Real Madrid and FC Barcelona fans in Malaysia, an example of fair play

Supporters of both LaLiga clubs joined together at an event in Kuala Lumpur to watch El Clásico match. 

The most exciting match of the season was experienced in a very special way in Malaysia, where Real Madrid and FC Barcelona fans gathered to enjoy the match.  The event took place at The Paddock at Hawkers Ave, and was attended by around 150 football fans from fan clubs of both LaLiga clubs. The fans watched the match on a giant screen and took part in a draw to win shirts from both teams. The match could be seen from 10:15pm local time on BeINSports.

After the restrictions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, physical events are starting to take place and are experienced in an even more special way, because of the impossibility of being together all this time. “It was an eventful evening. Both fanclubs recorded full attendance and what a night it was. And we would like to extend our gratitude for the sponsored merchandise by La Liga. Both fanbase went along lively, in both friendship and rivalry sense. We will continue to be so, and we look forward for more joint future events,” said Faizal bin Mat zin, president of Peña madridista Malaysia. 

“We are very proud of the passion with which football and a match like this is experienced in Malaysia. It is the most exciting sporting spectacle, a total rivalry on the pitch and a total cordiality between the fans of both teams in Malaysia, an example of sportsmanship and knowing how to enjoy the spectacle of this event organised by the fan clubs of both teams, enjoying together the best football in the world”, added Adrián Prol, LaLiga delegate in Malaysia, about the activity.  

The first El Clasico of the season took place at Camp Nou, finally with the public cheering in the stadium and the most spectacular audiovisual broadcast for the whole world. The match features a 4K-HDR production, 32 cameras in total, including 10 super slow motion, 4 High Speed, 6 Super Slow Motion, 2 Cinematic Camera s(which create a cinematographic effect and act as FanCam), 2 Pole Cam (located behind the goals), 2 cameras to follow the relevant players, 1 Aerial Camera (a zenithal camera located 21 metres above the ground), 1 helicopter and a drone. The broadcast also features Live 3D Graphics (LaLiga is the only national competition in the world to use the innovative Live 3D Graphics technology to generate virtual graphics in the broadcast) and REPLAY 360º technology (which uses 38 Ultra High Definition cameras around the stadium to create volumetric 360º videos for spectacular replays).  

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