Top 5 Takeaway Yee Sangs – Bringing Prosperity To Your Homes #en

Let’s start the Lunar New Year off by shouting “Heng Ahh, Ong Ahh, Huat Ahh”!

‘Yee Sang’ is a a fun Chinese New Year tradition that is unique to Malaysian Chinese. Each ingredient in this dish brings its own meaning and blessings. Commonly, family and friends will gather around a table during the Lunar New Year to toss the Yee Sang together. The significance of the tossing is to wish for abundance of luck and happiness. Although the pandemic has put in place many restrictions for this year’s celebrations, the CNY mood is still present and as strong as ever. Nothing will stop Malaysians from kicking the New Year off with a Prosperity Toss!

Due to our current predicament, here are our top 5 recommended Yee Sangs to usher in prosperity and luck for 2021, and have everyone “HUAT!” to the Year of the Ox!

1. Sushi King’s Prosperity Yee Sang

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only Chinese restaurants have Yee Sang for ordering! Sushi King has launched their Prosperity Yee Sang, filled to the brim with blessings – which means tons of prosperity and luck for you and your loved ones.

The Prosperity Yee Sang contains fresh seafood and vegetables, and of course, the must-have plum sauce. The best part? You can take it home for under RM50!

Furthermore, Sushi King also provides a smaller version of the Yee Sang, if that suits you better. The smaller sized Yee Sang is priced at less than RM20, perfectly suitable for individuals or smaller families.

2. Oriental Pavilion’s Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu Yee Sang

Have you had the chance to try such a unique, interesting, and premium Yee Sang?

Oriental Pavilion has definitely brought the big guns this year, introducing their special Miyazaki Wagyu Yee Sang. Not only does the name sound premium and unique, it definitely looks that way too!

As expected from a cut of Wagyu beef, the meat is soft, tender, and rich in fat – thanks to the impressive marbling of Wagyu. It looks mouth watering, and the taste definitely holds up too! The one of a kind design, aroma, and flavor makes this a must try in 2021.

3. Dragon-i’s Abalone & Vegetables Yee Sang

If a healthier alternative is what you’re looking for, this Yee Sang is for you.

Dragon-i’s Abalone & Vegetables Yee Sang consists of carefully selected all-natural fresh fruits and vegetables as the main ingredient. A Yee Sang that is full of nutritional value and healthy ingredients, suitable for every family member at home.

Having a Yee Sang like this helps keep both your body and mind fresh, ensuring you a healthier and burden-less year, one that will be filled with prosperity.

4. Sakae Sushi’s Japanese Prosperity Yee Sang

Not to be outdone by other Japanese outlets, Sakae Sushi has also brought their own Yee Sang to the table, which also includes Japanese elements.

This Yee Sang contains familiar faces within a Yee Sang – vegetables, well seasoned scallops, crab meat, shredded radish, and of course, the star of the show – fresh cuts of Salmon.

It is also topped with the chef’s secret citrus juice that is both unique and appetizing. To put it simply, it’s perfect!

5. Salad Atelier’s Heng Ong Huat Yee Sang

Salad Atelier’s ‘Heng Ong Huat’ Yee Sang will meet all your HENG ONG HUAT needs, all in just one Yee Sang!

This Yee Sang contains fresh salmon sashimi from Norway, refreshing grapefruit, fragrant crushed peanuts and sesame seeds, seasoned jellyfish, mangoes, and much much more. Not to mention it’s drizzled with an exclusive homemade plum sauce and kewpie roasted sesame with yuzu taste dressing.

All Yee Sangs above can be ordered via Grab, bringing prosperity to your home while keeping you safe.

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