Missing car maintenance details can cost you more than it should. Here’s how you can easily book and keep track of your car service online.

With the long-drawn MCO and daily grind, the days blur from one week to another and makes it easy for many car owners to miss important maintenance schedules. It does not matter whether your car is still under warranty or not. Skipping the replacement or servicing of parts of a car is hazardous to your safety as well as heavy on your wallet.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of things that could go wrong without timely car maintenance: 

1. Shortened engine lifespan

The engine oil and filter should be replaced regularly if you want your car to operate properly. These items help to protect your engine and extend the vehicle’s life. Dirty filter and engine oil will damage components of an engine over time.

2. Transmission oil problems

The importance of changing the transmission oil according to schedule cannot be stressed enough. In fact, it is even more critical for automatic transmissions. The transmission fluid keeps your car’s gearbox cool and moving smoothly. However, this fluid becomes dirty after a certain number of miles or months. 

Not replacing it and the transmission filter accordingly can cause the gearbox to become clogged. Over time, this can result in massive repair costs or total damage. Besides that, it is critical to check the transmission box for leakages as well. A leak leads to poor acceleration, delayed responses, and gear slippage. 

3. Emissions system releases harmful gasses

Most modern vehicles have a computerized engine that controls your car’s emissions. Sensors monitor the exhaust and pollutants released by the engine. This system should be inspected once a year to keep you, your passengers, and the planet safe from harmful gasses. A neglected system also causes poor fuel consumption which then increases your monthly petrol expense. 

4. Accidents due to tires

Tires that are not serviced will wear unevenly. This causes your car to have poor grip and risk spinning. Badly worn tires also affect vehicle performance and gas mileage. A mechanic is trained to see whether your tires need rotating or changing. 

5. Timing belt snapping

Some car owners make the mistake of not changing the timing belt after 60,000 km. Although it may still appear to be in good condition, it is advisable to replace it as the consequence from the belt snapping is far more pricey. If a timing belt snaps while the engine is running, the engine may end up with broken valves, damaged pistons, or totally destroyed cylinder head. You may end up needing a total overhaul of the engine. 

6. Brake failure

The clutch plate and brake fluid should be checked by the mechanic during service. Brake fluid should be replaced every 60,000 km. The clutch plate may need to be repaired or replaced over time too. Both of these are essential for safe driving.

What can SERV do for you?

With SERV, you’ll be able to service your car in a timely, safe, and stress-free manner. SERV is an all-in-1 mobile application with all the possible car-related services and more!

1. Find the nearest and most reliable workshop

The app allows you to keep track of all your car maintenance details. Whenever you need to service your car, just choose the best workshop from the many registered merchants on SERV. The app is extremely useful as you can view the workshop’s facilities and user ratings. 

2. Book and pay online

Simply book an appointment with your chosen workshop using SERV. The app practically makes the entire process contactless throughout the service. After receiving a quotation, scan the QR code and the workshop will start working on your car. Then, pay the workshop via the SERV app. Online payment keeps you safe from handling cash or documents, and the risk of withdrawing large sums of money at ATMs.

For a limited time only, enjoy RM15 cashback for your Touch ‘n Go eWallet as well for every minimum spend of RM150 using TnG via the SERV app! The promotion period will be valid up until 31 December 2021.      

3. Get appointment reminders

Book your next car servicing appointment via the app. Select your preferred workshops on the Drive-In list tab, then choose your preferred time and date. SERV gives you a reminder so that you don’t miss the appointment.

4. Earn more rewards

The Loyalty Programme allows users who consistently request for our maintenance services to stand a chance to get rewarded with mysterious gifts from SERV workshops. There are also constant workshop promotions which you can avail of (T&C applies).

5. Store essential information on your car

Very often, the mechanic will ask for certain data about your car in order to service it properly. This includes the car model, year of manufacture, engine, and other specifications, and chassis number. Having this information at your fingertips is especially useful for those who may find it hard to remember such technical details.

6. Enjoy all-round ancillary services

Get road assistance service for breakdowns, accidents, battery replacements, as well as insurance and road tax renewals. Track your car maintenance status with ease via the SERV app.  

Download the SERV app today to enjoy all the reliable car services at your fingertips. Available on Google Play and Apple App Store.