Let’s Come Together & Support Our Local Food and Fashion SMEs This National Day!

A bittersweet feeling resonates with this year’s Merdeka Day as we think about our fellow Malaysians who are struggling to make ends meet or forced to close down their businesses during this pandemic. Even so, these tough days showcase the Malaysian spirit brilliantly as we try our best to support one another by advocating and buying from as many local enterprises as we can.

Due to the prolonged duration of lockdown in Malaysia, it is important for businesses to start creating their presence online and maximise every opportunity of digitising their products and services. However, small businesses face challenges when transitioning due to the lack of digital skills and knowledge of how and where to start. There is also a perception that the road to digitisation is time-consuming and requires a big budget.

For Business Owners: Create Your Webstore Instantly With Tools & Tips From Visa

Go Online With Visa

Local SMEs are in for a treat as Visa and its partners will help start, manage, and grow their online stores! Through the Visa #WhereYouShopMatters platform, Visa will be supplying small businesses an eCommerce toolkit together with Visa commercial offers to kickstart their online journey. These solutions will assist businesses in monitoring and managing your cash flow while providing cost and finance management tools and training to help you understand how you can improve your business online. Also, Visa will be promoting small businesses under this platform to increase exposure of your products and services to a larger audience and community.

Start Selling Online Immediately

With Visa’s list of trusted and reliable eCommerce partners, you can now easily create an online store using your preferred eCommerce partner that has powerful tools and a secured payment platform. Before publishing your online store to the public, make sure you’ve decided on your inventory, storage, payment methods, packaging, shipping, and delivery. 

Setting up a customer service channel, privacy policy, and a return policy are highly recommended. While the online store is up and running, don’t forget to connect with your customers via social media platforms to understand more about them and the current trends in the market.

For Consumers: Show Our Local Businesses Some Love This Merdeka Month

Support Local Enterprises This Month

Malaysia is a melting pot of races, religions, and cultures that reflect on our artistry and cuisine. With that said, our country is home to many creative and talented individuals who run small businesses with high-quality products. Some of the many local food and fashion retails incorporate Malaysian elements into their signature dishes or seasonal collection to show their appreciation of being born and bred in Malaysia. Thanks to Visa, these food and fashion enterprises are now obtaining more brand awareness and acknowledgement from people outside of their local communities.

Let’s all come together and show support to our local food and fashion SMEs this Merdeka by shopping and purchasing from them online. Don’t forget to spread the word by liking their posts, sharing them on your social media platforms or with family and friends. Last but not least, give them valuable feedback and positive reviews as it will not only provide them a boost of moral support, but also help improve their businesses in the future.Discover local fashion retailers and online food stores now through the Visa Where You Shop Matters webpage HERE.