Sergio Agüero presentation at FC Barcelona

“I’ll give my all for the club, to help the team. To win trophies. I’m so happy to be here. Since I was a kid, Barcelona is the best team in the world, and on top of that Leo [Messi] is here.  

I hope we play together. As [Joan] Laporta said, we’ve been negotiating for a while. What happens with Leo is up to him. But obviously it’s a pleasure and an honour to play with him. We’ve been together for Argentina since we were kids, and I know him very well. If he stays, as I believe he will, we’ll give our all for the club. As he always has.  

Being here at Barça is the greatest motivation. As I said, Barça is the best team in the world and simply being here is the greatest motivation. And as I always said, the best player in the world is here”.

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