The Merdeka Event You Can’t Miss

We’re nearing the end of August, and it’s been a really tough year for the world, in large part due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has shook the world down to its core. Malaysians have had to adapt to our new circumstances and adopt the new ‘normal’ within our everyday lives. This has also meant that our usual celebrations during the month of August have either been non-existent, or toned down to ensure that they comply with the new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

However, that hasn’t stopped Huawei, who are going to be holding a Merdeka challenge in collaboration with Newswav. Starting from 16th August to 16th September, participants can expect to receive free gifts which also includes 10x Huawei P40 phones, along with a ton of weekly cash prizes! Unfortunately, this competition is only open to users who are on Huawei devices, however, do let us know if you’d like to participate in events like this in the future! 

So, how exactly does this challenge work? Well, it’s simple enough, all you have to do is to scroll and read the news on the Newswav app. A counter will appear on the Newswav App for Huawei devices, to actively track your scrolling and reading. The more you scroll, both in our News feed and within News Articles, the higher your score. Every week, the TOP 50 participants with the most points will automatically win a USB Pendrive. Furthermore, the TOP 3 on the leaderboards by the end of every week will win cash prizes of: RM1,000/RM500/RM200 respectively.

Although, for those that are committed to staying informed and keep up with the news, this is your chance to shine. The TOP 100 participants on the leaderboard by the end of the event will be placed into a lucky draw, that lucky draw will be handing out a total of 10 Huawei P40 phones to 10 lucky winners! And all you have to do is read the news! Sign up now and start scrolling today! Stay informed and be rewarded for it.

Breakdown of the schedule from Week 1 to Week 4:

Week StartingWeek EndingPrice Giving Date
12:00am 17th Aug11.59pm 23rd Aug28th Aug 10am
12:00am 24th Aug11.59pm 30th Aug4th Sep 10am
12:00am 31th Aug11.59pm 6th Aug12th Sep 10am
12:00am 7th Aug11.59pm 13th Aug19th Sep 10am