Uncle Kentang, Joey Mattress Donates Mattresses to 26 Families in Need 

● Many poorer families are unable to invest in their sleep during this pandemic because they need the money for daily necessities and bills 

● 26 mattresses and 15 pillows were donated to underprivileged families in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak, Johor, and Pahang 

● Some recipients were senior citizens (75-85 years old) who slept on thin sponge mattresses on their wooden floor 

● Individuals in need can follow Uncle Kentang’s page to request Joey Mattress products when the next donation drive is announced 

KUALA LUMPUR, SELANGOR – Uncle Kentang and Joey Mattress teamed up to donate RM52,220 worth of mattresses and pillows to underprivileged families from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak, Johor, and Pahang. 

Many Malaysian families were affected by this pandemic, and in an effort to save money, many cannot afford to spend on non-essential goods anymore. Such families may be in need of a good mattress but they need the money for more essential expenses such as bills and groceries.

However, getting a great night’s rest is needed for an individual to be productive. By providing these families with a good bed, Uncle Kentang and Joey Mattress hope to give the breadwinners great sleep so that they are in their best state to provide for their families.

“We hope that with better sleep, they can work more diligently the next day to provide for their families,” Mr Kuan said. 

One of the mattress recipients lived in a wooden house with 4 kids, and slept on thin sponge mattresses stacked upon one another. Another recipient was an 85-year-old lady who slept on a thin old mattress on their hard wooden floor. Other recipients of the mattresses sleep in conditions similar to these. 

“Joey Mattress is focused on bringing better sleep to all Malaysians, not just paying customers. All our products have an in-home trial policy. If customers return our products after that trial, we will sanitise and donate the returned goods. It is our honour to assist in providing great sleep to more Malaysians,” explained Joey Tan, the co-founder and CMO of Joey Mattress. 

“We look forward to long-term collaboration with Uncle Kentang to donate our mattresses to people in need,” Joey concluded. Individuals in need can follow Uncle Kentang on Facebook to request Joey Mattress products when their next donation drive is announced. 

About Uncle Kentang 

Uncle Kentang (Mr Kuan Chee Heng) is a Malaysian philanthropist that helps underprivileged people through difficult times. His charity organisation engages in community services such as food distribution, ambulance arrangements, and funeral services. He was recently recognised by the Queen of England for his efforts and has been awarded the Commonwealth Points of Light award for his service to the Malaysian public. Follow Uncle Kentang on Facebook for regular updates on his projects and how individuals can help. 

About Joey Mattress 

Joey Mattress, a fast-growing Malaysian startup, develops high-quality foam mattresses to help Malaysians get premium sleep at wallet-friendly prices. The company was founded by Winson Chong and Joey Tan, two true-blue Malaysians who believe that mattress shopping 

should be enjoyable and mattress prices should be fair. Today, Joey Mattress serves 10,000+ customers across all 13 states with mattresses made locally in Sungai Buloh, Selangor. To learn more about Joey Mattress, go to joeymattress.com, follow us on Instagram @joeymattress, and like us on Facebook.