & packaging for food and health products, sanitization products, and medicinal products
  4. Personal care & laundromats
  5. Medicine and health

All Shopping Malls are ordered to close except for essential item retails.

Only 2 people from one household are allowed to go out for essential item purchases within a 10km radius. If the services are not within that radius, movement to the closest place to the residence is allowed.

Same goes to the capacity of private vehicles: 2 people from the same household, and 3 (including the patients) for health and medical purposes.

Jogging and non-contact individual exercises are allowed from 7am to 8pm within respective residential areas only. Other sports and recreation activities are not permitted.

Child care centres and kindergartens can operate only for frontliners and households with both parents working.

SOPs mentioned above will be applied to the entire country. 

Sabri also mentioned that by shutting down the majority of factories, this will significantly contribute to a decline in the number of positive cases.

All school and education centers will be closed as well. 

All MITI letters that were issued previously are only valid until 31 May, and only letters issued by the ministry will be valid for travel after 1st of June.

More details can be found on the MKN website.

More to come…