Rider Falls Into Drain Trying to Cross ‘Bridge’

As reported by: Chin Ka Yee
Incident Date: 2:00 PM, Thursday, 24 December 2020
Location: Malim Jaya, Melaka

With more and more stories of people hitting potholes and getting seriously injured, or even worse, suffering life-ending injuries, this accident was also unfortunately in the same vein.

However, this accident was more to do with an unfortunate case of human-error rather than negligence by public officials.

As seen in the photos and video down below, this unfortunate rider was attempting to take a shortcut across the road by going over a ‘bridge’ that spanned across a drain.

The rider unfortunately lost his balance in the process and fell into the drain, he was then incapacitated and was not able to get himself out of the situation. The rider’s bike was also seen laying over his legs, which may have been why he was not able to get himself out. The full extent of his injuries are still unknown.

Thankfully, nearby citizens were able to come to his aid and call for help, local fire & rescue authorities and medics were seen in the area not long after. The traffic along the road was also being diverted to ensure that there was a sufficient amount of space for the rescue to be carried out.

However, complications arose when attempting to retrieve the rider, as the situation made it difficult to retrieve the rider in a safe and hasty way.

Subsequently, the rider was successfully retrieved and transported to a nearby hospital.

Many of us may be tempted to take shortcuts to our destination, but it’s important to ensure the pathways are safe to traverse, and always put your safety over saving a couple of minutes of travelling. We wish the rider a speedy recovery and for others to stay safe whilst on the road.

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