Reading the News Has Never Been This Rewarding!

Living throughout a global pandemic, news has now become more important than ever. Constant updates to guidelines and never knowing what’s ever coming up next, it’s not one would ideally think of especially during this festive Merdeka month.

Although in hard times, Newswav’s Huawei users were in for a treat during the Merdeka month as Huawei collaborated with Newswav to present its Merdeka challenge that rewards users for just simply scrolling through the Newswav app! 

An ongoing weekly event from 16th August to 16th September, participants can expect to receive prizes such as 10x Huawei P40 phones along with a tons of weekly cash prizes!

Every week, the top 50 participants will automatically win a USB pendrive while the top 3 of every week will win cash prizes of RM1000, RM500 and RM200 respectively.

It’s that simple, SCROLL TO WIN!

Held at The Starling co-labs, the prize giving ceremony featured users as far as Sarawak and Melaka. Week one started from August 17th until the 23rd where users far and near started scrolling and engaged more than ever in the Newswav app. 

The ceremony was carried out with social distancing guidelines (SOP) in practice and the Merdeka challenge will continue to go on for the following dates:

31st August – 6th September

7th September – 13th September

For more information about Huawei and Newswav visit the following link!